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Worx WG788 Review

Worx WG788

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worx wg788

(Rated: 4.4 / 5) Review by Frank Lowery
Ease of Assembly11110
Balance And Handling11111
Cut Quality11110

You work hard all week and you shouldn’t have to work hard on the weekends, especially when you could be off having fun in the sun. The Worx WG788 19-Inch cordless electric mower with its intuitive ignition system and IntelliCut technology takes all the work out of mowing. In no time at all you’ll have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood without breaking a sweat. No back-breaking pull-starts and no messy gasoline. Just drop in the battery, push the key, pull a lever and the hard part’s over, your work is almost done.

The Worx WG788 is powered by a 36-volt removable rechargeable battery, powerful enough to mow up to 3/4-acre on a single charge. No more worry about getting tangled up in power-cords. Its IntelliCut technology allows you to dial the motor up when you need extra power to prevent bogging down in tough mowing conditions or dial it down for quiet operation so you never disturb your neighbors, yet still have access to all the power you need for mowing high grass or weeds. The three-in-one grass handling feature lets you mulch, discharge or bag, and best of all, you’ll have zero odors and zero emissions because you’ll never need gasoline or oil again.

Review Summary

review summaryThe Worx WG788 has several advantages over traditional, gas-powered motors. First, there’s no need to prime the engine and wrench your arm out of the socket with a nasty pull-cord. To start it up you simply turn a key, pull a lever and you’re off. Next, there’s no need to store those smelly gasoline cans in your garage and you won’t end up with oil all over your hands every time you mow because it operates on a 36-volt battery. Then you also have the advantage of cordless operation so there’s no more worry about tripping over or cutting a power cord. And let’s not forget the money you’ll save on fuel and the benefits to the environment when you switch to a battery-powered mower.

The 36-volt battery runs for up to one hour or 18,500 square feet per charge. That’s up to six tennis courts of coverage. It’s ideal for large yards or yards with thick, tough patches of grass. The removable battery allows convenient recharging and offers one other benefit: Remove the battery, fold up the handle, and you can store the mower in an upright position – a real space saver for those with limited storage. The Worx WX788 also offers three options for grass handling – side discharge, mulching for a healthier lawn or bagging for composting or disposal.

The 19-inch blade on the Worx WG788 provides a professional looking cut and the wider blade means fewer passes you’ll have to make which saves you time. You’ll save even more time because the IntelliCut technology instantly increases the torque when you’re mowing tall, thick or wet grass. Combine that feature with the ability to instantly switch into Quiet mode and you can mow your grass early in the morning, even if it’s still damp, without waking your neighbors. You’ll have the whole day left to do all those fun things you’ve always wanted to do with your weekends while your neighbors are still mowing their lawns.


review specificationsThe WG788 comes with a removable, rechargeable 36-volt battery with an easy-to-read power indicator that provides one full hour of mowing time and can cover up to 1/2-acre. It has six cutting heights ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 inches and the IntelliCut technology instantly increases the torque when necessary, even while operating in Quiet mode. With just one pass you’ll cut through the tallest grass, and because the swath is 19 inches wide you’ll be making fewer passes. Intuitive start system operates with a simple two-step process – push a key and pull a lever. Three grass-handling options including side discharge, mulching and bagging and you can easily switch from one to another while you’re mowing. No gasoline and no oil means zero emissions, zero fuel costs, very little maintenance, and no messy storage cans and odors. The Worx WG788 comes almost completely assembled. Just attach the handle, drop in the battery and you’re ready to mow.

Dimensions38.6 x 15.5 x 22.8 inches
Power36V Removable Battery (Inc. 1 battery)
Charge Time16 Hours to 100%
Deck Size
(cutting swath)
Mulch/Bag/DischargeMulch, bag, and discharge
Cutting Areaup to 1/2 acre
Runtime charge
(conditions may vary)
up to 60 minutes
Drive SystemManual Push
StarterKey + Push button
Height AdjustmentHandle (6 positions)
Height Settings1-1/2- to 3-1/2-inch
Wheel Size8-inch front / 8-inch rear
Weight87 pounds
Warranty2 years

