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All-Power APW5022 Review

All-Power APW5022

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all-power apw5022

An electric pressure washer is a great purchase when you are responsible for keeping a property looking great. Whether you are renting or own your own home or small business, there are plenty of periodic cleanup jobs you have to take care of, and with a pressure washer you can get all of them done much more quickly and efficiently. You can use a pressure washer to power wash sidewalks and decks, clean bathroom tile and work spaces, or just to wash your car. And with an electric pressure washer like the All-Power APW5022, you can do all of that without having to worry about the problems that gas powered pressure washers often have. An electric pressure washer like the All-Power APW5022 is also the more environmentally responsible choice, which these days is an important thing to think about. With the All-Power APW5022 you get plenty of cleaning power without producing any emissions – and you get that at a great price, too.

Review Summary

review summaryThe All-Power APW5022 is a powerful electric pressure washer that is well above average in terms of overall cleaning power. That is partly because it has a solid 13 Amp motor, but also because it is equipped with a direct-drive axial pump, which can deliver more pressure than other designs. Because of these features, the All-Power APW5022 has one of the higher pressure sprays you can find on any residential pressure washers, electric or gas, and produces a high flow rate as well. That gives it one of the best cleaning power ratings on any residential pressure washer today.

But because it is an electric pressure washer, you are getting all of that cleaning power without having to rely on a loud, smelly gas engine that produces a high volume of exhaust. Not only is that more convenient, but it is better for the environment as well. The EPA estimates that gas powered yard machines are responsible for a considerable percentage of the greenhouse gases produced by American households every year. By switching to an electric pressure washer like the All-Power APW5022, you can reduce your carbon footprint considerably while still enjoying the kind of serious cleaning power you need for the big jobs you have around the house.


review specificationsThe All-Power APW5022 is an electric residential pressure washer with a 120 volt / 60 Hertz / 13 Amp motor and a direct drive axial pump. It weighs just 22.9 pounds and has an overall footprint that is just under a square foot. It has a max pressure of 2000 PSI and a max flow rate of 1.6 gallons per minute.

Dimensions33 x 11 x 12
Motor120 V / 60 Hz / 13 Amp
Power Rating3200
PumpDirect-drive axial
Spray GunPro-style
NozzleAdjustable jet / Dirt blaster
Hose1/4-inch x 19-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plastic
Power Cord35-foot
Weight22.9 pounds
Warranty1 year

Because of its high PSI and flow rate, the All-Power APW5022 boasts a cleaning power rating of 3200, which is considerably higher than average. It provides a cold water spray through its ergonomically designed spray gun, which has an adjustable jet Dirt Blaster design. It has a 35 foot power cord and a 19 foot hose.


review descriptionIt isn’t every day that you will find an electric pressure washer that has the kind of serious max PSI and flow rate that the All-Power APW5022 does. Even though it is one of the smaller and more lightweight residential pressure washers on the market today, it is designed with the kind of superior technology that allows it to provide a higher level of cleaning power than most other residential pressure washers – electric and gas included. When you get it out of the box, you may not think that it looks like one of the more robust pressure washers out there – after all, it weighs barely more than 20 pounds – but you will be surprised.

The All-Power APW5022 has a direct-drive axial pump, which is one of the most efficient designs you can find on a residential pressure washer today. It allows the All-Power APW5022 to provide a much higher maximum pressure and flow rate than other pump designs can, while remaining a very lightweight and compact overall design. That means that even though the All-Power APW5022 is small enough to store in a broom closet, and light enough to carry with you anywhere you need to go, it still packs a high enough cleaning power rating to take care of the toughest stains you can find.

You might buy the All-Power APW5022 with just one or two cleaning jobs in mind – washing your car, perhaps, and occasionally power cleaning your deck. But once you get an idea of what the All-Power APW5022 is really capable of, you will be eagerly looking for more and more cleaning jobs to turn it loose on. And you will not be disappointed. The All-Power APW5022 can handle anything you use it for. This is one solid pressure washer. It packs all of the power you need to take care of a wide variety of different jobs quickly and efficiently.


review prosThere are a lot of great features that make the All-Power APW5022 one of the best electric residential pressure washers on the market today. There are so many, in fact, that I honestly had a hard time narrowing it down to the top five. But some specs are more important on a pressure washer than others, and so I eventually came up with a short list of the best features on the All-Power APW5022. Here they are.

