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Karcher K2.350 Review

Karcher K2.350

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When you own your own home, you know as well as I do that it is a lot of work to maintain it and keep it looking great. It seems as though every weekend is filled with some chore or another to take care of, and you wind up having less free time than ever. Luckily, there are plenty of great products out there that can help to make your job a lot easier – and one of them is a residential pressure washer. With a model like the Karcher K2.350 in your garage or appliance closet, there is no cleanup job too big or too small. Soon you will find that jobs that once took you hours to take care of now can be completed in just minutes. And that is good news, since it means that you will be able to have more free time to spend with your family.

Review Summary

review summaryThe Karcher K2.350 is an electric pressure washer that provides a solid amount of water pressure at a fairly high flow rate for an electric model. For the vast majority of cleanup jobs you will have around the house, the Karcher K2.350 is going to provide all of the power and performance you need to get them done fast. Whether it is washing your windows or cleaning leaves out of your gutters, power washing your deck or cleaning your sidewalks, or washing your car or grill, the Karcher K2.350 is going to be able to get the job done.

That is because the Karcher K2.350 is a pressure washer that is very efficiently designed. Even though it is light and compact – so much so that you could store it in a cabinet – it still packs a fair amount of cleaning power. And because it has an adjustable jet, instead of relying on nozzles, you will be able to get the precise pressure you need for any job you have to take care of. It is also very easy for anyone to use: you will not have to deal with checking the oil and making sure you have enough gas for the tank, and the controls are intuitive enough for anyone.


review specificationsThe Karcher K2.350 is an electric residential pressure washer with a 120 volt motor. It has a direct drive axial cam pump and can produce a cold water spray that has a max pressure of 1600 pounds per square inch with a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute.

Dimensions12 x 13 x 34
Motor120 V / 60 Hz (induction)
Power Rating2400
PumpDirect-drive axial
Spray GunErgonomic
NozzleAdjustable jet / Dirt blaster
Hose1/4-inch x 25-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plastic
Power Cord30-foot
Weight14 pounds
Warranty1 year

The Karcher K2.350 weighs just 14 pounds and has a very compact footprint, of just 12 x 13 x 24 inches, making ideal for homeowners with limited storage space. It has an adjustable jet spray, an ergonomically designed spray gun, and a thirty foot hose made of tough PVC plastic.


review descriptionFor a long time, if you wanted to have the convenience of a pressure washer to take care of cleanup jobs around the house, you only had one option for a power source: gas. According to the EPA, gas powered yard machines are responsible for a large amount of the emissions American households produce each year. Carbon emissions from these machines are linked to higher pollution, global warming, and other problems. But with the Karcher K2.350 you can get all of the cleaning power you need without having to rely on a combustion engine to do so.

The Karcher K2.350 is a compact, efficient machine that produces the kind of serious cleaning power rating that you need without producing a single carbon emission at the point of use. That is what makes it so great for residential use. Because it is emissions free, you can use the Karcher K2.350 indoors as well as outside without having to worry about harmful fumes. That means you can use it to clean inside your garage, or to wash your bathroom tile or basement floors, with no trouble at all. This feature gives the Karcher K2.350 a much wider range of applications that gas powered pressure washers can offer.

The Karcher K2.350 comes to your door fully put together, with no extra assembly required. That means that as soon as you get it out of its box, all you have to do is plug it into the nearest outlet and you are ready to start cleaning! Because there is such a wide array of applications the Karcher K2.350 is able to handle, you will be cutting hours off of your weekend cleanup jobs before you know it. Pretty soon, you will be looking for new applications for the Karcher K2.350, just because it is so easy to use and efficient.


review prosThere are a lot of reasons the Karcher K2.350 is one of the best electric pressure washers out there today. For starters, it has plenty of advantages over a gas powered pressure washer, not least of all being the fact that it is emissions free. But its overall design and build also contribute to make it an outstanding pressure washer in its own right. Let’s take a look at its top five features.