Mowing doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. From start to finish the WG788 makes it easy. From the easy-on starting system to the 36-volt battery and cordless operation, from the maintenance free deck and motor to the six cutting heights, from the IntelliCut technology that automatically adjusts torque to the ability to switch instantly between the Power and Quiet mode, everything about the WG788 makes mowing a breeze. Top it off with the three different grass-handling options that give your lawn a professional finish and the fold-down handle for easy storage and you’ll wonder why you’ve been working so hard for so long when you could have been saving time, energy and money with the Worx WG788 all along.


review descriptionThe Worx WG788 is a cordless electric mower, which eliminates the problem of tripping over bulky power cords while you’re mowing, or potentially even running over them and causing some serious damage. It’s powered by a 36-volt rechargeable battery that holds enough charge to mow for one full hour and cover an area of 1/2 to 3/4 acre. The battery is also removable for convenient charging and has an easy-to-read power level indicator. You’ll save hundreds of dollars on gasoline, oil and maintenance costs each season, and because the battery has zero emissions you’ll also be helping the environment.

The WG788’s 19-inch deck makes it one of Worx’s most popular models. The 19-inch blade span means you cut more grass in a single pass, which means you spend much less time mowing. And wider strips make for a smoother appearance, like your lawn’s being maintained by a professional service. The deck itself is made of plastic so when you hose off the undercarriage you don’t have to worry about rust. It also helps make the WG788 lighter in weight, coming in at just 87 pounds, so you can easily tip it up for cleaning after you’ve removed the battery. And because it’s battery operated this is the only maintenance this mower really requires.

One of the WG788’s most popular features is its patented IntelliCut technology. This ensures that you’ll always have power when you need it. Simply set the dial to Power when you’re cutting through thick, tall or wet grass and you’ll have no more problems with your mower bogging down or stalling. Now you can even mow dew-covered grass early in the morning before it gets too hot outside. After you’ve powered through the rough patch, dial down to Quiet mode and not only will you save battery power, you’ll also be able to mow that strip of lawn next to your neighbor’s house and he won’t even know you’re out there. Your lawn will be in tip-top shape and you’ll be off playing, before your neighbor even gets started mowing.

The Worx WG788 can handle all types of grasses of various heights and thicknesses and a single charge on the battery gives you enough power to mow 18,500 square feet – about the six of six tennis courts. Cutting height ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 inches and with three grass-handling features you have the option of discharging clippings out the side or mulching them down into the lawn or bagging them for composting or disposal. The intuitive starting system means all you have to do is turn a key, pull a lever and you’re off and mowing, which is much easier than those pull-rope starters on traditional mowers that often require multiple shoulder-wrenching tugs.

The handle on the WG788 is padded providing a firmer grip for better maneuverability and eliminating vibrations that can lead to sore muscles and fatigue. The handle can also be folded down to save space in your shed or garage, and for those with limited storage space you can even remove the battery, fold down the handle and store the WG788 in an upright position. It takes about 5 minutes to assemble out-of-the-box and comes with a 2-year warranty.


review prosWhen shopping for a new mower there’s a lot to consider. A battery-powered mower may have a little less power than a gas mower, but you also don’t have the expense of buying gasoline and oil all year long and you don’t have to worry about the storage mess and nasty odors. You’re also doing your part to help the environment. But, all battery-powered mowers are not created equally. For example, the patented IntelliCut technology on the WG788 makes it one of the most popular mowers on the market and the 36-volt battery holds enough power to mow six tennis courts on one single charge.

