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Generac Pressure Washers

generacGenerac is a corporation that was originally founded to manufacture generators and other power supplies for residential use. Because of that, they know a thing or two about building powerful machines. Generac pressure washers, as a result, have some of the highest cleaning power ratings you can find anywhere on the market today. Regardless of whether you are looking for a residential pressure washer, or a commercial or industrial model, if you get on made by Generac you are going to be getting some serious cleaning power.

Generac pressure washers are not just powerful, though. They are also very thoughtfully designed. Because of that, you will be getting a machine that is ergonomic, easy to use, and able to take care of a lot of different chores. With a Generac pressure washer, there is no cleanup job that is too big and no stain that is too tough. You can take care of multiple jobs quickly and efficiently, and you won’t be sore or too tired when you are done. That is Generac’s commitment to its customers.

1. Generac Pressure Washer Highlights

1a. Variable Pressure Technology

Generac pressure washers are the only ones to boast variable pressure technology that allows you to adjust the pressure without having to change out the nozzle. This is a huge improvement in terms of the overall convenience with which you can operate a Generac pressure washer. Other pressure washers force you to stop your work, unscrew one nozzle and replace it with another one – an often tedious and time-consuming task. And sometimes you still don’t get exactly the right pressure for the job you are doing.

But with a Generac pressure washer, you can simply turn a pressure dial to select exactly the right PSI for the job at hand. The pressure washer automatically adjusts its flow rate and the pressure of the spray, and you can keep right on cleaning. This allows you to tackle multiple jobs at once, and finish cleanup much more quickly than you could before.

1b. Ergonomic Design

Whenever you get a new tool or appliance, it is important to make sure that it is designed thoughtfully, especially if you plant to be using it frequently. Repetitive stress injuries are a common problem, and you can develop back or shoulder strains from using a pressure washer – or any other tool for that matter – that has not been designed to protect you from them. Fortunately, Generac pressure washers are all designed to be as ergonomic as possible.

Generac pressure washers have spray guns that are designed to reduce fatigue by minimizing vibration with a unique cushioned grip. That way, you won’t develop strained wrists or soreness in your hands. And their pumps are situated high off of the ground, so you do not have to bend over or get down on your hands and knees to attach the intake hose. When you use a Generac pressure washer, there is no risk of injury.

1c. Powerful Sprays

You want your pressure washer to have the kind of powerful spray that is going to be able to strip tough stains right away from the surfaces they are on. And on Generac pressure washers, that is exactly what you will be getting. Generac pressure washers feature some of the highest PSIs and flow rates you can find anywhere. And this is true for all Generac pressure washers, no matter which class they are in.

Residential, commercial, and industrial pressure washers made by Generac consistently have the highest PSIs available. Starting at 2000 PSI and going all the way up to 4000 PSI, you will get all of the power you need in a Generac pressure washer. That means that there will be no stain that is too tough for you to get rid of with one of these machines. Whether you are using it on the job or around the house, a Generac pressure washer delivers real power.

Generac 6024 11110.5

Generac 6024

The Generac 6024 is a compact, versatile pressure washer that has a powerful engine, multiple spray options and a convenient design made of durable parts. This pressure washer has such a wide range of applications that you will soon be looking around the house for things to wash that you may have never cleaned before […]

Pros: Durable welded frame.

Cons: Washer is cold water only.

Generac 5993 11110.5

Generac 5993

The Generac 5993 is the kind of high quality commercial pressure washer that you want on your side when you have a difficult cleanup job to take care of. Not only does it have a powerful engine and a high quality pump, it is designed to stand up to tough conditions over the long term. […]

Pros: Excellent PSI & flow rate.

Cons: It is a bit heavy.

Generac 6020 11110

Generac 6020

The Generac 6020 is the kind of compact, durable, and powerful residential pressure washer that you need to take care of the wide range of different cleanup jobs you face around the home. You will be pleasantly surprised by just how many different kinds of jobs this residential pressure washer is equipped to deal with, […]

Pros: Excellent design.

Cons: Limited nozzle options.

Generac 6022 11110.5

Generac 6022

The Generac 6022 is an extremely powerful residential pressure washer that has the kind of cleaning rating you need to quickly and efficiently take care of a wide variety of cleaning jobs around your house and yard. It has a high PSI and flow rate, and you will be amazed at the range of jobs […]

Pros: High PSI and Flow Rate.

Cons: Requires some maintenance.

Generac 5997 11110

Generac 5997

The Generac 5997 is an extremely powerful pressure washer that is designed to handle the kind of big jobs you generally encounter on subcontracting or other job sites, and it is perfect for those. It has a cleaning power rating that is well above average, and for that reason it is well equipped to deal […]

Pros: Extremely powerful engine.

Cons: Requires periodic maintenance.

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