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Power Smart DB7659A-22 Review

Power Smart DB7659A-22

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power smart db7659a-22

Even when you live in an area in which snow fall is generally moderate, there are still plenty of reasons why a gas powered two-stage snow blower is the obvious choice. Generally these reasons have to do with the kind of property you have and what kind of driveway you need to keep clear. If you have an unpaved driveway, you can’t keep it clear using a single-stage snow blower. Those machines make contact with the ground as they pass over it, and there is a risk that they can scoop up gravel or detritus along with snow, which can damage the snow blower and present safety hazards to people and property. And if you have a very long driveway, you can’t be tethered to a power outlet. In these and other cases, a two-stage gas powered snow blower like the Power Smart DB7659A-22 is the best way to go.

Review Summary

review summaryThe Power Smart DB7659A-22 is a compact two-stage snow blower with impressive design features that makes it perfect for the right conditions. It is designed for clearing unpaved driveways in areas that do not tend to experience very heavy snowfall, but nevertheless occasionally have storms that bring in ten to fourteen inches at once. In these conditions, it performs admirably. Its overall design is small but powerful, and it has some great accessories that help make it one of the best mid-size two-stage gas snow blowers on the market today.

What is particularly impressive is how convenient and easy the snow blower is to control and maneuver. The Power Smart DB7659A-22 has a self-propelled rear wheel drive system that allows the user to simply set the desired speed and then steer the snow blower. The vast majority of the work is done by the machine. And it has one very unique feature: the snow chute is controlled by a joystick on the control panel. This particularly neat feature, and it is one I have not seen on any snow blowers, two-stage or otherwise. This is a great machine to have in your garage, and you can depend on it to handle tough jobs with ease.


review specificationsThe Power Smart DB7659A-22 is a two-stage gas powered snow blower with dimensions of 38 x 26 x 30 inches, and it weighs 154 pounds. It has an electric push button start, and a 4-cycle engine with overhead valve design and a displacement of 208 cubic centimeters. It has a self-propelled drive system with 4 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

Dimensions38 x 26 x 30 inches
StartButton push
Engine ManufacturerPower Smart
Engine208 cc – OHV
2-cycle / 4-cycle4-cycle
Speed Control4 forward / 2 reverse
Clearing Width22 inches
Snow Cut Depth16 inches
Throw DistanceUp to 35 feet
Chute ControlManual 180°
Wheels13-Inch x 4-inch
Weight154 pounds
Warranty1 year

The Power Smart DB7659A-22 has a clearance width of 22 inches and a snow cut depth of 16 inches. It can throw snow up to 35 feet. Its handle is ergonomic and its snow chute is controlled by a 4-way joystick. It has 13 x 4 inch wheels with deep treads. It comes with a 1 year warranty.


review descriptionWhen you get the Power Smart DB7659A-22 out of the box, it will take a bit of effort to get it all assembled and ready to go, but you can do so using just common household tools. Once you do, you will be surprised at how sleek and compact this snow blower is, but don’t be fooled: it packs a lot of snow clearing power into a small package. And once you have it assembled and ready to go in your garage, you will almost be looking forward to the next decent snow fall to see what it’s capable of.

When you have a long or unpaved driveway, but live in an area that gets moderate snow fall, you need a snow blower that can handle the size of the job, but there is no compelling reason to buy a big, expensive snow blower with a super high snow cut depth. With the 22 inch wide clearance on the Power Smart DB7659A-22’s auger, you can handle big jobs quickly and efficiently. This is the kind of clearance you need to ensure you are able to reduce the number of passes it takes to get a big driveway cleared fast.

The Power Smart DB7659A-22 has a number of unique and excellent design notes and accessories that help to make the snow clearing experience much more enjoyable. It has sleek and durable parts that help to make sure it will hold up to repeated use, even under adverse conditions. And in spite of its wide clearance, it remains a rather compact and lightweight machine that will be easy to maneuver and find storage space for. This is a great mid-sized two-stage snow blower that has a lot to offer its owner if it is used under the right conditions. Because of the 16 snow cut depth, it is best for regions that experience moderate snow fall.


review prosWhen you have a long or unpaved driveway, you want a two-stage gas snow blower that you can count on to get the whole job done without scooping up gravel or being stopped by the range of its power cord. A mid-sized snow blower like the Power Smart DB7659A-22 is perfect for homeowners with this kind of property who live in areas that do not experience very heavy snow fall an therefore do not need a particularly large snow blower.

