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AR Blue Clean Pressure Washers

ar blue cleanWhen you need a compact, easy to use electric pressure washer to take care of big cleanup jobs around the home and yard, AR Blue Clean pressure washers are the brand to look for. AR Blue Clean pressure washers are designed to be lighter and more compact than other models, so you will have no trouble finding enough storage space for them, using them around the house or yard easily, or even tossing them into the trunk of your car to take offsite to use elsewhere.

AR Blue Clean pressure washers are better for the environment than other models, too. They don’t run on gasoline, so you will never produce a single emission while using them. But you will still be getting all of the cleaning power you need around the home, because AR Blue Clean pressure washers are built to provide serious ability. These machines are also very user friendly, so even if you aren’t very mechanically inclined, you will have no trouble figuring out how to use them quickly and easily. AR Blue Clean pressure washers are outstanding machines.

1. AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer Highlights

1a. Zero Emissions, Ever

In this age of rising pollution levels, global warming, and serious environmental problems, it is important to do what we can to reduce the amount of carbon emissions we are contributing to the atmosphere. Of course, there are limitations to how easy it is to do this, and in certain areas we don’t always have the opportunity to make the greener choice, even if we would like to. That’s why it is so important to make the green choice when it’s convenient.

With AR Blue Clean pressure washers, you are getting a machine that never produces any carbon emissions, ever – but you are also getting all of the cleaning power you will ever need around the house and yard. That means that this is a case in which the green choice is very convenient: you are simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and still getting a tough, reliable pressure washer that can get the job done.

1b. Lightweight and Compact

AR Blue Clean pressure washers are designed to be some of the lightest and smallest residential pressure washers on the market. AR Blue Clean makes both standalone and handheld pressure washers, so no matter how small a machine you need, they have got one for you. Their standalone models are very small and lightweight in their own right – most of them weight less than thirty pounds and barely take up a square foot of space.

But their handheld pressure washers are definitely some of the most compact – and at the same time most powerful – machines I have come across. They are small enough that you could practically store them in a cabinet drawer, and so lightweight that you will have no trouble carrying them with you while you take care of big cleaning jobs. Having that kind of washing power in such a small, light package is what I call convenience.

1c. User Friendly

Pressure washers are designed to take the work out of big cleaning jobs, and if they were not made t be as user friendly as possible, they would not be much good at what they do. But surprisingly, you still find pressure washers that are difficult to operate, either because they are not well designed or simply overly complicated and not at all intuitive. But with AR Blue Clean pressure washers, this is not the case.

AR Blue Clean pressure washers are frankly some of the easiest to use machines I have seen. They are so simple that pretty much anyone should have no trouble operating them: all you have to do is select your easy to attach pressure nozzle, plug the machine in and turn it on, and you’re all set. That’s it! No complicated features to slow you down or make your job more work than it needs to be.

AR Blue Clean AR118 11110.5

AR Blue Clean AR118

The AR Blue Clean AR118 is designed with convenience and portability in mind. It is very lightweight, at just under twelve pounds, and it is quite compact as well, with a big handle that makes it easy to carry with you as you clean your deck, walls, or other surfaces. But it also has a […]

Pros: Lightweight & compact.

Cons: Not suitable for big jobs.

AR Blue Clean AR383 11110.5

AR Blue Clean AR383

The AR Blue Clean AR383 is easy to use and does such a great job that you will be finding yourself looking for dirt or stains to blast away with it. You no longer have to use elbow grease to take out tough stains and dirt, because the pressure washer does all of the work […]

Pros: Good PSI & flow rate.

Cons: Cold water only.

AR Blue Clean AR116 11110

AR Blue Clean AR116

The AR Blue Clean AR116 is a residential electric pressure washer that offers a lot of great features to its owner. The AR Blue Clean AR116 is small and light enough to be classed as a hand carry model, but even though it is not the biggest pressure washer on the market, it still produces […]

Pros: Compact & lightweight.

Cons: Hose is only 20 feet long.

AR Blue Clean AR240 11110

AR Blue Clean AR240

AR Blue Clean AR240 is designed to provide decent cleaning power in a more compact and lightweight package than most other two-wheeled pressure washers can. That means it will be much easier to take it with you wherever you may need to use it, and finding enough storage space for it will also be a […]

Pros: Superior pump design.

Cons: Hose could be longer.

AR Blue Clean AR142P 11110

AR Blue Clean AR142P

AR Blue Clean AR142P is an electric pressure washer with lots of cleaning power and a number of other excellent advantages. Unlike a gas powered residential pressure washer, the AR Blue Clean AR142P is never going to need an oil change or tune-up, and you will not have to keep smelly gas cans in your […]

Pros: Adjustable jet foam dispenser.

Cons: PVC plastic hose.

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