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Champion No.76522 Review

Champion No.76522

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champion no76522

There are plenty of residential pressure washers to choose from, and with most of them you are going to get a fairly average PSI and flow rate, which will be enough to take care of most jobs around the house and yard. But if you want a residential pressure washer that has a PSI and flow rate that are well above average, the Champion No.76522 is the one for you. This is a residential pressure washer that wants to be a commercial grade model – and it has all of the features you need to take care of big, tough cleanup jobs quickly and efficiently. With the Champion No.76522, there is no limit to the kinds of cleanup jobs you can take care of in less time and more easily than you could using just about any other residential pressure washer. The Champion No.76522 is solidly built and has lots of great features – and best of all, it has a great price.

Review Summary

review summaryThe Champion No.76522 is the kind of pressure washer you need when you have a big, difficult cleanup job that needs to be taken care of. It is packed with outstanding features, and it offers a lot of options that most other residential pressure washers simply do not have. The Champion No.76522 has an engine that is so well designed that it is able to provide enough power to produce extremely high PSI at a generous flow rate, but also produce so few emissions that it is compliant with California Air Resources Board standards. That by itself would put the Champion No.76522 in a class all by itself, but it’s only the beginning of what this great pressure washer has to offer.

With unique design features like a Trigger Start electric starter – so you don’t ever have to rely on a recoil starter cord – and a control panel that has all of the controls and connections in the same place, the Champion No.76522 is very convenient and easy to use. It’s also built tough and could hold up even on commercial job sites. The Champion No.76522 is the pressure washer you want to have when you have tough jobs to take care of. And because it’s so reasonably priced, anyone can afford it.


review specificationsThe Champion No.76522 is a gas powered residential pressure washer that weighs just under 100 pounds and has dimensions of 29 x 25.2 x 24.1 inches. It has a CARB-compliant engine that has a displacement of 196 cubic centimeters. The engine has an electric starter and can run for up to eight hours before you need to refill the gas tank.

Dimensions29 x 25.2 x 24.1
Engine ManufacturerChampion
Engine196cc OHV
Power Rating7500
PumpAxial cam
Spray GunErgonomic
Nozzle4 (0°, 25°, 40°, soap)
Hose1/4-inch x 25-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plastic
Wheels8-inch never flat
Weight99.4 pounds
Warranty1 year

The Champion No.76522 has a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI and a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, which gives it one of the highest cleaning power ratings you can find on a residential model. It provides a cold water spray, has an ergonomically designed spray gun, and comes with four nozzles for different pressure options.


review descriptionWhen you get the Champion No.76522 out of the box, you will immediately be impressed by how well built and durable it is. Even though it is not a particularly big or bulky machine, it packs the kind of serious power that you need to tackle big jobs fast. The Champion No.76522 has a sleek design that houses a powerful engine and efficient axial cam pump. Its fuel tank is bigger than those on most other residential pressure washers, so you will be able to run it for up to eight hours before it needs a refill. That’s enough time to clean your entire house, and probably your neighbor’s, too!

The Champion No.76522 is a professional grade pressure washer that is meant for residential use, and because of that it has the kind of PSI and flow rate that you would normally expect to find on a commercial pressure washer. With a cleaning power rating that about fifty percent higher than most residential pressure washers have, the Champion No.76522 is well equipped to blast away the toughest stains you can find.

The Champion No.76522 is very easy to operate, too. Because it has an electric trigger start and an easy-access control panel, you can quickly get started on whatever cleanup jobs you have to take care of. With four options for different pressures and nozzles that are easy to swap out quickly, you can choose exactly the right pressure setting for any job. And because the engine on the Champion No.76522 is CARB compliant, you can use buy it even if you live in California. The Champion No.76522 is really one of the best all-around pressure washers you can find today. It’s got everything you need.


review prosThere are lots of outstanding features on the Champion No.76522 that, taken together, make it one of the top residential pressure washers you can find today. With a PSI and flow rate that is comparable to what most commercial pressure washers offer, plenty of convenience in the design and components of the Champion No.76522, and an engine that is CARB compliant, this is really one of the best. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons the Champion No.76522 is such a great pressure washer.

