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Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 Review

Campbell Hausfeld PW1350

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campbell hausfeld pw1350

There are so many cleanup jobs to take care of around the home and garden that sometimes it can feel like too much work to do. But it does not have to be. With a handheld electric pressure washer like the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350, you can knock out a ton of different cleanup jobs in just minutes. You can use the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 to wash your car in minutes, because you do not have to soap it down with a bucket and sponge and then rinse it with an anemic spray from a garden hose. You can wash windows with the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350, and because it is handheld you can easily take it up a ladder to reach those second story windows. Cleaning the grill and lawn furniture has never been easier. And you can even use it to wash down you deck and vinyl siding. With the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350, there is almost no limit to the number of jobs you can do and time you can save.

Review Summary

review summaryThe Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is a compact and lightweight handheld electric pressure washer that packs a considerable amount of cleaning power. It has a decent PSI and flow rate, and because it is handheld you can easily take it anywhere its power cord and intake hose can reach. And because it has a 35 foot long power cord, if you plug that into an extension cord there is a huge range of motion: you can take it up a ladder to clean out your gutters, wash your brickwork and siding, and clean the windows. Or, take it indoors to knock out cleanup jobs there: you can easily spray down tile floors and bathroom walls with it, cutting down cleaning time to just minutes.

The Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is a very well designed pressure washer: it packs a good amount of power into a small, easily stored and transported machine. You could fit this pressure washer on a closet shelf so it is always readily accessible. Because it comes with a detachable soap dispenser, you have the option to use powerful detergent when you have to knock out tougher stains, too. For smaller jobs around the home and yard, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is the perfect pressure washer.


review specificationsThe Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is a handheld electric pressure washer that weighs just 17 pounds and has overall dimensions of 15 x 7 x 9.8 inches, making it small enough that you could practically fit it into a drawer. It has a 120 volt / 60 Hertz motor that powers a direct-drive axial pump.

Dimensions15 x 7 x 9.8
Motor120 V / 60 Hz
Power Rating1755
PumpDirect-drive axial
Spray GunErgonomic
NozzleAdjustable jet / Turbo
Hose1/4-inch x 19-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plastic
Power Cord35-foot
Weight17 pounds
Warranty1 year

The pump delivers a spray with a max pressure of 1350 pounds per square inch with a flow rate of 1.3 gallons. That gives it a cleaning power rating of 1755. It delivers a cold water spray through its adjustable-jet, ergonomic spray gun. It has a 35 foot power cord and a 19 foot hose.


review descriptionFor the smaller cleaning projects you have to take care of around your home, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is really the perfect pressure washer. A lot of residential pressure washers are much larger, bulkier affairs that do not even deliver a max pressure or flow rate that is all that much higher than what the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 has to offer. And they are more difficult to take with you if you have an out of reach cleaning project that requires you to climb a ladder to get to it. They are also harder to store on a shelf or in a tight closet. With the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 you do not have any of those problems; instead you are getting a compact and lightweight pressure washer that has all the cleaning power you need.

The Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 comes almost fully assembled, and it only takes a few minutes to finish getting it all assembled. Then all you have to do is plug it in and attach the intake hose, and you are ready to start tackling cleanup projects all over your property. It has an adjustable jet spray gun so you can easily transition from one cleanup project to the next, or ramp up the pressure when you encounter a tougher stain in the middle of a big job. Adjust the spray to fine for washing your car, and then ramp up the pressure to power wash the tires.

Best of all, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 never produces any carbon emissions. That is good news for the environment, but it also means you can use it for more jobs than a gas powered pressure washer could take care of. You can take the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 indoors to clean your bathroom tile or wash down your basement floor without having to worry about harmful fumes. And because it is so easy to use, you will soon be trying to find new uses for it.


review prosThere are a lot of reasons why the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is such a great handheld pressure washer. For starters, there is the fact that it is one of the most portable pressure washers you can find – and it is also much easier to find storage space for it. There is a lot of power and cleaning convenience packed into the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350, and you will be relying on it for lots of different jobs over the years. Here are the top five Pros.

