championChampion Power Equipment is a dynamic new firm founded in 2000 with headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California and manufacturing facilities in China. The firm is American-owned and operated, and works to ensure that United States quality and safety standards are met regardless of their products’ place of manufacture. Since its beginning, Champion has expanded strongly, with distribution centers opened in Wisconsin, Canada, and mostly recently in Jackson, Tennessee. Over 100 people work for the firm in the United States, with additional hiring planned. The company’s shares are privately held as of 2013. The company’s generators, log splitters, pressure washers, and other items are sold at Lowes, Costco, Tractor Supply, Cabela’s, and other brick and mortar or online retailers.

Champion’s most famous offerings are its portable generators. These wheeled power supply systems range from heavy duty 7,500 watt systems to light duty 1,200 watt versions. The complementary line of gas-powered inverter generators are lightweight, stackable devices with USB ports to power or recharge consumer electronics at the work site, on the boat, or at the campsite. Starting systems include easy push-button electric starting or remote starting for certain models, providing additional convenience. The rugged design, mobility, reliability, and relatively quiet operation of these devices makes them popular among home handymen, campers, boaters, farmers, and professionals such as plumbers and carpenters.

Champion’s product line has extended far beyond generator manufacturing, however. The company makes 22 ton hydraulic log splitters, available in unassembled, partly assembled, and fully assembled packages, which can split logs up to 24 inches long. The firm also produces pressure washers with 2,400 psi or greater water pressure, heavy duty washer wands, and a thermal relief valve. Other products in this tough, high quality assortment include transfer pumps, engines, and winches. A full line of premium accessories supports each major product category, with everything from generator covers or Y-adapters to neoprene winch covers and rocker switch kits.

Champion Gas Pressure WashersChampion Gas Pressure Washers