  1. Direct-drive axial pump : This is the feature that makes a lot of the excellence the All-Power APW5022 has to offer possible. Most residential pressure washers are designed with axial cam pumps, which are not as efficient as direct-drive pumps at producing a high pressure spray in a rather compact space. Another big advantage of using this kind of pump on your pressure washer is the fact that it will never need maintenance or upkeep to make sure it continues to run well, even after hundreds of hours of use.
  2. Serious PSI and flow rate : Because of the direct-drive axial cam pump, the All-Power APW5022 is able to produce one of the highest max pressures and a very solid flow rate. At 2000 pounds per square inch, the All-Power APW5022 has a max pressure that is comparable with most gas powered residential pressure washers, but unlike gas models, you do not have to contend with a noisy engine or stinky fumes. Yet you get all of the pressure you need to blast the toughest stains away in minutes.
  3. Lightweight and compact : Best of all, the All-Power APW5022 is able to provide all of that cleaning power in a design that is very compact and lightweight. It has a footprint that is less than a square foot in size, meaning you can store it easily in the corner of your tool shed or work room. And it is so lightweight that you can easily maneuver it around your property and up and down ladders for all kinds of different jobs.
  4. Adjustable spray and pistol grip : The spray gun on the All-Power APW5022 has an ergonomic pistol grip with a trigger spray wand, and you can easily adjust the spray from fine – for delicate jobs like washing your car – to intense, for tough jobs like power washing concrete. And because the spray does not rely on a bunch of different nozzles to produce different pressures, you can adjust it in the middle of a job without stopping work.
  5. Brass hose connectors : To an inexperienced shopper, brass hose connectors might not seem important enough to include on a list of the five best features on a pressure washer, but believe me when I tell you that they definitely are. Most residential pressure washers have plastic hose connectors, which tend to develop leaks after a few years of use. Brass hose connectors will never suffer from worn threads or develop leaks.

As you can see, the All-Power APW5022 has everything you need to tackle lots of different cleanup jobs around the home and garden. With the power of its direct-drive axial pump and its easily adjustable spray, you can get a high pressure spray when you need it and easily transition to a fine mist for more delicate jobs. This is a great pressure washer that really hits a home run in every area where it counts.


review consWhile the All-Power APW5022 is about as close to perfect as you can get with a residential pressure washer, it is still just close – and not quite perfect. There are a few very minor drawbacks that the All-Power APW5022 has, although I do not think any of them can really even begin to take away from the fact that this pressure washer has the highest PSI and flow rate you can find in its class.

  1. Motor is rather loud : A loud motor really is not that much of a problem, especially when you compare the noise the All-Power APW5022 makes with the kind of noise a gas powered pressure washer would produce. I almost did not include the issue of the loud motor on this list, but I thought it would be worth mentioning because electric pressure washers do tend to run rather quietly, and you should be ready for the fact that the All-Power APW5022 does not.
  2. Cold water spray only : It is very common for residential pressure washers to only offer a cold water spray, especially when they are electric models like the All-Power APW5022. Still, this is the one thing that would really take the All-Power APW5022 from being a great pressure washer and make it pretty much perfect. But with the fact that it has a built in soap dispenser and one of the highest cleaning power ratings in its class, the lack of hot water is not a huge issue.
  3. Hose connector needs occasional tightening : The fact that the All-Power APW5022 has brass hose connectors is one of the things that elevates it well above similar pressure washers in its class, which typically have plastic ones. The one issue with the connector is that it will need to be tightened every once in a while with a wrench – which really is not that hard to do. But it is something that you should be aware of.
  4. Needs some assembly : A lot of pressure washers in the electric residential class come pretty much completely assembled, but the All-Power APW5022 will need you to put the finishing touches on its assembly. This is not to difficult and can be done with ordinary household tools in less than twenty minutes, although I do think the instruction manual could be a bit more clearly written. Still, it is also not a really big issue in my opinion.
  5. One year warranty : I almost do not think that this should be included in the Cons list, since it is so common these days for residential pressure washers like the All-Power APW5022 to only come with a one year warranty. Still, I think that these machines should have a longer warranty, if only to give their owners better peace of mind about their overall long term ability to hold up. That said, the All-Power APW5022 is a well built and fairly durable machine that should not give you any problems.