  1. Very portable : Because it is designed to be a handheld pressure washer, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is very compact and lightweight, which makes it one of the most portable pressure washers you can find. That makes it perfect for jobs that involve climbing a ladder, like clearing leaves out of your gutters or washing vinyl siding. But it also means you will have more range of motion for big jobs that require you to move around a lot, since you can simply take it with you wherever you go.
  2. Solid cleaning power rating : In spite of the fact that it is a very small pressure washer, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 still has a pretty impressive cleaning power rating. This is a pressure washer with a decent PSI and above average flow rate, and as a result it has a cleaning power rating that is not that much lower than what the average residential pressure washer has to offer. For smaller jobs, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 has all the power you need.
  3. Maintenance free pump : The Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 has a direct-drive axial pump, which is designed to not only provide more power in a smaller space, but also be completely maintenance free. And because it has an electric motor rather than a gas engine, you will never have to worry about tune-ups or repairs to keep it working well, either. This is the kind of convenience you want from your pressure washer, and it is exactly the kind of convenience you are going to get with the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350.
  4. Easy to use : The Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is incredibly easy for anyone to use. A lot of pressure washers do not provide the kind of convenience the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 does, and are rather difficult to operate. You have to swap out different nozzles to get variable pressures, the soap dispenser is hard to attach, or the control panel is confusing. On the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350, none of that is the case: this is a machine that is a breeze to operate.
  5. Instant star/stop feature : The Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 has an instant start/stop feature that is tied to the trigger grip on the spray gun, which will shut off the motor as soon as you stop using the pressure washer. That means you will be able to enjoy an extended life on the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350, which means its motor will last for hundreds of hours longer than those on pressure washers that do not have this feature.

As you can see, there is a lot to like on the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350. This is a great little pressure washer that you can use on all kinds of jobs around your house, and before you know it, you will be looking for more spots that need cleaning. It is easy to carry around and store, simple to operate, and requires zero maintenance to keep it running well. Plus, it has a solid cleaning power rating.


review consOf course, because it is a compact handheld pressure washer, there are limits to what the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 can do. This is not the kind of heavy duty machine that is going to be stripping paint off of walls or blasting tough stains out of concrete without the aid of a powerful detergent. Still, these are not so much flaws in its manufacture as they are limitations due to the jobs it is designed to take care of.

  1. PSI could be higher : Because the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is a handheld pressure washer, it does not have the kind of huge maximum pressure that a lot of other residential pressure washers boast. Its max PSI is well below 1500, which is more or less average for residential pressure washers, and it would be nice if it was a few hundred units higher. Still, it is well equipped for most jobs.
  2. Not very durable : The Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is designed primarily with portability in mind, and for that reason the manufacturer chose to use composite plastic instead of metal for almost all of its parts. As a result, it will not be as durable as other pressure washers – but it will not be nearly as heavy, either. And since it is not meant for very tough jobs, this should not be a serious problem.
  3. PVC plastic hose is hard to work with : PVC plastic is a great material for pressure washer hoses like the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 has. It is lightweight but extremely tough, and it will not develop cracks or leaks along the seams. But it is also difficult to work with because it is so stiff – it will either be hard to uncoil it or difficult to get it coiled back up after you use it.
  4. Plastic connectors may leak : The connectors for hooking up the hoses on the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 are made of plastic, which is not uncommon for most electric pressure washers. The drawback of this design is that plastic threads will get worn down after a number of uses, and eventually develop leaks. You can fix this by replacing them with brass fixings, although this takes a bit of know-how, a few bucks, and an afternoon.
  5. One year warranty : Mainly because the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is not made of particularly durable parts – and I am thinking mainly of the plastic connectors in this case – I think that it should have a warranty that is longer than just one year. If for nothing else, this would allow you to not have to worry about leaks or other problems for at least a couple years.

