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generacGenerac is a Wisconsin-based firm that was formed in 1959 to manufacture portable power generators. The company has expanded steadily since then, making several important innovations in generators and backup power supply systems, such as purpose-built motors specifically suited to the operating parameters of these devices and automatic home standby systems. Private label generators were made for such clients as Sears & Roebuck and Caterpillar. Eventually, Generac was bought by CCMP Capital, though it remains headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and has factories in Eagle and Whitewater. The firm was privately held through most of its history, but began public trading in 2010, generating robust interest and improving its fortunes further with several hundred million dollars of new capital.

Generac’s generators and home power backup systems are renowned for their quality, reliability, and diverse sizes and configurations with up to 9 megawatts capacity. Spearheading the development of home standby systems and commercial generators, the Wisconsin company has also kept pace with current environmental issues by designing ecologically sound devices for both residential and industrial use. Generac supplies no less than 70% of the standby generators used in the United States, with 60% of its overall revenue coming from individual purchases of various kinds. The firm’s leadership in delivering quality products nationwide has earned it Good Housekeeping’s prestigious “Seal” and several other awards.

Generac’s product line ranges throughout the power generation and backup sphere, from small portable generators on wheels to massive industrial models. Their backup power units are America’s most popular, while their portable generators and power inverters supply energy in otherwise inconvenient locales. Home cleanup, such as driveway washing, is eased with the dynamic new power washer line, featuring variable-pressure washers, low-oil shutdown to prevent burnout, and cutting edge ergonomic comfort. Their industrial supplies include gaseous, diesel, and bi-fuel types, and modular power systems. Its modular systems offer outstanding flexibility to companies that use them, scaling up or down according to how many units are installed, and saving space thanks to compact design and the fact that units can be set up at a distance from each other.

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