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Snapper Snow Blowers

snapperSnapper snow blowers are designed to handle big, tough jobs that other snow blowers simply can’t do. With a Snapper snow blower in your garage, you will be completely prepared for whatever winter might bring your way: these are snow blowers that really mean business. That’s why Snapper snow blowers have some of the widest clearances you can find, are made of very durable materials, and have high performance engines driving them.

With a Snapper snow blower, you are getting a machine that is well equipped to handle deep accumulations of snow on paved or unpaved surfaces quickly and efficiently. These are some really powerful snow blowers: they have some of the best engines you can find under the hood, and that means they have everything it takes to deal with a lot of snow fast. Whether that snow is slushy, icy, or otherwise, a Snapper snow blower is going to have no problem getting rid of it quickly. These snow blowers throw more snow farther than just about anything else on the market today.

1. Snapper Snow Blower Highlights

1a. Built Tough

A Snapper snow blower is a serious machine, and it is built to be seriously tough. That’s why Snapper snow blowers have heavy welded steel augers that can grind through icy or densely packed snow without slowing down. Their augers are housed in durable stamped steel bodies that are resistant to scratches or dents and will hold up very well for a long time. Snapper snow blowers have big, deeply treaded pneumatic tires that will be able to deal with uneven terrain with no problem.

Under the hood, Snapper snow blowers have engines and impeller fans that will hold up to frequent use without any problems, and they will need maintenance much less frequently than other snow blowers do. It’s important that your snow blower be able to deal with tough conditions without falling apart after a few years. A Snapper snow blower will last a few decades, easily.

1b. Huge Clearances

The clearance width is one of the most important features on a snow blower, because it is going to determine whether you have to spend a lot of time getting a big area clear or be able to finish it more quickly. One of the best aspects to owning a two-stage snow blower is the fact that it is equipped to handle a wider clearance than most single stage snow blowers can. And on a Snapper snow blower, you are getting some of the widest clearances out there.

Snapper snow blowers consistently have clearance widths that are significantly larger than any other snow blowers. That means that with a Snapper snow blower at your disposal, you will be able to finish clearing a huge area in fewer passes and less time than you could with any other snow blower on the market today. And when temperatures are dropping, that is very important.

1c. Serious Power

A Snapper snow blower would not be able to handle that kind of large clearance width or remove the amount of snow that it can as quickly as it does without being supported by a solid engine. That’s why Snapper snow blowers are equipped with Briggs & Stratton engines. Briggs & Stratton has long been recognized as a leader in small engine manufacturing, and there is a good reason for that.

They consistently make some of the most powerful and state of the art engines out there. With a Briggs & Stratton engine under the hood, there is just about no job that is going to be too big for your Snapper snow blower. As a standard, Snapper snow blowers come with Briggs & Stratton engines that are at least 200 cubic centimeters and designed to deliver more power in a smaller package. These engines need less maintenance and run considerably longer than other brands.

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