  1. Patented IntelliCut Technology and intuitive starting system: The Worx WG788 offers patented IntelliCut Technology which ensure you’ll never have to worry about your mowing bogging down in tall or wet grass, or when mulching leaves again. Simply set the dial to the Power mode to increase torque when cutting difficult areas and then switch back down to Quiet mode for normal conditions. The Quiet mode saves battery power and also makes it possible for you to mow any time, day or not, without disturbing your neighbors. No more waiting until the middle of the afternoon to mow. Get it done in the morning and have the rest of the day to enjoy the sunshine.
  2. 36-Volt removable, rechargeable battery: The 36-volt battery on the WG788 holds enough charge to let you mow for one full hour. That’s enough power to cut up to 18,500 square feet per charge, or the equivalent of six tennis courts. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that gas-powered mowers are responsible for more than 1 million tons of toxic emissions each year. The battery on the WG788 has zero emissions. Plus, you’ll save hundreds of dollars on gas, oil and maintenance fees. The battery eliminates the need for power cords which are a huge safety hazard and it’s also removable which makes it more convenient for charging.
  3. 6 height settings and 3 handling options: The WG788 has 6 height setting, ranging from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches. Landscaping experts recommend that you never cut more than 1/2 the length of your grass so the wide range of settings makes it possible for you to maintain a healthier lawn. It also offers three different options for handling your grass clippings: Discharge out the side which keeps the clippings off your legs, mulch clippings back into the lawn for better health, or discharge into a bag for composting or disposal. The mulching blade and bag are included with purchase and it’s easy to switch from one mode to the other while you’re mowing.
  4. 19-inch easy-maintenance deck for faster mowing: The 19-inch deck on the WG788 is made of plastic which makes in lighter in weight than traditional mowers. It also means the deck is rust-proof so you’ll have no worries when you use a hose to clean the undercarriage and wet grass won’t be a problem, either. The 19-inch cutting diameter means you’ll be able to plow through rough patches in one pass instead of the multiple passes you made with your old mower. And a wider cutting-area means you’ll finish mowing faster and your lawn will look like it was cut by a professional.
  5. Low-maintenance, light weight, easy storage: A gas mower required regular tune-ups, oil changes and other maintenance that all add up in cost. Battery-powered engines don’t require tune-ups or oil changes, and you’ll also be saving potentially hundreds of dollars each season on gasoline. The plastic deck on the WX788 helps reduce its weight, bringing it in at only 87 pounds, and makes it easier to maneuver. And when you’re done mowing for the day, it’s also easier to store. For those with limited storage space you can remove the battery, fold down the handle, and store it in an upright position in the corner of your shed or garage.

Worx offers a 2-year warranty on the WG788 mower which is pretty surprising when you consider there are a lot of mowers out there that won’t even hold up for 2 months. The IntelliCut technology also means you’ll actually get more mowing done with the WG788 because it helps conserve battery power so you won’t spend all your time recharging the battery. While the Quiet mode helps conserve power, it also help conserve time. Instead of waiting until the middle of the day to mow, you can mow any time, day or night, without disturbing your neighbors. With the WG788 you save time, you save money on fuel, and you’re helping to save the environment.


review consFor most people a mower is much more than just a tool to help them cut grass. The blade width, the cutting height, the cleanness of the cut – these are just a few of the things they look at to determine whether they’re buying a mower that’s going to give them the lushest, healthiest lawn in the neighborhood. Battery-powered versus gasoline also plays some role in the decision, as well as ease-of-starting and maneuverability. And with so many different options from mower to mower there are bound to be a few complaints about any mower, even the Worx WG788.

  1. Too heavy and difficult to maneuver: One of the biggest complaints about the WG788 is that it’s too heavy, making it especially difficult to move in and out of storage. While it’s true it can be heavy if you’re lifting it over an obstacle like a curb, a garden hose or threshold, the weight of the WG788 is about 5 pounds less than similar models. Some of this weight can be attributed to the battery, but it’s also important to remember that gasoline weighs 6 pounds per gallon. Put two or three gallons in a mower and that’s a lot of additional weight, too. To make the WG788 easier to maneuver when you’re trying to get it in and out of storage, the simplest solution is to just remove the battery until you’ve cleared the obstacle.
  2. Battery loses charge too quickly: While they’re few and far between, there have been some complaints that the 36-volt battery isn’t powerful enough and the charge runs out too soon. Worx states that the battery will last for 45 minutes up to one full hour, depending on conditions. They also state you should be able to mow a lawn that’s equivalent to six tennis courts on one charge. Of course, conditions will vary from lawn to lawn. While the WG788’s battery can handle even the toughest thick or wet patches of grass, the keyword is “patches.” If you have very thick grass, or very tall grass, you may need to mow more frequently to get the best results from the battery, especially if you typically mow in the morning while there’s still dew on the lawn.
  3. Battery loses capacity over time: There have been a few complaints that, over time, the battery doesn’t seem to accept as much of a charge as it does when it’s right out of the box, and eventually it requires multiple charges to be able to mow the full lawn. Worx is happy to replace batteries when you contact their customer service department, but many times this problem can be avoided with proper care and handling. Never leave the battery on the charger for days or weeks at a time. A completely drained battery will only take 9 to 12 hours to charge. Once it’s reached it’s full charge, remove it from the charger to prolong battery life.
  4. Mower bogs down in wet grass: It’s true, a battery-powered mower will have a little less power behind it than a gas mower, and if you’re having problems with your gas mower bogging down then you probably wouldn’t want to switch to a battery. However, to avoid bogging or stalling, it helps to mow more frequently, or wait until the grass is dry. It also helps to adjust the cutting height. Landscaping experts recommend that you should never cut more than half the length of your grass, so if your grass is 6 inches tall the lowest you’d want to set the blade is 3 inches. This will give you a lusher, healthier lawn and it will help eliminate bogging or stalling.
  5. Difficult to get replacement part, repairs: From those who’ve had problems with the battery there have been a few complaints that Worx is slow in shipping replacements. However, that just means they didn’t have any extra batteries lying around at the time because the WG788 is such a popular mower. Again, caring for your battery properly should help prevent problems and Worx is always happy to do whatever they can to ship out a replacement as quickly as possible. Worx will also refer you to an authorized repair facility and they, too, may have a wait time, but it’s because they’re working on other mowers, not because they’re working on Worx mowers. There’s very little mechanical maintenance involved with the WG788.