  1. Joystick controlled snow chute : This is one of my favorite design notes on the Power Smart DB7659A-22. The snow chute is controlled by a joystick mounted on the control panel that allows you to turn it left or right 180 degrees, as well as point it up and down. This means you can adjust the chute while you are driving the snow blower forward, and without having to turn a crank or do it manually. I wish all snow blowers had this feature.
  2. Durable steel construction : Every part of the Power Smart DB7659A-22 is made of durable, heavy duty steel parts. From the rugged auger, to the sleek steel body, to even the snow chute – every part is made of durable steel. This is uncommon on even the biggest snow blowers, and it means you can count on the Power Smart DB7659A-22 to hold up to a lot of wear and tear over the years.
  3. Big, deeply treaded snow tires : The tires on the Power Smart DB7659A-22 are extra large, especially for a mid-sized snow blower, made of durable rubber, and they help ensure that it is more maneuverable even under slippery conditions. The tires have big, deep treads on them designed to help improve traction, and you can count on them to make the snow blower easier to get up and down your driveway when it’s covered in slush and ice.
  4. Extra wide clearance : One of the best features on two-stage snow blowers in general and on the Power Smart DB7659A-22 in particular is the fact that it has an extra wide, 22 inch clearance. This is what you want when you have a big driveway, because it means you can finish clearing it of snow in fewer passes, which means you will spend less time out in the cold and snow and be back indoors before you know it.
  5. Compact and lightweight : The Power Smart DB7659A-22 has a very compact footprint and is one of the more lightweight two-stage snow blowers available in its clearance width. Its small size means that you will have no trouble finding adequate storage space in your garage or tool shed for it, and it will be easy to maneuver down narrow walkways or through your garage’s side door. And the fact that it only weighs about 150 pounds means that it will not be difficult to maneuver around the driveway.

When you have a big driveway, or if your driveway is unpaved, you are going to want a reliable two-stage snow blower that can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Bigger models are just not necessary if you live in a region that does not experience a lot of snow fall, but you still want to be sure you can count on your snow blower. The Power Smart DB7659A-22 provides affordable, compact two-stage snow blowing power that is perfect for the right kind of job.


review consWith a snow blower like the Power Smart DB7659A-22, you are dealing with a machine that is specifically designed for a particular set of conditions, and as a result there are limitations to what it can do. It is not meant to be used in areas that routinely receive snow fall of more than 1.5 feet. Other than that, most of its Cons have more to do with the fact that it’s a two-stage snow blower, and these have areas in which they are less than perfect.

  1. Non CARB compliant : The engine on the Power Smart DB7659A-22 produces a fair amount of emissions, which is fairly common for four-cycle OHV engines, but it also means that it is not compliant with California’s Air Resources Board emissions standards. As a result, if you live in that or any of the other fourteen states that enforce CARB standards, you will not be able to purchase this snow blower or have it shipped to you. The main drawback here is that some readers will miss out on all of the good features this machine has to offer.
  2. 16 inch snow cut depth : The snow cut depth on the Power Smart DB7659A-22 is on the lower end of the range for most gas powered two-stage snow blowers, and it does place some limitations on the amount of snow accumulation the snow blower can deal with. As a result, you should only purchase this snow blower if you live in a region that does not receive heavy accumulations of snow during the winter. Many regions in the United States experience moderate snowfall; this model is perfect for them.
  3. May struggle with wet, slushy snow : Because even two-stage snow blowers like the Power Smart DB7659A-22 have a limit to the pounds per minute of snow that they can move, when snow gets slushy and heavy, they tend to struggle to get through it. This is also the case for this model. When snow is slushy and mostly water, it may have problems throwing it the full 35 feet, and you may have to move more slowly to clear all of the snow.
  4. It’s rather loud : Two-stage snow blowers are by no means quiet, but some, like the Power Smart DB7659A-22, have the kind of big, powerful OHV 4-cycle engines that tend to produce a lot more noise than others do. This does not affect the overall performance of the machine, but it does mean that if you have neighbors, you may run the risk of disturbing them if you find yourself clearing your driveway very early in the morning while they are still sleeping.
  5. Assembly can be challenging : The assembly of the Power Smart DB7659A-22 may wind up being a bit challenging for some users. The directions are a bit vague, and so it does take some work to figure out how to put it together. At the same time, it arrives almost fully assembled, and there is not a whole lot you have to do to finish the job. You should be able to figure out how to put it together and finish everything up in under half and hour with basic household tools.

