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AR Blue Clean AR240

ar blue clean ar240

AR Blue Clean AR240 is designed to provide decent cleaning power in a more compact and lightweight package than most other two-wheeled pressure washers can. That means it will be much easier to take it with you wherever you may need to use it, and finding enough storage space for it will also be a breeze. And because the AR Blue Clean AR240 is built out of components that are made to last, you can rely on this pressure washer to take on big jobs […] Read Full Review »

ManufacturerAR Blue Clean
Dimensions11.2 x 12.2 x 18
Motor120 V / 60 Hz (induction)
Power Rating2625
Pump3 axial-piston wobble-plate
Spray GunErgonomic
NozzleAdjustable jet / Foam dispenser
Hose1/4-inch x 20-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plastic
Power Cord30-foot
Weight21 pounds
Warranty1 year
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