Obviously, no matter what mower you’re looking at there’s going to be someone who was unhappy with some aspect of its performance. As you can see though, the complaints for the WG788 are relatively minor and most are easy to fix. Defective batteries have been known to happen but typically it’s just a matter of leaving it on the charger too long and expecting more out of the battery than it’s capable of delivering. Bogging and stalling are easily remedied by adjusting mowing frequency and cutting height. There have, however, been no complaints about the WG788’s patented IntelliCut technology or it’s two-touch starting system, and aside from the energy- and cost-saving benefits of the battery, those are two of the most popular features of this mower.

Product Comparison

review comparisonAnyone can say one mower is better than another when you’re talking in generalities, but if you’re shopping for a new one then you want to see specifics. You want to know what you’re paying for and how it stacks up to similar models from competing manufacturers. You want to know the battery life on a comparable model, what the various deck sizes are, what types of starting systems are available and who has the best warranty. So to answer all your questions, the following chart compares the Worx WG788 to the Earthwise 60120 and the Worx WG789 (which is a step up with a self-propelled feature.)

 worx wg788Worx
earthwise 60120 Earthwise
worx wg789Worx
Dimensions38.6 x 15.5 x 22.8 inches39.8 x 22.8 x 35.7 inches38.6 x 15.5 x 20.5 inches
Power36V Removable Battery
(Inc. 1 battery)
24V Removable Battery
(Inc. 1 battery)
36V Removable Battery
(Inc. 1 battery)
Charge Time16 Hours to 100%15 Hours to 100%14 Hours to 100%
Deck Size (cutting swath)19-inch20-inch19-inch
Mulch/Bag/DischargeMulch, bag, and dischargeMulch, bag, and dischargeMulch, bag, and discharge
Cutting Areaup to 1/2 acreup to 1/3 acreup to 1/3 acre
Runtime charge (conditions may vary)up to 60 minutesup to 45 minutesup to 45 minutes
(in Quiet mode)
Drive SystemManual PushManual PushSelf-Propelled Motor
(Pace setter)
StarterKey + Push buttonKey + Push buttonKey + Push button
Height AdjustmentHandle (6 positions)Single lever (7 positions)One touch (6 positions)
Height Settings1-1/2- to 3-1/2-inch1-1/2- to 3-3/4-inch1-1/2- to 3-1/2-inch
Wheel Size8-inch front / 8-inch rear7-inch front / 9-1/2 inch rear7-inch front / 8-inch rear
Weight87 pounds92 pounds91 pounds
Warranty2 years2 years2 years

As you can see, the WG788 and WG789 have a larger battery than the comparable Earthwise mower – 36-volt versus only a 24-volt in the Earthwise. This larger battery means it has more power to cut through the rough spots and it’s longer lasting so you don’t have to stop and recharge when you’re halfway through your lawn. The Earthwise has a 20-inch blade which is slightly larger than the Worx, but it also means it will consume more power, requiring even more frequent battery charges, and the Earthwise also weighs in at 92 pounds, 5 pounds more than the WG788. The Earthwise has 7 cutting positions versus the Worx’s 6, however, that extra 1/4-inch isn’t worth giving up all that battery power.


review conclusionWhen shopping for a battery-powered mower your main concern is how long the charge will last. Will you be able to cut your lawn on just one charge? The key feature on the WG788 is the IntelliCut Technology which allows you to increase power and torque to cut through tall or thick grass, and then switch back to Quiet mode to conserve battery power. The specs on the WG788 state that the 36-volt battery will hold enough charge to cut up to 1/2-acre of grass and most users assume that 1/2-acre is a maximum, especially if they’re going to have to power up to increase torque. However, in most cases, the WG788 is powerful enough in Quiet mode to handle all your cutting needs. Many users report they’re able to cut almost one full acre on one battery charge because they rarely need the additional power and torque.

