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Greenworks 26032 Review

Greenworks 26032

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greenworks 26032

(Rated: 4 / 5) Review by Frank Lowery
Ease of Assembly11110.5
Balance And Handling11110
Result Quality11110

When winter comes calling with heavy snow storms that drop a fair amount of accumulation in your area, you want to be prepared. Sure, you could clear your driveway and sidewalks the old fashioned way – with a snow shovel. But you will spend a long time out in the cold doing it, and by the time you are finished, your back and shoulders will be so sore that you probably will not ever want to see snow again.

Many of us are not keen on the idea of a gas powered snow blower, either; those machines need a lot of light maintenance to keep them running well, and besides that, they consume a lot of expensive gas and are bad for the environment. Fortunately, there is another option: you can use an electric powered snow blower like the Greenworks 26032 to keep your property clear of snow without burning fossil fuels.

Review Summary

review summaryFor a long time, if you switched over to an electric powered snow blower, you would not have been wrong to expect a loss in terms of power and ability. But in the last few years, electric snow blower technology has really improved, and one of the companies that are at the front of the pack in terms of producing outstanding machines is Greenworks. They are committed to producing high performance electric snow blowers that can compete with any residential gas powered model. The Greenworks 26032 is just one more example of this – it has the kind of outstanding performance you want.

The Greenworks 26032 has a fairly high intake and an impressive clearance width. At ten inches, its intake height is tall enough to take care of the majority of snow storms you will have to deal with this winter. And its 20 inch clearance width means that you will be able to finish clearing your driveway and sidewalks much more quickly than you could with a smaller snow blower. The machine is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and it is designed ergonomically, so you will not be at risk of back or shoulder pain when you clear the snow.


review specificationsThe Greenworks 26032 is an electric snow blower that is designed to outperform many other models on the market. It has dimensions of 47 x 21 x 42 inches and weighs just 35 pounds. It runs on a 12 amp motor and can clear up to 850 pounds of snow per minute.

Dimensions47 x 21 x 42 inches
StartButton push
Motor12 amp
Clearing Width20 inches
Snow Cut Depth10 inches
Capacity / MinuteUp to 850 pounds
Throw DistanceUp to 20 feet
DriveManual push
Chute ControlHandle 180°
WheelsCompact wheels
Weight35 pounds
Warranty4 years

The Greenworks 26032 has an intake height of ten inches and a clearance width of twenty. It can throw snow up to 20 feet away through its chute, which can be turned 180 degrees. The snow blower is a manual push model with compact wheels and an ergonomic handle. It has a four year warranty.


review descriptionThe Greenworks 26032 needs almost no assembly once you unpack it from its box, and what little there is can be easily done in a few minutes with just regular household tools. Most of the connections are wing nuts, so you can almost put it together with no tools at all. Once you have it set up, you can see that this is a well designed electric snow blower that is made to quickly and efficiently clear snow from your driveway and walks with as little impact on the environment as possible. It is not only green in color – it is green in design as well.

The Greenworks 26032 has the kind of extra wide 20 inch clearance that will cut down on the number of passes you will have to make in order to get your driveway cleared more quickly. It can clear the average sidewalk in just two passes, which means it will be able to clear your driveway in less time than ever before – good news when it is cold and nasty outside. And the Greenworks 26032 has an intake height that is not only impressive for an electric snow blower, but comparable to a lot of gas powered residential snow blowers as well. It can clear up to a height of ten inches. For most regions of the United States, that is more than enough.

You will see immediately that the Greenworks 26032 is designed to have a relatively compact footprint and that it does not weigh anywhere near what you would expect a snow blower to weigh – which means it will be easy to maneuver around your driveway as well as find storage space for it. And because it has a convenient ergonomic design, it will be downright easy to use it. This is a solid electric snow blower.


review prosWhen you are looking for an electric snow blower, you want to be sure you are getting an excellent one: there are plenty out there that are subpar. With the Greenworks 26032, you will be getting a very good one. It has the kind of outstanding features that make it comparable with a lot of gas powered residential snow blowers, such as a high clearance capacity and intake height. This is a snow blower with a lot to offer.

