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Worx Lawn Mowers

worxWorx has long been a leader in developing state of the art yard machines that operate using only the greenest technology, and they continue to do so every year. Worx is a company that prides itself on not only offering solutions to environmental problems by consistently producing high-quality lawn mowers that produce zero emissions at the point of use, but also on developing the kind of innovative technology that can actually make the grass cutting experience much more enjoyable. Because of that, Worx lawn mowers have the kind of top of the line features and accessories that make this brand name consistently one of the most popular.

Worx lawn mowers are serious grass cutting machines. Even though they specialize in electric lawn mowers, their machines have the kind of real power necessary to take care of big lawns. And their cutting decks have no trouble powering through the toughest varieties of grass, either. If you are looking for an electric alternative that can provide lots of high performance capability, Worx is the brand for you.

1. Worx Lawn Mower Highlights

1a. Green Technology

In these modern times, concerns about the effects carbon emissions are having on the environment are becoming more important than ever. The EPA estimates that over ten percent of carbon emissions produced by households in the United States comes from small engine machines like lawn mowers. Because of that, Worx is committed to providing the absolute best in clean energy alternatives to American consumers – and it shows when you look at their line of lawn mowers.

Worx lawn mowers have some of the most state of the art batteries that are guaranteed to keep your mower running for the longest time possible while requiring short charge times. And they have the kind of innovative technology that makes their lawn mowers much easier to operate, regardless of whether you have a fairly big lawn with tough varieties of grass or a small, delicate one. Either way there is a Worx mower for you.

1b. Outstanding Performance

With features like extra wide cutting decks that are made of durable, welded steel and convenient, ergonomically designed controls, Worx lawn mowers consistently deliver the kind of outstanding performance you need to deal with tough conditions on your lawn. Their cutting blades are designed to need sharpening much less often than other lawn mowers’ do. And their motors are made to deliver the kind of reliable power you need to tackle serious grass cutting jobs easily.

Worx lawn mowers are also equipped with high performance features such as IntelliCut technology, which provides extra torque when you need it so you always are getting a professional looking cut. And they also have the unique PaceSetter technology that automatically adjusts the lawn mower’s speed to your walking pace to ensure you are always going at exactly the right speed for you. These mowers cut more grass on a single charge and have long lives.

1c. Versatile Ability

Plenty of electric lawn mowers are only able to deal with certain types of lawns – they have no trouble cutting through delicate bluegrass or fescues, but point them in the direction of tough Bermuda grass or zoysia and their cutting decks immediately slow down and lose performance. Or, they are able to take care of grass that is only so tall, and immediately get bogged down if you try to cut a lawn that has been allowed to grow out a bit with them.

This is not the case for Worx lawn mowers. They have the kind of power and excellent design that allows them to have a much wider diversity of conditions that they can still perform optimally under. Worx lawn mowers can handle all different kinds of grass and varying lawn conditions with ease, and because they are equipped with three in one cutting options, you always get the right cut.

Worx WG789 11111

Worx WG789

The Worx WG789 is one of the better battery powered electric mowers on the market today, and it goes a long way to making the task of cutting your grass simple and enjoyable. The Worx WG789 has a powerful battery that can cut a lawn that is up to a third of an acre on […]

Pros: Patented Pace Setter technology.

Cons: Long charging time.

Worx WG775 11110.5

Worx WG775

The Worx WG775 is a battery powered, electric lawn mower that is specifically designed with homeowners who have very small lawns in mind. The lawn mower has overall dimensions of 26.8 x 16.1 x 13.2 inches, which means it will be easy to maneuver it in tight corners of the lawn. And it will be […]

Pros: Battery recharges quickly.

Cons: Deck size is fairly narrow.

Worx WG782 11110.5

Worx WG782

Worx WG782 is the kind of compact cordless lawn mower that packs a lot of convenience and ease of use into a relatively small package. It has a powerful battery that charges to full power more quickly than other models. And it holds that charge for a full forty minutes of runtime, ensuring that you […]

Pros: Three grass clippings options.

Cons: Not the most powerful battery.

Worx WG787 11110

Worx WG787

The Worx WG787 is a zero emissions electric lawn mower that is powered by a removable, rechargeable 24 volt battery. The battery, when fully charged, holds enough power to run the lawn mower for 45 minutes and can cut up to 1/3 of an acre. That is the same area as six tennis courts, and […]

Pros: Lightweight and compact.

Cons: Mulching affects performance.

Worx WG788 11110.5

Worx WG788

The Worx WG788 is powered by a 36-volt removable rechargeable battery, powerful enough to mow up to 3/4-acre on a single charge. No more worry about getting tangled up in power-cords. Its IntelliCut technology allows you to dial the motor up when you need extra power to prevent bogging down in tough mowing conditions or […]

Pros: IntelliCut intelligent technology.

Cons: Battery loses charge too fast.

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