Overall, I do not really think that any of the Cons I could find on the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 are very serious. Most of these are simply limitations brought on by the fact that it is designed for portability rather than power and toughness. If the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is used as it is intended – for basic household jobs – it should do just fine in spite of these minor drawbacks, and I think all of its great Pros really eclipse the Cons anyway.

Product Comparison

review comparisonI think that the best way to give you a clear picture of what the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 has to offer is by comparing it to two residential pressure washers, which are designed to be much bigger and less portable, but have higher max pressures and flow rates, and as such higher cleaning power ratings. That way you can get a better idea of whether you want a pressure washer that is more portable or one that offers a higher pressurized spray.

 Campbell Hausfeld PW1350Campbell Hausfeld
All-Power APW5022All-Power
AR Blue Clean AR383AR Blue Clean
Dimensions15x7x9.833x11x1211.2 x 12.2 x 28.5
Motor120 V / 60 Hz120 V / 60 Hz / 13 Amp120 V / 60 Hz / 11 Amp
Power Rating175532002850
PumpDirect-drive axialDirect-drive axial3 axial-piston wobble-plate
Spray GunErgonomicPro-styleErgonomic
NozzleAdjustable jet
Adjustable jet
Dirt blaster
Adjustable jet
Foam dispenser
Hose1/4-inch x 19-foot1/4-inch x 19-foot1/4-inch x 20-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plasticPVC/plasticPVC/plastic
Power Cord35-foot35-foot30-foot
Weight17 pounds22.9 pounds27 pounds
Warranty1 year1 year1 year

As you can see, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is the lightest and most compact of the three pressure washers: it is about half the size of either of the other two machines and weighs considerably less. But its cleaning power rating is barely more than half of what either of the other pressure washers have to offer. Still, for the majority of household cleanup jobs, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 should have more than enough power to get the task done quickly and efficiently.


review conclusionSo the question is: do you want extra power, or the ability to take your pressure washer with you wherever you might need it? That is entirely up to you – but I think you can probably see the advantage of portability. Let’s take one more look at the Pros and Cons before you make your decision.

Conclusion Pros

  1. Very portable.
  2. Solid cleaning power rating.
  3. Maintenance free pump.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Instant star/stop feature.

The best features the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 has to offer are the fact that it is extremely portable, has a decent cleaning power rating that will take care of most jobs well, and is very easy to use. It’s designed primarily with convenience in mind, and in that department it really delivers.

Conclusion Cons

  1. PSI could be higher.
  2. Not very durable.
  3. PVC plastic hose is hard to work with.
  4. Plastic connectors may leak.
  5. One year warranty.

But in part because it is designed to be so portable, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is lacking in PSI, and its parts are made to be lightweight rather than tough. These are not real problems per se, but limitations due to what it is designed to do. Whether power is more important than portability is your choice.

Final Word

A portable pressure washer like the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is a great tool to have around the house. With it, there is no limit to where you can take it – and if you are like me, that is a fairly important consideration. I do not want to be lugging a heavy pressure washer up a ladder when I have to clean out my gutters or wash second story windows. And for most jobs you will need it for – washing your car, cleaning your deck, and washing windows and siding – the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 packs all of the power you need. But if you expect that you will need a cleaning power rating that is in the upper 2000s, you may want to look for a residential pressure washer rather than a handheld one. But as handheld models go, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 packs a decent amount of cleaning power, and is designed with maximum convenience in mind.

Best Price

review pricesOne of the best things about the Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is that it is a definite money saver. This is one of the most inexpensive pressure washers you can find in any category. So if you want solid cleaning power, portability, and you are on a budget, this is the pressure washer for you. It has everything you need to take care of most of the cleanup jobs you will find around your house; it is very portable and easy to use; and it is built to last. And because it does not have the kind of price that manufacturers usually ask for powerful pressure washers, it is really a bargain.

Campbell Hausfeld PW1350

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