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Generac 6022 Review

Generac 6022

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generac 6022

As every homeowner knows, there are a lot of cleanup jobs that you have to do to keep your house looking great from one year to the next. If you have aluminum or vinyl siding, you need to clean mold and grit off of it about once a year; brick walls can get just as dirty and need cleaning as well. After a few months of heavy rainstorms in the spring, your windows will be spotty and dirty.

The deck seems to get dirty much more quickly than the walls, and it needs to be washed a lot more often as a result. In the yard, there is the grill to keep clean, along with lawn furniture and garden tools – and we haven’t even made it to the garage. Fortunately, with a residential pressure washer like the Generac 6022, these jobs can be finished in minutes, and you will have much more free time on your hands.

Review Summary

review summaryThe Generac 6022 is an extremely powerful residential pressure washer that has the kind of cleaning rating you need to quickly and efficiently take care of a wide variety of cleaning jobs around your house and yard. It has a high PSI and flow rate, and you will be amazed at the range of jobs this pressure washer can deal with easily. Not only can you clean the walls and deck with it, it is powerful enough that you could even strip loose paint away – and it can even take gum off the ground! With that kind of cleaning power, you will soon be eagerly looking for even more applications to use it for.

The Generac 6022 has a top pressure of 2700 pounds per square inch and a flow rate of 2.3 gallons per minute. That is the kind of cleaning power you need to easily apply it to just about any cleanup job you could think of. It is made of tough materials that can withstand a lot of rough and tough use without getting damaged, and because it runs on gas it can literally go anywhere you can think to take it. It is powerful pressure washer that will serve you well.


review specificationsThe Generac 6022 is a powerful residential pressure washer that has the kind of robust engine to back up its high PSI and flow rate. Its engine has a displacement of 196 cc and OHV design, so while it won’t win any awards for environmentalism it will provide reliable power over the long term.

Dimensions17.6 x 27.1 x 20.6
Engine ManufacturerGenerac
Engine196cc OHV
Power Rating6210
PumpEasy-access axial cam
Spray GunErgonomic
Nozzle4 (0°, 25°, 40°, soap)
Hose1/4-inch x 25-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plastic
Wheels10-inch solid
Weight83 pounds
Warranty2 years

The Generac 6022 has a power rating of 6210, and its pump is an easy to access axial cam design. It has the kind of long, tough hose that gives you a wide range of motion, and an ergonomic spray gun that is easier to use. It’s backed by a two-year warranty.


review descriptionThe Generac 6022 comes almost completely assembled and is practically ready to use as soon as you get it out of the box. The few additional assembly tasks are quite easy and can be performed by anyone very quickly with just regular household tools. Its design is very convenient: the pump and engine are perfectly balanced over the axle and extra large wheels so that the center of gravity is low and the pressure washer is very stable. You will not have to worry about it tipping over on you, unlike plenty of other models.

The pump is positioned up off the ground, so you do not have to kneel in order to hook up hoses, which saves you time and effort. The hose on the Generac 6022 is 25 feet long and made of durable PVC plastic that can support a highly pressurized spray. The spray wand is ergonomically designed to minimize vibrations, and the trigger on the spray wand is easy to hold in place without using too much effort, so your hand does not become fatigued.

The Generac 6022 has a maximum pressure of 2700 pounds per square inch, which is enough to blast just about anything off of any surface. And it has a flow rate of 2.3 gallons per minute, which allows the spray to be powerful as well as wide enough to help you finish jobs quickly and efficiently. These two specs give the Generac 6022 a power rating of 6210, which is definitely on the higher end for residential pressure washers. The power rating ensures that this pressure washer will be able to handle even the toughest home and garden cleanup jobs with no trouble at all. This is a great pressure washer that will take a lot of the work out of keeping your property looking beautiful.


review prosAround the house, there are a lot of different cleaning jobs that can pop up, so you want a residential pressure washer that is not only easy to use but also has the kind of power and versatility to handle a wide array of tasks. The Generac 6022 is just such a machine. With its high cleaning power rating and durable design, it will be able to handle just about anything you could throw it at.