  1. Zero emissions, ever : Right off the bat, the best thing the Karcher K2.350 has to offer is the fact that it will never produce a single carbon emission at the point of use. In this age of increased pollution and the threat of global warming, that is an important point. The Karcher K2.350 can be used inside and outdoors as well, since it produces no emissions, which is another great aspect to the all around ability of this machine.
  2. Compact and lightweight : The Karcher K2.350 weighs less than twenty pounds, and it has a footprint so small that you could easily find storage space for it in your tool shed or workroom – you do not even have to store it in the garage. And because it is so lightweight, you can easily carry it up a ladder to get at second story windows or to clean out your gutters, regardless of your own personal strength level.
  3. Easy to use : Unlike a lot of other pressure washers that have complicated control panels and hard to reach connection fittings, the Karcher K2.350 is a breeze to operate. All you have to do is plug it in, attach it to a water source, and you are ready to start cleaning! You do not have to fiddle with hard to operate controls or pressure nozzles. And the spray gun is ergonomic to protect you from strains.
  4. Adjustable jet nozzle : On most pressure washers, if you want to switch from one PSI setting to another, you have to stop working and swap out one nozzle for another – a process that can be fairly difficult and take a while. But with the Karcher K2.350, there is a single, adjustable jet nozzle that allows you to easily shift from one pressure setting to another while you are still working. That saves a lot of time as well as needless hassles.
  5. Lots of applications : Because the Karcher K2.350 is so easy to use and light enough that you can take it just about anywhere, it has a much wider range of applications than other pressure washers. I’ve already mentioned the fact that you can take it up on a ladder for hard to reach jobs, but that is just the start. You can use the Karcher K2.350 to clean just about any surface on your property, which is going to save you lots of time and effort.

As you can probably tell by now, the Karcher K2.350 has everything you need to take care of a lot of different jobs all over your home and yard. This is the kind of solid electric pressure washer that you will be able to rely on for almost any cleanup job you might have to take care of. Whether it is cleaning your deck, masonry, or car, the Karcher K2.350 can get the job done fast.


review consStill, in spite of all of its outstanding features, there are some areas in which the Karcher K2.350 is not entirely perfect. I do not think that most of the Cons I could find will really affect its overall performance in any serious way, but I do think that you should be completely aware of everything this machine has to offer – good and bad included. So let’s take a look at the Cons the Karcher K2.350 has.

  1. PSI is not very high : This is a fairly typical problem among electric pressure washers – their motors do not have quite enough power to drive their pumps to produce pressures that are much higher than 1500 PSI. Still, at 1600, the Karcher K2.350 is above average for its class, and I tend to think that along with its flow rate, it should have enough cleaning power to take care of most jobs around the house without many issues.
  2. Not the most durable build : Lightweight electric pressure washers are not designed to take on the kind of serious jobs that more heavy duty gas powered ones can, and as a result of that, they are usually not built as tough as gas models. That means they tend to have plastic bodies and wheels, which is not much of an issue in terms of performance. What is an issue is the fact that they have plastic connector fittings, which can develop leaks. This is the biggest concern on the Karcher K2.350.
  3. One year warranty : The industry standard for pressure washer warranty lengths is usually two years. For most models that have one year warranties, I tend to find that their durable build makes up for the warranty length. But on the Karcher K2.350, because it has plastic connections and other parts, the length of the warranty is a bit of a more serious concern. It would clearly be better if Karcher provided a warranty that was at least two years.
  4. Cold water only : It is quite common to find residential pressure washers only produce a cold water spray, and so this is not really a Con – but I always prefer to have more options on a pressure washer, and having a hot water spray would provide this. That would allow you to tackle more jobs easily, as well as disinfect bathrooms and kitchens. Still, this is not a huge problem in my opinion; the Karcher K2.350 should perform fine without it.
  5. Plug-in power : One of the drawbacks that any electric yard machine will have when you compare it to gas powered models is the fact that the former are tethered to an outlet. It does not matter how long the power cord is – eventually you will run out of room and have to find a new one. Fortunately for the Karcher K2.350, it comes with a 30 foot hose, which should increase your range of motion considerably.