  1. Solid PSI and flow rate : The PSI and flow rate are two of the most important features to look at on any pressure washer, because they are the two that will influence more than anything else how much raw cleaning power the machine has. On the Champion No.76522, the max pressure is 3000 PSI with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. That gives the Champion No.76522 a cleaning power rating that is comparable to Commercial-grade pressure washers.
  2. Trigger Start electric starter : With the majority of gas powered pressure washers, you have to start them up the old fashioned way – by struggling to pull a heavy recoil cord over and over until the engine coughs to life. But on the Champion No.76522, you do not have to do that. Simply use the convenient Trigger Start electric starter and the engine starts right up. Releasing the Trigger Start will shut down the engine after a fifteen second delay. It’s that easy!
  3. Extended Run gas tank for longer use : The Champion No.76522 also has an Extended Run gas tank that holds a full 3.8 gallons of gas. That’s much more than the average fuel tank on a pressure washer holds. And it means that you will have no difficulty running the Champion No.76522 for up to eight hours without stopping and without running out of gas. That way, if you are using it offsite, you won’t have to bring along extra reserves of gas – you can run it for a full workday on a single tank.
  4. Convenient control panel : On a lot of pressure washers, the controls are located all over the machine. You have to get down on your hands and knees in order to find the intake connection, which is usually on the other side of the pressure washer from the outgoing connection. But on the Champion No.76522, all of the controls and connections are located conveniently on a single control panel that is easily accessed.
  5. CARB compliant : Perhaps best of all, the Champion No.76522 is compliant with California Air Resources Board emissions standards for small engines. This is not something you see often on gas powered pressure washers, and especially not on units that have the kind of high PSI and flow rate the Champion No.76522 boasts. You will be able to get the kind of cleaning power you need – and lots of convenience and ease of use to boot – no matter where you live with this pressure washer.

Pick any one of those features, and by itself it is going to elevate the average residential pressure washer considerably. But when you look at the fact that they are all included on the Champion No.76522, you can understand why this is one of the best residential pressure washers on the market today. It really has just about everything you need to make your cleanup jobs much easier and more convenient.


review consStill, even though it is packed with more great features than just about any other residential pressure washers have, there are a couple of areas that could stand to be tweaked a little bit. I don’t think that any of these issues really take anything away from the overall performance and ability the Champion No.76522 has to offer. But for the sake of being completely thorough, let’s take a look at them.

  1. Cold water only : This is the only major disappointment on the Champion No.76522, and frankly it is not that serious. But if this pressure washer did include a hot water option, it would really make it complete. The Champion No.76522 is so close to being the perfect residential pressure washer, and this is the one feature that it does not include. Still, because it has such a high cleaning power rating, you should be just fine without it.
  2. PVC plastic hose is stiff : PVC plastic is a great material to make high pressure hoses out of; it tends to hold together much better than other materials, and so it will not develop hairline cracks or micro-leaks in the seams. But it is also necessarily a very stiff material, which can make it have a tendency to curl back on itself and sometimes even get kinked. This can make working with a PVC plastic hose like the one on the Champion No.76522 a bit of a chore.
  3. Just four nozzle options : Four options for different pressures and spray widths are usually going to be plenty to allow you to select the perfect one for whatever cleaning job you are faced with. But it is still only four, and it would be great if the Champion No.76522 happened to include a couple extra nozzles. That would really round out the selection and make it much easier to get a more precise spray for a particular surface.
  4. Warranty is only one year : Now, the Champion No.76522 is a very well designed and solidly built machine, so I do not expect the warranty to ever be an issue simply because it won’t break down, even after hundreds of hours of use. This is a tough little pressure washer, and it is backed up by one of the best companies in the business. Still, two years is the industry standard for warranty coverage, and it would be nice to have that.
  5. Requires periodic maintenance : With an engine that has an overhead valve design, there will be periodic maintenance tasks that will need your attention to keep the pressure washer running smoothly. The manual covers all of them in detail, but briefly they include occasional oil changes and the need to swap out the battery for a new one after a few years of use. These are not difficult tasks, though, so I would not worry about them.