  1. High PSI and Flow Rate : These are the most important considerations when you want to find the best residential pressure washer, because together they will determine exactly how well your pressure washer will perform when you use it on the toughest jobs. The Generac 6022 has a PSI of 2700 and a flow rate of 2.3 GPM. This will give you a wide range of pressures to choose from so that you can do jobs that are very delicate as well as ones that require raw power.
  2. Made from durable parts : You do not just want a machine that can produce a high pressure spray – you also want to be able to rely on it to hold up to tough conditions without breaking. The Generac 6022 has the kind of heavy duty parts and materials that you can trust to run well over the long term. Its engine and pump are made of steel, it has big, durable wheels, and its hose is made of PVC plastic.
  3. Has a wide range of applications : Around the house, you want to be able to use your residential pressure washer for as many tasks as possible – because the less time you spend on housework, the more you get to spend enjoying the rest of your weekend. The Generac 6022 as applications around the home, in the yard, in the garage, and even at the marina – you can use it to wash your boat, car, walls, windows and decks with equal convenience.
  4. Easy access axial cam pump : Unlike a lot of other residential pressure washers, which have their axial cam pumps located very low on the machine, the Generac 6022 places it a bit higher up. It is still well balanced and not at all top-heavy, but this arrangement makes it much easier to access the pump when you need to attach the intake hose to it. No more getting down on your hands and knees to get the hose attached to the pump.
  5. Ergonomic, convenient design : The Generac 6022 is designed to be as convenient and ergonomic as possible, so that it is not only easy to use but much less work than other pressure washers are. The wand in particular has several design notes that are crafted to protect your hands from fatigue, such as the easy pull trigger and the cushioned grip that reduces fatigue from vibrations. Overall the Generac 6022 is very easy and quite convenient to use.

These are the kind of design considerations you want in a residential pressure washer. You deserve a tough, powerful machine that can perform well under a range of different conditions. You want to be able to rely on your residential pressure washer no matter what tasks you will be using it for. And with the Generac 6022 you can: it has the kind of high PSI and flow rate, durable parts, and thoughtful design that make it a real pleasure to use.


review consNow, after all that, it will be a bit surprising that there are a few areas in which the Generac 6022 is not quite the perfect residential pressure washer. Plenty of these are simply drawbacks that all gas powered pressure washers have, and they are the tradeoff one has to make in order to get the kind of cleaning power rating these guys can deliver. But overall, you will agree that they do not take away too much from this model.

  1. Not CARB Compliant : The California Air Resources Board sets emissions standards on machines that have small engines in order to reduce the overall pollution in that state, and since they started doing this fourteen other states have adopted CARB compliant regulations. Many gas powered pressure washers, the Generac 6022 included, are not compliant with these standards. So unfortunately, if you do live in one of the states that enforce these regulations, you will not be able to buy or use this pressure washer.
  2. It is rather heavy : At 83 pounds, the Generac 6022 is by no means a lightweight residential pressure washer. In part this is due to the fact that it is a gas powered machine with a big engine and an axial cam pump, but it is still a lot heavier than many other residential pressure washers that also have the same kind of power ratings that the Generac 6022 does. This may present problems for some users who cannot lift that much weight.
  3. Requires some maintenance : Like all residential pressure washers with combustion engines, the Generac 6022 is going to need some periodic maintenance to keep it running smoothly. You will have to change the oil, as well as the occasional spark plug when they burn out. You will need to swap out air filters about once every couple of years, depending on how often you use it. These are not difficult tasks for the most part, but you still have to do them.
  4. Cold water only : When you are in the market for a gas powered residential power washer, one of the main advantages to owning one is the fact that these machines are equipped to provide hot and cold water sprays. A hot water spray greatly increases the pressure washer’s ability to handle tougher stains that you can’t get rid of as easily with a cold water spray. This unfortunately limits the kinds of jobs you can use the Generac 6022 for.
  5. The price is on the higher end : The price of the Generac 6022 is a bit more expensive than a lot of other residential pressure washers. In part this is because it is a more powerful, heavy duty model that can provide higher PSI and flow rates than less expensive pressure washers can. If you can afford it, I do think it is a fair price considering what the Generac 6022 is able to offer in terms of cleaning power, but it remains a bit high.

