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Champion Pressure Washers

These are the 1 best Champion pressure washers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Champion No.76522Champion No.76522
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championChampion pressure washers are manufactured by a company that understands the need for high quality machines when it comes to dealing with big cleanup jobs, whether around the house or on the job site. That is why Champion pressure washers are built to provide some of the highest PSI and flow rates you can find on a portable machine. It’s also why these pressure washers are designed to be easier to use, have more versatile applications, and be heavy duty enough to stand up to repeated use over the long term.

With a Champion pressure washer, you are getting a machine that has everything you need to get big jobs done more quickly and easily than ever. These machines are built tough, have state of the art engines and pumps, and are able to provide serious pressures of up to 3,000 pounds per square inch. That means that there will be no job that is too big for a Champion pressure washer to take care of as quickly and efficiently as you need it to.

1. Champion Pressure Washer Highlights

1a. High PSI

The pressure in pounds per square inch is always going to be one of the most important criteria on a new pressure washer, because this is what will determine the machine’s overall ability to deal with tough stains fast. Champion pressure washers have pressures that start at around 2400 PSI and can go all the way up to 3000 PSI. Along with their impressive flow rates, these PSI figures give Champion pressure washers the kind of high performance cleaning power ratings you need to take care of big jobs fast.

With a Champion pressure washer, a reliable axial pump is providing all of the PSI you need to do everything from cleaning oil stains out of concrete to stripping paint off of walls. This is the kind of pressure you need to deal with a lot of different jobs more quickly and efficiently. It’s what makes Champion pressure washers great.

1b. Versatile applications

In part because of their extremely high PSIs and great flow rates, Champion pressure washers have a wide range of applications, both on the job site and around the home and garden. It does not matter whether you are looking for a pressure washer that you can take on the job if you are a landscaper or small contractor, or just want a heavy duty machine to keep your own property looking great. Champion pressure washers have everything you need for any application.

Whether you want a machine that has a lot of applications around the home, from washing your car to cleaning your vinyl siding or brick walls, or if you need a machine to clean up job sites more quickly and efficiently, Champion pressure washers are just right for you. These are extremely versatile machines that can be used in a wide variety of situations, and will always perform well.

1c. Tough parts

Ultimately, you want to be able to count on your pressure washer to hold up over the long term. That means one thing: tough, durable parts that will not break down or suffer from dents or accidental falls. In Champion pressure washers, that is exactly what you will be getting, too. Champion pressure washers are made of materials that are built to last for many years, regardless of whether you are using them around the home or on dangerous job sites.

Champion pressure washers have durable steel frames, hoses made of tough PVC plastic, and big, pneumatic tires that stay pressurized longer. Their washer wands are likewise made of heavy duty materials that can hold up to the rigors of daily use for the long term. Champion pressure washers are machines that are built to last. You can count on your Champion pressure washer for a very long time to come.

Champion No.76522 11110

Champion No.76522

The Champion No.76522 is the kind of pressure washer you need when you have a big, difficult cleanup job that needs to be taken care of. It is packed with outstanding features, and it offers a lot of options that most other residential pressure washers simply do not have. The Champion No.76522 has an engine […]

Pros: Solid PSI and flow rate.

Cons: PVC plastic hose is stiff.

These are the 1 best Champion pressure washers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Champion No.76522Champion No.76522
(get details)
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