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Husqvarna Snow Blowers

husqvarnaHusqvarna’s two-stage snow blowers are some of the biggest and toughest ones you can find on the market today, and there is practically no snow clearing job that is too big for one of these high quality machines. The two-stage system can deal with all kinds of snow, even deep drifts that are packed hard, because it breaks up snow with the forward auger before passing it to the impeller fan. This kind of efficiency means that Husqvarna snow blowers will not get bogged down by tough snow conditions, and can always be relied on to finish big jobs fast.

And Husqvarna snow blowers are designed to be as comfortable and convenient to use as possible. They feature ergonomic design that includes controls that are situated within easy reach, have heated handles and are self-propelled with multiple speeds and power steering so the operator is always as comfortable as possible while using them. When temperatures dip below freezing and you have a lot of snow to clear, you want a Husqvarna snow blower in your garage.

1. Husqvarna Snow Blower Highlights

1a. High Capacity

Husqvarna snow blowers have the kind of high snow clearing capacity you need in order to get through deep drifts of heavy, hard packed snow. These snow blowers have the kind of extra wide clearance and high snow cut depth that ensures you will be able to finish clearing your property of even the deepest snow fall quickly and efficiently. With augers that are bigger than what ninety percent of other snow blowers have to offer, Husqvarna snow blowers are the best equipped to deal with tough conditions.

Not only that, but Husqvarna snow blowers are equipped to throw snow up to 35 feet away in most cases, which is much farther than the average snow blower can. That means that Husqvarna machines will ensure you are clearing snow at an astonishingly efficient rate. You can finish clearing your driveway in fewer passes and do so even when snow is over 1.5 feet deep.

1b. Efficient System

With their efficient two-stage system, Husqvarna snow blowers are better equipped than many other brands to deal with a wide variety of different conditions. As anyone knows, the snow never falls the same way twice, and you never know what the next storm might bring. It could be gentle powder that clears quickly and easily, or a sleeting ice storm that delivers hard packed, heavy snow. In these and dozens of other situations, Husqvarna snow blowers have the efficient system you need to clear snow.

That’s because they feature tough, serrated augers made of high gauge, welded steel that can cut through any drifts you may come across, and grind up snow into fine particles before it is passed to the impeller fan, which can then throw it impressive distances. That means you will never have to worry about getting slowed down by tough conditions with a Husqvarna snow blower.

1c. Durable Parts

Clearing heavy snow fall can be tough work, and you want to be sure that your snow blower is made from the kind of heavy duty, durable parts that can stand up to whatever Mother Nature can bring your way. You definitely do not want to have a machine in your garage that is going to break down or suffer from reduced performance after only a few years of use.

With Husqvarna snow blowers, this is never a concern: they are consistently made from high quality parts and materials that can stand up to tough use over the long term. Husqvarna snow blowers have augers made of durable welded steel, and their augers are housed in high quality stamped steel parts that will not break down over time, regardless of the amount of punishment you put them through. You can rely on a Husqvarna snow blower to last for many years.

Husqvarna 924HV 11110.5

Husqvarna 924HV

The Husqvarna 924HV is not an ordinary snow blower. It is equipped with a powerful engine that was designed specifically with this model in mind, and it has everything it needs to blast through deep, densely packed snow like it was cutting through soft butter. Because it is so powerful, the Husqvarna 924HV is able […]

Pros: 208cc Snow King engine.

Cons: Certain parts are flimsy.

Husqvarna 1830HV 11110

Husqvarna 1830HV

The Husqvarna 1830HV is a behemoth of a snow blower, and you can see that it is a powerful machine as soon as you take one look at it. If you have a big driveway and a lot of ground to keep clear of heavy snow fall during the winter, this is the kind of […]

Pros: Easy start up and operation.

Cons: Controls can be hard.

Husqvarna 12527HV 11110.5

Husqvarna 12527HV

The Husqvarna 12527HV practically seethes power and ability, and once you have it in your garage you will see why. This is a snow blower that is designed to take care of just about anything that even the worst Arctic snow fronts can bring on. And it is made to do it not only quickly […]

Pros: Attention to detail.

Cons: Engine is made in-house.

Husqvarna 1827EXLT 11110

Husqvarna 1827EXLT

The Husqvarna 1827EXLT is not like other snow blowers. It is a real beast, and it is prepared to take on Arctic conditions that would stop smaller snow blowers in their tracks. The Husqvarna 1827EXLT has everything you need to get big areas clear of heavy snow fall quickly and efficiently. This is not the […]

Pros: Tracks instead of wheels.

Cons: Controls could be improved.

Husqvarna 1650EXL 11110

Husqvarna 1650EXL

The Husqvarna 1650EXL is a snow blower that is designed to tackle big snow clearing jobs without batting an eye. This machine is a real workhorse that can clear huge areas in no time. It can attack drifts that are even larger than its snow cut depth because it has high drift cutters and a […]

Pros: Massive 30-inch clearance.

Cons: Certain parts are plastic.

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