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Greenworks Lawn Mowers

greenworksGreenworks is a company that genuinely believes that keeping your lawn looking beautiful all summer long is a chore that should not only be easy to do, but easy on the environment as well. For that reason, they are committed to designing some of the most high performance electric and manual lawn mowers on the market. Greenworks lawn mowers are designed to be completely emissions free, but they also believe that you should not be sacrificing performance in order to get an environmentally friendly product.

Because of that, Greenworks lawn mowers have extra wide cutting decks, great grass clippings management options, and high performance designs. These machines are designed to save the planet while they save you time and money. With a Greenworks lawn mower in your garage, you will never have to worry about buying gasoline or spending money on costly engine maintenance. Greenworks lawn mowers run great as soon as you plug them in, and keep running for many, many years. Do yourself and the environment a favor, and switch to a Greenworks lawn mower.

1. Greenworks Lawn Mower Highlights

1a. Great performance

Greenworks lawn mowers are designed to provide the kind of outstanding performance you want in a lawn mower. Whether you are looking at one of Greenworks’ manual lawn mowers, an electric one or a cordless model, they all have one thing in common. Greenworks lawn mowers are designed to provide your lawn with great cuts every single time you use them.

Because of that, Greenworks lawn mowers have some of the widest cutting decks you can find on zero emissions models. The cutting decks on some of their models are even comparable to what gas powered lawn mowers are able to offer. And Greenworks lawn mowers have the kind of power necessary to keep the cutting blades spinning at high speeds. This ensures you are always getting an even, clean cut on your lawn. Your Greenworks lawn mower will run silently, cleanly, and leave your lawn looking better than ever.

1b. Always zero emissions

With a Greenworks lawn mower, you get the Greenworks promise of zero emissions, ever. Greenworks is a company that prides itself on providing high performance lawn care tools that put no carbon emissions into the environment. And it shows. Greenworks provides not just outstanding plug-in and battery powered electric lawn mowers, but high quality manual reel mowers as well.

And in every category, Greenworks lawn mowers produce zero emissions while providing the kind of outstanding performance you need. Their manual reel mowers employ state of the art technology to deliver clean cuts and last longer without needing sharpening. And cordless Greenworks lawn mowers have some of the most cutting edge battery technology to ensure they can charge up more quickly and run much longer than other lawn mowers. That means that even if you have an above average sized lawn, you will have no trouble getting it cut while producing no emissions.

1c. Plenty of options

Because Greenworks lawn mowers are plug-in, cordless, or manual reel designs, you always have plenty of options to ensure you are getting exactly the right model for your lawn. If you have a fairly small lawn, you can save money up front and get a high quality manual reel mower. Their reel mowers have the kind of wider clearances and multiple blades with designs that allow them to last longer and provide cleaner cuts.

If you have a larger lawn, you can look at what Greenworks has to offer in corded and battery powered lawn mowers. In each category, they provide some of the very best lawn mowers you can find for use around the home. Their corded lawn mowers have serious cutting decks and can run indefinitely. And their battery powered models are designed to get the most out of their batteries, so you can always count on them to be ready for tough jobs.

Greenworks 25022 1110.50

Greenworks 25022

The Greenworks 25022 is a plug-in electric lawn mower with a twenty inch wide cutting deck. That width is bigger than what is available on most similarly priced electric lawn mowers, and it’s comparable to what is available on many gas powered lawn mowers as well. The Greenworks 25022 has a number of other excellent […]

Pros: Extra wide cutting deck.

Cons: Limited by its power cord.

Greenworks 25062 11110

Greenworks 25062

The Greenworks 25062 is a manual reel mower with an 18 inch wide cutting reel that has five durable steel blades. It has an overall footprint of 25 x 43.5 x 33.8 inches, which will make it easy to find storage space for it, and it weighs just 37 pounds, which means it will be […]

Pros: Grass catcher included.

Cons: Handle may be flimsy.

Greenworks 25072 11110

Greenworks 25072

The Greenworks 25072 is a manual push reel mower designed to provide quality performance over the long term without needing gas or electricity, which means you will reduce your household’s carbon footprint significantly if you use it. These lawn mowers are designed for moderately sized yards, so I do not recommend purchasing one if you […]

Pros: Lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Cons: The handle is rather flimsy.

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