  1. Superior clearance width : The clearance width on the Greenworks 26032 is a full twenty inches. Not only is this well above average for an electric snow blower, it is competitive with what most gas powered snow blowers can offer. The twenty inch clearance means that you will be able to cover a lot more ground in a lot fewer passes. That will let you finish clearing your driveway much more quickly – which is important when the weather is bad.
  2. High clearance capacity per minute : The clearance width and the intake height on the Greenworks 26032 combine to give it a per minute clearance capacity of over 800 pounds of snow. If that seems like a lot, it’s because it is – not only for electric, but any residential snow blower. This means it will be able to clear heavy, dense snow without getting slowed down too much, and can handle a high volume of snow fall under any conditions.
  3. Great for the environment : Because it runs on electricity instead of gas, the Greenworks 26032 will go a long way to reducing your family’s overall carbon footprint. And these days, that is more important than ever: a lot of experts agree that the main reason we are getting so much snow lately is because of changes in the climate due to carbon emissions produced not only by cars and factories, but by small engine machines like lawnmowers and snow blowers as well.
  4. Excellent price and warranty : You would expect to have to spend a lot to get a snow blower that not only is better for the environment than gas powered models, but also competes with their performance and ability. But with the Greenworks 26032, you do not have to. It doesn’t only have a competitive price, either. It is backed up by a four year warranty. That is twice the industry standard, and a good sign that Greenworks stands behind its product.
  5. Ergonomic design : The main problem with shoveling snow, besides the fact that it takes so long, is the backache you will almost always get after doing it. A lot of snow blowers are no better: they are heavy and hard to push through the snow. But because the Greenworks 26032 has an ergonomic design and weighs just 35 pounds, you will find it almost comfortable to use. And you should never have any problems maneuvering it around your driveway.

Any of these great features would be a welcome addition to a residential snow blower, but on the Greenworks 26032 they are all standard. This is an outstanding electric snow blower that can handle just about anything Mother Nature wants to throw at your area this winter. It is a high performance snow blower that is designed to not only be good for the environment but easy to use and good for your back, too.


review consNow, in spite of the fact that the Greenworks 26032 offers so many great features, it is hard to find any product that is one hundred percent perfect, and like anything, it has a few areas in which it could be a little better. At the same time, none of these drawbacks are the kind of serious problem that would cause me to think twice about giving this snow blower a great approval rating. Let’s take a look.

  1. The snow blower is not self propelled : It is not a must that a snow blower be self propelled, but it can certainly be a nice addition to have, especially if your driveway is sloping and you will be pushing it up an incline. But lucky for us, the Greenworks 26032 only weighs 35 pounds and has six inch wheels, which means that pushing it should never be very difficult. And with its ergonomic handle, anyone should find it easy to maneuver.
  2. May get bogged down by deep snow : Even though it has a ten inch high snow cut depth, the Greenworks 26032 may have difficulty digging through snow that is at its max intake height. This is true for a lot of snow blowers, though. And for most of us it should not really be a problem because in the vast majority of the United States, snow fall does not usually get to be more than six inches of accumulation at one time.
  3. Can leave a thin layer of snow behind : The plastic auger on the Greenworks 26032 can occasionally leave a thin layer of snow behind as you are clearing. This can occur when snow is very dense or wet. While it is not ideal, it is also not uncommon for many residential snow blowers. The best way to deal with it is to have a bag of rock salt handy, so that once your Greenworks 26032 does the heavy lifting, you can knock out the thin layer that remains.
  4. Vibrations may loosen bolts : The advantage of having a snow blower that is held together with wing nuts is the fact that they are very easy to assemble – as I said earlier, you can practically put the Greenworks 26032 together without using any tools at all. But the drawback of this system is that the vibrations of the machine can tend to loosen wing nuts over time, which can cause problems. Be sure to check the wing nuts to prevent this.
  5. Parts are not very durable : The Greenworks 26032 is made primarily from plastic parts – this is fine for light residential use, and even has the added bonus of making the snow blower a light, manageable machine. But it also means that it will not be the most durable residential snow blower on the market, as others are made of steel. But if you do not intend to put it through too much abuse, the Greenworks 26032 should hold up just fine.