As you can see, none of these Cons is the kind of serious red flag that would lead me to take away too many stars from the Generac 6022’s overall rating. Most of them are just part of what you get when you are purchasing a gas powered pressure washer. While it does not have a hot water option, there is a soap dispenser nozzle, which will allow it to take care of tougher stains more easily.

Product Comparison

review comparisonWhen you are investing in an expensive new appliance for your home, you want to make absolutely sure that you are finding the right one for the job. There is no better method for doing this than by doing some product comparisons. This way you get a good feel for how the pressure washer stacks up to those made by its competitors, as well as a better understanding of what that market is like as a whole.

 Generac 6022Generac
PowerStroke PS80946PowerStroke
Champion No.76522Champion
Dimensions17.6 x 27.1 x 20.623 x 20.5 x 3729 x 25.2 x 24.1
Engine ManufacturerGeneracSubaruChampion
Engine196cc OHVEA190 189cc OHC196cc OHV
Power Rating621062107500
PumpEasy-access axial camAxial camAxial cam
Spray GunErgonomicPro-styleErgonomic
Nozzle4 (0°, 25°, 40°, soap)4 (0°, 25°, 40°, soap)4 (0°, 25°, 40°, soap)
Hose1/4-inch x 25-foot1/4-inch x 25-foot1/4-inch x 25-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plasticSteel reinforced,
non-marring rubber
Wheels10-inch solid12-inch solid8-inch never flat
Weight83 pounds61.1 pounds99.4 pounds
Warranty2 years1 year1 year

As you can see, the Generac is the smallest of the three pressure washers, although it weighs more than the PowerStroke. But it also has one of the biggest engines of the three. The PowerStroke has the same cleaning power rating, while the Champion is considerably higher – although it is also considerably heavier, and somewhat more expensive than the other two models. The Generac has the longest warranty and is the only model with an easy-access axial cam pump.


review conclusionWhen you understand how much work really goes into maintaining a home, you know the value of a machine that can cut big jobs down to size. But you want to make absolutely certain you are getting the right one for the job. Let’s review the Pros and Cons so you know you’re getting the best.

Conclusion Pros

  1. High PSI and Flow Rate.
  2. Made from durable parts.
  3. Has a wide range of applications.
  4. Easy access axial cam pump.
  5. Ergonomic, convenient design.

Because it has such a high PSI and flow rat, the Generac 6022 will be able to tackle a lot of jobs that other, less powerful residential pressure washers just won’t be able to do easily. It is made from solid parts and is designed with convenience and ease of use in mind.

Conclusion Cons

  1. Not CARB Compliant.
  2. It is rather heavy.
  3. Requires some maintenance.
  4. Cold water only.
  5. The price is on the higher end.

While the Generac 6022 is not CARB compliant and does need some basic mechanical maintenance from time to time, this is common for gas powered pressure washers. Although I would prefer it to have a hot water option, it is still an all around good pressure washer that I would use in my own home.

Final Word

What the Generac 6022 offers that a lot of other residential pressure washers can’t is the kind of versatility and power that you need in order to approach a lot of different jobs. You do not want to spend a lot of money on a residential pressure washer if it is not going to help you out with a range of different jobs. It is rare that one has the opportunity to buy an appliance that has so many different applications like a pressure washer, so it is important to try to maximize that advantage as much as possible. And with the Generac 6022, you can.

It has the kind of serious cleaning power rating that will allow you to use it on just about any residential cleaning job you can think of – it does not matter how delicate or tough the job is. The Generac 6022 has a setting that is just right for all of your cleaning tasks around the house.

Best Price

review pricesThe Generac 6022 is not a cheap residential pressure washer – but it also is not the most expensive, either. While it is on the higher end of the mid range for prices, this is generally a good range to be in. More expensive pressure washers will not bring a whole lot more to the table than mid range pressure washers can, but you also know that you are not getting a cheap, poorly made machine either. So considering its PSI and flow rate, as well as the fact that it is designed with comfort and ease of use in mind, I would say that the Generac 6022 has a very fair price.

Generac 6022

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