Conclusion Pros

  1. IntelliCut Technology, one easy adjustment increases torque in Power mode and saves power in Quiet mode.
  2. 36-volt removable, rechargeable battery holds enough power in one charge to mow six tennis courts or 1/2-3/4 acre.
  3. 19-inch deck makes mowing faster and gives a more professional look to your lawn
  4. 6 height settings for a healthier lawn and 3 grass-handling options
  5. Save on fuel costs, no gasoline or oil odors, environmentally friendly with zero emissions

Taken separately all the “Pros” about the WG788 are pretty impressive: A 36-volt removable, rechargeable battery with enough life to handle six tennis courts on one charge, the IntelliCut technology that helps increase torque and can be switched into Quiet mode to conserve power and make your mower whisper quiet, the intuitive 2-step starting system, the 6 cutting heights and the 3 options for grass-handling. Add in the fact that it’s lighter in weight than comparable mowers and you can remove the battery and fold it up for tight storage spaces and it’s easy to see why the WG788 is Worx’s most popular lawnmower.

Conclusion Cons

  1. Weighs 87 pounds, heavy and difficult to maneuver
  2. Tends to bog down when cutting wet, thick or very tall grass
  3. Battery doesn’t have enough power to cut full lawn, needs to be recharged to finish
  4. Over time battery loses charging capacity and requires more frequent recharges
  5. Six week wait for replacement parts, hard to find available repair technicians

At 87 pounds the WG788 does seem heavy but it actually weighs 5 pounds less than similar mowers. Add to that the fact that you can remove the battery to make it even lighter when you’re moving into and out of your storage area and the weight seems irrelevant. Any mower, even the most powerful gas mowers, will bog down when cutting extremely tall, thick or wet grass. The key is to mow more frequently during growing months. This same tactic will help conserve power so you can complete you lawn with just one charge. And the WG788 requires little maintenance because it’s battery powered. Most people never have to worry about finding a repair technician or a replacement battery.

Final Word

The 36-volt battery on the Worx WG788 combined with the IntelliCut Technology is one of its greatest features. Other mowers with similar batteries will mow only about 1/3 acre – and that’s pushing it. If your grass is high, thick, and/or wet, you’re lucky to finish with just one charge. But the IntelliCut Technology allows the user to switch to the Power position for greater torque to help you power through rough patches in just one pass. Then, you can instantly switch back to Quiet mode to conserve battery power, giving the WG788 the ability to mow 1/2 to 3/4 acre on just one charge, even in difficult conditions.

But the battery has other benefits that make this mower such a bargain. You never have to buy gasoline or oil again, and during just one mowing season that could amount to hundreds of dollars in savings. You also won’t have to store those messy, smelly fuels in your garage or shed, and you won’t have to handle them. Gas engines need tune-ups and annual maintenance, which also cost money, but battery-powered mowers are almost maintenance free. And on top of all that, you’ll be doing the environment a favor. More than 1 million pounds of emissions are released by gas mowers every year but battery mowers are emission free.

The 19-inch deck and cutting swatch are also major selling points. Similar models don’t have the battery power you get with the WG788, making their 19-inch blades irrelevant. Other models with longer blades have even less battery power. Only the WG788 has the battery power to allow those 19-inch blades to produce a clean cut, in the thickest grass, with just one pass, saving you time and producing a healthier, lusher lawn in the process. Your lawn will look like it’s being cared for by a professional.

Best Price

review pricesWhen shopping for mowers you might be tempted to start with the price tag and look no further but, as you’ve seen, price isn’t what makes a mower great. It’s performance that counts. How easy is it to start? Does it have enough power to handle your specific lawn? Is it safe for the environment? Can it handle those rough patches and will you neighbors complain every time you start it up? And maybe most important of all – is it energy efficient? With today’s gas and oil prices you could spend a few hundred dollars in just one mowing season, much more than the cost of a battery. All things considered, we think you’ll find the Worx WG788 is a real bargain.

Worx WG788

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