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greenworksGreenworks is an environmentally friendly tool and mower company that is owned by Globe Tools, or Changzhou Globe Tools Co., Ltd. The company is located in Changzhou, China, though it has many branch offices in North America, Canada, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. These branch offices specialize in research and development, logistics, service after sales, and marketing. These branches are dedicated to stringent quality testing in order to deliver high value products to consumers. Greenworks takes advantage of many different technologies in order to deliver greener and more sustainable products to environmentally minded and cost conscious consumers.

Greenworks products include a variety of green technologies. Their mowers, for example, are battery powered, meaning that filling up a gas tank is no longer a concern. The company also produces a wide range of tools that operate on lithium batteries that are rechargable. Their products produce no emissions, and their mowers require no tune-ups or maintenance. The company also takes pride in their ability to help reduce the 17 million gallons of gas spilled each year by homeowners refueling their owners. Their chargers are approved by Energy Star, and are guaranteed to reduce energy consumption by at least 35% when compared to conventional yard tools.

Products offered by Greenworks include saws and a wide range of trimmers. They also offer pressure washers, snow removal tools, string trimmers, and chainsaws. Their battery operated mowers are popular products and are designed to be powerful without putting a strain on the environment. They sell many different batteries and chargers, many of which are incredibly compact. They also offer human powered mowers, which use reels to cut grass and which also include a collection bag for trimmings and clippings. In all, the product range is quite diverse and all of the products are designed as an eco-friendly way to perform high quality yard and lawn work.

Greenworks Electric Snow ShovelsGreenworks Electric Snow Shovels

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