As I’m sure you will agree, none of the Cons I could find on the Champion No.76522 present issues that would be able to take away from all of the outstanding features this pressure washer has. This is about as close to perfect as it gets with a residential pressure washer, and I do not see a whole lot of room for improvement. All in all, the Champion No.76522 is a very solid pressure washer with a lot to offer.

Product Comparison

review comparisonWhile you can learn a lot about a particular pressure washer’s individual faults and assets from Pros and Cons lists, the best way to find out if it really is the best model for you is by doing some comparison shopping. That way, you can see how it stacks up to similar models made by its competitors. The following table summarizes the key differences between the Champion No.76522 and two other pressure washers. Let’s take a look.

 Champion No.76522Champion
Generac 5993Generac
Simpson PS3228-SSimpson
Dimensions29 x 25.2 x 24.125 x 26 x 3034 x 20 x 25
Engine ManufacturerChampionGeneracHonda
Engine196cc OHV212cc OHVGX200 OHV
Power Rating750086808960
PumpAxial camTriplex pumpAAA industrial triplex plunger
Spray GunErgonomicProfessional gradePro-style
Nozzle4 (0°, 25°, 40°, soap)5 (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, soap)5 (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, soap)
Hose1/4-inch x 25-foot3/8-inch x 35-foot5/16-inch x 25-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plasticSteel reinforced, non-marring rubberHigh pressure poly-braided
Wheels8-inch never flat10-inch never flat10-inch pneumatic
Weight99.4 pounds113 pounds84 pounds
Warranty1 year3 years1 year

As you can see, I’ve compared the Champion No.76522 with two commercial pressure washers, rather than other residential ones, to give you a clear idea of just how much cleaning power this machine is packing. Even though it is a residential model, the Champion No.76522 has a PSI that is just about as high as what you would expect from a higher grade commercial pressure washer. And its overall cleaning power rating is not too far off from what you’d find on a commercial washer as well.


review conclusionSo if you are looking for a residential pressure washer that is comparable to what the professionals use, the Champion No.76522 seems like the best bet. But before you make up your mind about whether this really is the best pressure washer for you, let’s take one more look at the Pros and Cons lists.

Conclusion Pros

  1. Solid PSI and flow rate.
  2. Trigger Start electric starter.
  3. Extended Run gas tank for longer use.
  4. Convenient control panel.
  5. CARB compliant.

With a PSI and flow rate that are comparable to what you would find on heavy duty commercial pressure washers, great features like the Trigger Start and Extended Run gas tank, and a quality engine that is also CARB compliant, the Champion No.76522 has everything you need for tough jobs. This is one solid pressure washer.

Conclusion Cons

  1. Cold water only.
  2. PVC plastic hose is stiff.
  3. Just four nozzle options.
  4. Warranty is only one year.
  5. Requires periodic maintenance.

And in the Cons department, there is really not much to complain about. The Champion No.76522 is a high performance machine that really does provide for a much higher level of cleaning power. I had a hard time finding anything that could take away from all of its great Pros.

Final Word

Big jobs call for tough pressure washers, and with the Champion No.76522 that is exactly what you are going to get. This pressure washer is sold as a residential model, but you could realistically use it on professional cleanup jobs. It can run for a full workday before you need to refill the gas tank, and it is compact enough that you can easily take it anywhere. But it also excels around the house, where there is virtually no limit to what it can do.

That is because the Champion No.76522 has the kind of high powered PSI and flow rate that allow it to take on a wide variety of different jobs. This pressure washer is easy to start up and use, and it comes equipped with everything you need to get big jobs done fast. But it isn’t just a great machine – it also has an extremely good price tag, too.

Best Price

review pricesWith all of the awesome features the Champion No.76522 has to offer, you would be right to expect it to be one of the more expensive residential pressure washers on the market. But you would be wrong – and pleasantly surprised to find out just how affordable the Champion No.76522 really is. With a price tag that is about average for a residential pressure washer but a design and build that is way above average, this pressure washer is a great buy. It is solidly built and offers a much higher cleaning power rating than just about any other residential pressure washer on the market today. And you get all of that at a very reasonable price.

Champion No.76522

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