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AR Blue Clean

ar blue cleanAR Blue Clean is a cutting-edge line of pressure washers from Annovi Reverberi, an Italian manufacturer founded in 1958. The company built its initial triumphs on well-researched and carefully designed diaphragm pumps, with an emphasis on heeding customer feedback. 1974 witnessed a major evolution in the company’s operations when a new plant was set up in Modena, providing the capacity needed both compete in the American market and to expand into power-jet cleaner manufacture. Today, the firm builds over a million pumps annually, exporting 80% of them to Europe, the U.S., and other international destinations. AR Blue Clean is a new brand incorporating the meticulous research and forward-looking quality which has won Annovi Reverberi many plaudits over the years.

AR Blue Clean pressure washers are famed for their quality, emphasis on meeting actual customer needs, and eye for environmental soundness in design. Based on the power-jet cleaners of 1974, these washers make good use of modern technology and ergonomics to provide powerful, non-fatiguing, water-saving cleaning action for everything from garden paths to commercial garages and other difficult-to-cleanse areas. Many different configurations of home pressure washers offer help with various cleaning tasks, including vehicles, pools, outdoor furniture, paths and driveways, and house walls. Over 36 fittings and accessories add even more versatility to the washers.

AR Blue Clean’s other items include commercial pressure washers with extra tough seals and durable ceramic plungers. These use some of the pump technology that Annovi Reverberi has been developing steadily since its creation over half a century ago. A double emphasis on functionality and safety distinguishes both these and the residential models constructed by the firm. The hose is stored on a convenient spool near the device’s top, which is fitted with a crank to quickly and smoothly wind it into place when the washing job is done. The related Blue Garden sprayer can be used to water garden plants, apply insecticides or fertilizers, and more.

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