I think you will agree with me that none of these Cons really presents the kind of problem that would result in the Greenworks 26032 being less than an excellent electric snow blower. If you live in a region that experiences regular, moderate snow fall, you should be able to keep your driveway clear with this machine, and I don’t think any of these drawbacks will do anything to take away from this snow blower’s ability to do so.

Product Comparison

review comparisonOf course, Pros and Cons lists can be a bit limited in their scope: while they can certainly help you quickly determine if a particular snow blower has what it takes to deal with the snow fall you will get in your area, they don’t tell you if it’s one of the best available. The best way to find that out is to do some product comparison. The following table compares the Greenworks 26032 with two similar models.

 Greenworks 26032Greenworks
DuroStar SD1900DuroStar
Snow Joe Ultra 622U1Snow Joe Ultra
Dimensions47 x 21 x 42 inches43 x 20.5 x 38 inches45 x 19 x 38 inches
StartButton pushButton pushButton push
Motor12 amp14 amp13 amp
Clearing Width20 inches19 inches19 inches
Snow Cut Depth10 inches12 inches11 inches
Capacity / MinuteUp to 850 poundsUp to 900 poundsUp to 800 pounds
Throw DistanceUp to 20 feetUp to 30 feetUp to 20 feet
DriveManual pushManual pushManual push
Chute ControlHandle 180°Handle 180°Handle 180°
WheelsCompact wheelsCompact wheelsCompact wheels
Weight35 pounds42 pounds43 pounds
Warranty4 years2 years2 years

The Greenworks 26032 has a slightly wider clearance width than the other two models. While it may not seem to be very significant, that extra inch can make a difference, especially if you have a lot of ground to cover. Its intake height is comparable with the other two models – and it weighs a lot less than either of them. Best of all, it has the longest warranty of the three, which says a lot.


review conclusionWe are almost finished, but before we make up our mind on the Greenworks 26032, I think it is a good idea to revisit the Pros and Cons one last time. Now you know how this model compares to what else is on the market, but we should be sure it’s right for you.

Conclusion Pros

  1. Superior clearance width.
  2. High clearance capacity per minute.
  3. Great for the environment.
  4. Excellent price and warranty.
  5. Ergonomic design.

With its excellent clearance width and ability to clear over 800 pounds of snow per minute, there is no question that the Greenworks 26032 is the kind of snow blower that can deal with heavy snow fall. IN addition, it’s good for the planet, easy to use, and has a great price.

Conclusion Cons

  1. The snow blower is not self propelled.
  2. May get bogged down by deep snow.
  3. Can leave a thin layer of snow behind.
  4. Vibrations may loosen bolts.
  5. Parts are not very durable.

I really do not think that any of these Cons does anything to take away from all of the great features the Greenworks 26032 has to offer. While some of them could be improved a bit, overall I consider this to be one of the better electric snow blowers available to homeowners today.

Final Word

It is always important to make sure that we are taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment. By avoiding gas powered appliances in your garage, you are taking a big move in the right direction – but it can be understandable that you do not want to lose the kind of power and performance you get from gas powered snow blowers. But luckily, with a snow blower like the Greenworks 26032, you no longer have to worry about that.

The Greenworks 26032 has the kind of clearance width and snow intake height that makes it comparable in performance terms to a lot of gas powered snow blowers out there. Beyond that, it is easy to use and small enough to find storage space for it. And best of all, it has a competitive price and one of the longest warranties you can find on a snow blower today. This is a solid snow blower.

Best Price

review pricesYou want a solid electric snow blower, but you do not want to spend an arm and a leg on it, right? Believe me, I understand where you are coming from. In today’s economy, money can be tight, and you do not want to make any extraneous purchases unless they are competitively priced and worth every penny. Well, the Greenworks 26032 has one of the most competitive prices you can find for an electric snow blower today. And the good news is that this snow blower is not cheaply made – it is durable enough to stand up to lots of tough conditions. Best of all, it has a four year warranty.

Greenworks 26032

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