As you can clearly see, the few Cons that I could find on the All-Power APW5022 do not present the kind of real problems that could affect its high level of performance in any meaningful way. Overall this remains one of the best pressure washers in its class, and the fact that it has an extremely high PSI and flow rate, great pump design and other wonderful features more than outweigh these few minor Cons.

Product Comparison

review comparisonI think that it is always a good idea to do some comparison shopping when you are looking for a new power tool or appliance. Pros and Cons lists can only tell you so much about a product: only by comparing it to similar models in its class can you get a real sense of whether it is the best model on the market. To make this as easy as possible for you, the following table compares important product specs of the All-Power APW5022 with those of two other models.

 All-Power APW5022All-Power
Karcher K2.350Karcher
Black & Decker 11BDE-210SBlack & Decker
Dimensions33x11x1212x13x3414 x 11.5 x 27
Motor120 V / 60 Hz / 13 Amp120 V / 60 Hz
120 V / 60 Hz
Power Rating320024002380
PumpDirect-drive axialDirect-drive axialDirect-drive axial
Spray GunPro-styleErgonomicPro-style
NozzleAdjustable jet
Dirt blaster
Adjustable jet
Dirt blaster
Adjustable jet
Dirt blaster
Hose1/4-inch x 19-foot1/4-inch x 25-foot1/4-inch x 23-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plasticPVC/plasticPVC/plastic
Power Cord35-foot30-foot35-foot
Weight22.9 pounds14 pounds28.2 pounds
Warranty1 year1 year1 year

The All-Power APW5022 has a max PSI and flow rate that are much higher than what the other models can offer, which gives it a cleaning power rating that simply blows the other two away. This is in spite of the fact that it is one of the smaller and more lightweight of the three models. With the All-Power APW5022 you are going to get some of the highest cleaning power you can find in its class, which is what will allow you to take care of tougher jobs more quickly.


review conclusionWhen you compare the All-Power APW5022 to similar models, there is really no contest: this is one of the few models in its class that has a cleaning power rating higher than 3000. But before you decide if it is really the best one for you, let’s take one more look at the Pros and Cons lists.

Conclusion Pros

  1. Direct-drive axial pump.
  2. Serious PSI and flow rate.
  3. Lightweight and compact.
  4. Adjustable spray and pistol grip.
  5. Brass hose connectors.

With a direct-drive axial pump, the All-Power APW5022 is able to produce an outstanding PSI and flow rate, even though it is one of the more lightweight and compact residential pressure washers on the market today. It has a durable build and is easy to use. This is a great pressure washer.

Conclusion Cons

  1. Motor is rather loud.
  2. Cold water spray only.
  3. Hose connector needs occasional tightening.
  4. Needs some assembly.
  5. One year warranty.

None of the Cons I could find on the All-Power APW5022 really present any major problems in terms of its overall ability to take on big jobs quickly and efficiently. In fact, this is one of the few residential pressure washers that does not present at least one real Con – most of these are minor annoyances at best.

Final Word

An electric pressure washer is a very useful tool – with it you can take on a lot of different cleanup jobs quickly and easily, and you do not have to worry about keeping gas on hand, the engine breaking down, or the environmental impact of operating the machine. The one drawback that a lot of electric pressure washers have compared to gas powered ones is the level of PSI they can provide, but with the All-Power APW5022 this is not a problem. It provides a solid cleaning power rating that is quite comparable with the average gas powered models. Because of that you are getting all of the cleaning power you need along with the advantages of going electric. And what more could you ask for in an electric pressure washer than that?

Best Price

review pricesThe All-Power APW5022 is not the cheapest electric pressure washer on the market, to be sure – but anyone who knows consumer products knows that the cheapest model is never the one you want. The All-Power APW5022 is an electric pressure washer that can easily hold its own with gas powered models, but its price is well below what manufacturers charge for those. It has a stainless steel body and brass fittings, and it can provide one of the highest cleaning power ratings for an electric pressure washer. All of that is worth the price, which when it comes down to it is only slightly above average. And the savings it will provide over the years will more than make up for that. I think it’s a good buy.

All-Power APW5022

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