As you can see, none of these Cons are very serious drawbacks that reflect any real problems with the design or manufacturing of the Power Smart DB7659A-22. And I think you will agree that any one of the fantastic Pros by itself can really overshadow all of the Cons as a group. In spite of these minor flaws the Power Smart DB7659A-22 as a whole is an excellent snow blower that is very well designed for use under the right conditions.

Product Comparison

review comparisonA new snow blower is a serious purchase. These machines are not cheap, and besides that, you have to be able to rely on them to be able to tackle big snow clearing jobs in the middle of inclement weather. Because of that, you want to make sure that you find the right one for your particular needs. One of the best ways to do this is with some simple comparison shopping. The following table shows the product specs of the Power Smart DB7659A-22 and two similar models.

 Power Smart DB7659A-22Power Smart
Husqvarna 1650EXLHusqvarna
Poulan Pro PR624ESPoulan Pro
Dimensions38 x 26 x 30 inches37 x 50.9 x 32 inches51 x 34 x 28 inches
StartButton pushButton pushButton push
Engine ManufacturerPower SmartBriggs & StrattonPoulan Pro
Engine208 cc – OHV342cc – OHV208 cc – OHV LCT
2-cycle / 4-cycle4-cycle4-cycle4-cycle
Speed Control4 forward / 2 reverse4 forward / 2 reverse4 forward / 2 reverse
Clearing Width22 inches30 inches24 inches
Snow Cut Depth16 inches23 inches23 inches
Throw DistanceUp to 35 feetUp to 35 feetUp to 35 feet
Lightn/aLED Headlightn/a
Chute ControlManual 180°Manual 180°Manual 180°
Wheels13-Inch x 4-inch16-Inch x 5-inch13-Inch x 5-inch
Weight154 pounds272 pounds240 pounds
Warranty1 year2 years2 years

As you can see, the Power Smart DB7659A-22 is the smallest of the three in a few different areas. Not only does it have the smallest footprint and weigh the least, it also has the narrowest clearing width and the shortest snow cut depth. While it can be tempting to go for the biggest snow blower, in many cases you don’t need one, and a compact model like the Power Smart is actually the right decision.


review conclusionIf you live in an area that has deep winters with very heavy snow fall, a big, expensive snow blower can be the right one for you. But if you live in an area that experiences winters with moderate snow fall or the occasional heavy storm, a smaller model can do just fine. The pros and cons of the Power Smart DB7659A-22 should help you decide if it is right for you.

Conclusion Pros

  1. Joystick controlled snow chute.
  2. Durable steel construction.
  3. Big, deeply treated snow tires.
  4. Extra wide clearance.
  5. Compact and lightweight.

The Power Smart DB7659A-22 is a great mid-size snow blower with some really excellent features. It is made of very durable parts and has excellent accessories like a joystick controlled snow chute and big, solid tires. For big driveways in areas that get moderate snowfall, this is an excellent snow mobile.

Conclusion Cons

  1. Non CARB compliant.
  2. 16 inch snow cut depth.
  3. May struggle with wet, slushy snow.
  4. It’s rather loud.
  5. Assembly can be challenging.

The Power Smart DB7659A-22 is not designed for use in regions with very heavy snow fall, but beyond that it is a great two-stage snow blower. Like many gas powered snow blowers, it is loud and produces emissions, but it is a very solid snow blower nonetheless.

Final Word

As compact two-stage snow blowers go, the Power Smart DB7659A-22 is one of the best ones on the market today. It can easily handle moderate snow falls and cover a lot of ground quickly and efficiently. While it is easy to become enamored of some of the really big two-stage snow blowers with extra wide augers and snow cut depths that can handle two feet of snow or more, the reality is that in many parts of the country you just won’t need one. All one of those machines will do in a region that does not get a lot of snow is take up room in your garage, guzzle gas and cost you a lot of money.

But you still want a reliable snow blower, even if you do not need a huge one. The Power Smart DB7659A-22 is definitely reliable. It has a solid, powerful engine and parts and a body made of tough, durable steel so you know it will hold up to tough jobs over the long term. All things considered this is a solid compact two-stage snow blower at a good price.

Best Price

review pricesWhen it comes to pricing, the Power Smart DB7659A-22 has a lot of the competition beat by a long shot. While it is not the cheapest two-stage snow blower on the market today, it tends to fall into the middle of the price range, which is a good sign. It means that you will have the opportunity to get a high quality snow blower with durable parts and great design without having to spend a fortune on it. This model provides the kind of savings you want when you’re in charge of the household budget, along with the value you need.

Power Smart DB7659A-22

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