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Snow Joe Snow Blowers

snow joeWhether you have a moderately long driveway to keep clear of snow over the winter or just a sidewalk and patio, Snow Joe has a snow blower that will suit your needs. This is a company that makes a wide range of different sizes and styles of electric snow blowers, from models that are small enough that you could keep them in your foyer to larger powered snow blowers for clearing bigger areas quickly and efficiently.

With a Snow Joe snow blower, you are getting a machine that has a company with a great reputation for producing quality behind it. These snow blowers are always built out of solid parts that are meant to last for many years. And they have wider clearances than other single stage snow blowers so that you can finish clearing your driveway in less time. Snow Joe snow blowers are designed to reduce the amount of work that goes into clearing snow, and they are well equipped to handle big, tough jobs. Snow Joe snow blowers are high performance machines.

1. Snow Joe Snow Blower Highlights

1a. Great Clearance

One of the most important qualities of any snow blower is how wide its clearance is. If a snow blower does not have a sufficiently wide clearance, you will wind up having to make many more asses to clear a space than you otherwise would. And those extra passes add up quickly and increase the amount of time you have to spend clearing the driveway by quite a bit. When temperatures are dipping below freezing and the weather is bad, the less time you have to spend outside the better.

That is why Snow Joe snow blowers have some of the widest clearances you can find on electric single stage models. With a Snow Joe snow blower, you get the kind of clearance that you need to finish removing snow from your sidewalks and driveways in fewer passes. That way, you’re back inside where it’s warm before you know it.

1b. Solid Design

Snow blowers are going to have to deal with some tough conditions now and again. Snow does not always fall in light, powdery accumulations that can be easily removed: just as often, it is icy and densely packed or wet and slushy. When that is the case you want to be sure you have a snow blower in your garage that has the kind of durable parts needed to deal with tough conditions.

Snow Joe snow blowers are just that kind of machine. They are made of durable composite plastic parts that are designed to deal with whatever inclement weather Old Man Winter can bring your way. They are designed to last longer and take care of slushy and icy snow just as well as they can clear powdery snow. This is the type of snow blower you want to have when the going gets tough. A Snow Joe snow blower is built to last.

1c. Environmentally Friendly

Because Snow Joe snow blowers are designed to deliver lots of snow throwing power while running on electricity, they are considerably better for the environment than gas powered snow blowers are. The levels of carbon emissions that gas powered snow blowers put into the environment every winter is considerable, and one of the easiest ways to reduce your household’s carbon footprint is by switching over to electric power in as many of your yard machines as possible.

But you do not want to have to sacrifice anything in terms of power or performance when you do switch to electric, and with a Snow Joe snow blower you fortunately do not have to. Snow Joe snow blowers are made to deliver the same level of snow clearing capacity as gas powered single stage snow blowers can. That means that you can help the environment while getting the level of performance you need.

Snow Joe 323E 11110

Snow Joe 323E

The Snow Joe 323E is a big, powerful electric snow shovel designed to help you quickly and easily clear snow from you deck, driveway or walk with minimal effort on your part. All you have to do is plug it in and guide it back and forth, and the Snow Joe 323E does the rest. […]

Pros: Designed for great comfort.

Cons: Limited by power cord.

Snow Joe SJ622E 11110

Snow Joe SJ622E

The Snow Joe SJ622E is one of the more outstanding electric single stage snow blowers I have seen, and it really offers a solid alternative to gas powered models. It has a comparable clearance width and snow cut depth to the majority of gas powered single stage snow blowers, and it has a higher per-minute […]

Pros: Runs almost silently.

Cons: Needs an extension cord.

Snow Joe SJ621 11110.5

Snow Joe SJ621

The Snow Joe SJ621 is an electric snow blower with impressive dimensions and a powerful 13.5 amp motor. The motor provides enough power for the snow blower’s auger to throw up to 650 pounds of snow per minute as far as 20 feet. The snow blower’s snow chute rotates a full 180 degrees so you […]

Pros: Environmentally friendly.

Cons: Leaves some snow behind.

Snow Joe 324E 1110.50

Snow Joe 324E

The Snow Joe 324E is an electric snow shovel with a powerful 10 Amp motor that can clear up to 300 pounds of snow per minute and throw that snow up to 20 feet away. It has great product specs, including its 12 inch clearance width and 6 inch tall snow cut depth. It is […]

Pros: Powerful 10 Amp motor.

Cons: Struggle with wetter snow.

Snow Joe SJ623E 11110.5

Snow Joe SJ623E

The Snow Joe SJ623E is an electric snow blower with a number of outstanding features that make it perfectly equipped to handle medium sized jobs quickly and efficiently. It has an extra wide 18 inch clearance and 10 inch snow cut depth, allowing it to handle some of the most severe snowfall with little difficulty. […]

Pros: Extra wide clearance.

Cons: Snow chute durability.

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