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Snow Joe

snow joeSnow Joe is a company that first appeared on the scene in 1994, founded by Joseph Cohen with the express purpose of making and marketing a useful snow blower for less than $100 retail. Thrifty but effective, this device struck a chord with American homeowners and was bought in large numbers. Snow Joe grew by leaps and bounds, adding dozens of new products which also proved to be very popular. The company eventually added the Sun Joe line of summer tools, too, including Mow Joe lawnmowers. In excess of 140 items are currently on offer, and new devices are added steadily to the product line each year. Snow Joe makes good use of social media, centered on Facebook, where periodic contests build interest and showcase different products.

Snow blowers remain the core of the Snow Joe line, with corded models running on electricity predominating. One distinctive item type in the lineup is the electric snow shovel, a lightweight, maneuverable device meant for paths or short driveways. Another example of cutting edge innovation in the firm’s offerings is the iON cordless single-stage snow blower, powered by a 40 volt Ecosharp lithium-ion battery. This battery is rechargeable and, like other lithium-ion batteries, provides full strength operation until it is almost exhausted, besides furnishing fume-free, quieter, greener snow removal than gas equivalents can match.

Snow Joe manufactures other snow and ice removal tools, too, exhibiting both high quality and outside the box thinking that creates designs useful for actual snow clearing needs. Telescoping snow brooms allow quick, efficient clearing of cars, providing needed reach to shove a thick mound of snow off the vehicles’ far side but then collapsing to a compact size easily stored in the trunk. Aluminum snow roof rakes with 16 foot or 21 foot poles enable removal of snowfall from sloping roofs without the need for a ladder, safety harnesses, and so forth. Snow Joe’s TrackAssist PVC traction strips are designed to replace newspapers to give tires traction in snow, mud, or other slippery conditions.

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