Zero Turn Mower Reviews

zero turn mower reviewsZero turn lawn mowers are not for the faint of heart: we’re talking serious lawn mowing here.

There are several situations when you should seriously consider buying a zero-turn lawn mower:

  1. You have a huge yard, let’s say over 2 acres of lawn to mow.
  2. Your garden is filled with obstacles such as trees, flowers or rocks.
  3. You have complicated garden arrangements.
  4. Your garden landscape is very hilly.

All these listed situations will require the highest maneuverability, and this is exactly what zero turn mowers are made for.

These mowers are considered the more advanced version of your traditional riding lawn mower thanks to their ability to rotate on themselves. Zero Turn means that these mowers don’t need any particular space to turn around. Their very particular wheels and suspension design allow them to rotate or turn without moving forward or backward.

Except for the professional models or commercial ZTR class mowers, the engines of zero-turn mowers are pretty similar to traditional riding lawn mowers.

With smaller wheels designed to have a higher turning angle, commercial ZTR mowers are able to take turns even tighter than regular zero-turn mowers. These professional lawn mowers can be quite expensive but they will last longer that any other zero turn lawn mower.

1a. Engine

zero turn mower engineThe most expensive models of zero turn lawn mowers are usually equipped with high quality engines: Kawasaki, Kohler or Briggs & Stratton.

Such high quality engines are the insurance that your zero turn lawn mower will never lack power when you’ll need it!

They deliver a higher torque than your average engine that will allow you to increase the blade rotation speed as required and will give you excellent maneuverability whenever needed.

1b. Grade Level

zero turn mower grade levelGrade level should be your prime concern when purchasing a zero-turn lawn mower since it will have a huge impact on the overall quality of your lawn mower.

The first grade mowers, even if they do a very good job at mowing your lawn, have a lower quality and will generally be less durable than higher grade models.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have Commercial and Semi Pro models which are usually more expensive. The upside is that they will be larger, allowing you to mow your whole lawn even faster, however they might require a little more maintenance to stay in mint condition.

1c. Distance Between Obstacles

zero turn mower distance between obstaclesWhen choosing your zero-turn mower, you should pay attention to the actual distance between the obstacles in your garden. If obstacles are too close to each other, the biggest zero turn mowers won’t be able to pass between them

In that case, you probably won’t have much choice but to purchase a small ZTR mower might be a better fit for your garden than the professional models.

1d. Suspension

zero turn mower suspensionEntry level zero turn mowers may be equipped with semi-suspension that will make your lawn mowing a lot smoother than if it didn’t have any suspension at all.

However, you probably won’t find an entry level mower equipped with a full suspension. These are usually reserved to bigger models such as commercial ZTR.

The upside of have a suspension system, whether it be full suspension or even semi suspension, is that your mowing height will be a lot more consistent, even if your garden is too hilly.

1e. Deck Size

zero turn mower deck sizeThe deck size of your zero turn lawn mower should be on the top of your list when it comes to the most important specifications of your mower.

To make it simple: the larger the deck of your mower, the wider the cutting width will be. When your mower is able to cut through a wider area of grass, it means that you will need less time to mow your whole lawn.

The downside of having a wider zero turn mower is that it will be a little more difficult to maneuver around and between obstacles such as trees.