While the durability of the connector fittings does give me some concern about the longevity of the Karcher K2.350, you can always replace them with brass ones for just a few dollars; other than that one, I do not think that any of these Cons are going to present serious performance issues. Overall this remains a very solid and well designed electric pressure washer that can handle a wide range of jobs easily.

Product Comparison

review comparisonWhile you can learn a lot about an individual product by looking at Pros and Cons lists, the single best way to figure out if it is in fact the best one for you is by doing some comparison shopping. That way, you can see what the market as a whole has to offer, compare PSI and flow rates, and find out how that pressure washer stacks up to the competition. Let’s take a look.

 Karcher K2.350Karcher
Snap-on 870552Snap-on
AR Blue Clean AR142PAR Blue Clean
Dimensions12x13x3410.2x12x2025.5 x 10.2 x 10
Motor120 V / 60 Hz
120 V / 60 Hz120 V / 60 Hz
Power Rating240024002528
PumpDirect-drive axialDirect-drive axial3 axial-piston wobble-plate
Spray GunErgonomicErgonomicErgonomic
NozzleAdjustable jet
Dirt blaster
Adjustable jet
Dirt blaster
Adjustable jet
Foam dispenser
Hose1/4-inch x 25-foot1/4-inch x 20-foot1/4-inch x 20-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plasticPVC/plasticPVC/plastic
Power Cord30-foot30-foot35-foot
Weight14 pounds18 pounds24 pounds
Warranty1 year1 year1 year

As you can see, the Karcher K2.350 is one of the more lightweight and compact of the three models, but it still packs a PSI and flow rate that give it one of the better cleaning power ratings for its class. It also is the only one with a 25 foot hose, which will give the operator more range of motion – for example, if you are working on a ladder. Overall it compares very well to the competition – and it has one of the most reasonable prices in its class.


review conclusionWhen you compare the Karcher K2.350 to similar models, it comes out as one of the best ones. But before you make up your mind about whether to buy it, I think it is a good idea to take one more quick look at the Pros and Cons lists, just to be absolutely sure.

Conclusion Pros

  1. Zero emissions, ever.
  2. Compact and lightweight.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Adjustable jet nozzle.
  5. Lots of applications.

The best feature the Karcher K2.350 has is the fact that it is carbon emissions free. But it is also very easy to use and so compact that it has a lot of applications around the home and garden. This is a pressure washer that will be able to cut the time you spend on chores in half.

Conclusion Cons

  1. PSI is not very high.
  2. Not the most durable build.
  3. One year warranty.
  4. Cold water only.
  5. Plug-in power.

The only serious problem I had with the Karcher K2.350 was the durability of its fittings, which is something that can be rectified on the consumer’s end fairly easily. Otherwise, it had the typical issues that electric pressure washers present, and overall I think it’s a good machine.

Final Word

Like many of us, you have a lot of chores to take care of when you own your own home. And while you can definitely benefit from using power tools to take care of a lot of them, you may be concerned about the impact your actions have on the environment. When that is the case, an electric pressure washer like the Karcher K2.350 is the best way to go: it offers all of the convenience of a power yard machine without the drawbacks associated with a combustion engine.

Not only that, the Karcher K2.350 has lots of great applications around the home and garden. You can take it with you pretty much anywhere – from cleaning your basement tile floors all the way up to your second story windows. Having the convenience of a Karcher K2.350 on your side means you will be able to spend a lot less time on household chores and more time doing what you want.

Best Price

review pricesOne of the best features on the Karcher K2.350 isn’t precisely on the Karcher K2.350 at all – its’ on the price tag. With all of the convenience the Karcher K2.350 has to offer, you might expect it to be a rather expensive machine, but the fact is that it’s actually quite affordable. That means you are getting all of the convenience of a power pressure washer, helping out the environment, and saving money at the same time. It is the best of all three worlds – and when you are a homeowner, that is exactly what you want. This is a solid pressure washer at an excellent price.

Karcher K2.350

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