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Karcher Pressure Washers

karcherKarcher is one of the leading brands when it comes to manufacturing high-performance pressure washers that can get big jobs done fast. They make some of the best pressure washers that pack extremely high cleaning power into more compact packages that are easy to use. That is one of the reasons Karcher pressure washers were the ones used to clean Mount Rushmore in 2013 – removing decades of grime and returning that iconic monument back to its original luster.

Karcher pressure washers aren’t just powerful, either: they are versatile and have dozens of applications. Karcher doesn’t limit its brand to just one type of pressure washer: they make residential as well as commercial models, and you can find both electric and gas powered Karcher pressure washers. That means that no matter what kind of job you have to take care of, there is a Karcher pressure washer that is perfect for you. And because this is a company that knows how to make quality pressure washers well, you can count on your pressure washer for the long term.

1. Karcher Pressure Washer Highlights

1a. Proven Quality

With a Karcher pressure washer, you are getting a product that is backed up by proven quality. Karcher has been manufacturing high quality pressure washers for years, and the company brings all of its experience to every new pressure washer it produces. Karcher pressure washers have world-famous German engineering and are designed to be precision instruments with a very high level of performance. That means that no matter which Karcher pressure washer you decide to purchase, you will be getting a tool that will have serious cleaning ability that you can count on.

Karcher routinely proves the quality of its pressure washers by taking on huge projects with them. They not only have cleaned Mount Rushmore, but other national landmarks as well, such as the Space Needle. These challenges simply can’t be attempted by other pressure washer brands, and they show that Karcher is operating at a much higher level.

1b. Great Performance

Whether you need a Karcher pressure washer for residential or commercial cleaning jobs, you can count on getting a machine that will deliver outstanding performance every time you need to use it. Karcher pressure washers are equipped with some of the highest cleaning power ratings in every category. It doesn’t matter if you are buying an electric pressure washer for residential use or a gas powered machine for commercial applications. Every Karcher pressure washer will have an above average cleaning power rating for its class.

That’s because Karcher engineers its pressure washer with state of the art pumps that deliver more pressure but are more compact and lightweight than other designs. In a Karcher pressure washer, you get a lot of cleaning power in a small package – which will be easier to operate and store, because it’s lighter and takes up less room. Karcher pressure washers deliver truly great performance.

1c. Versatile Applications

Karcher is a company that makes pressure washers, period. They don’t manufacture pressure washers as part of a larger fleet of lawn mowers and snow blowers – they have one specialty and they are very good at it. Because they are pressure washer specialists, Karcher is committed to making a wide range of styles and models that have a lot of different applications.

That means that no matter what the job is that you need a pressure washer for, Karcher will have a model that is just right for you. Own a contracting or landscaping business, and need a tough commercial pressure washer? Karcher has plenty of options. Need a residential pressure washer for cleaning jobs around the home? Karcher has dozens to choose from. The versatility of the Karcher family of pressure washers is one of its best assets, because it allows you to get one that is perfect for your needs.

Karcher G3050OH 11110

Karcher G3050OH

The Karcher G3050OH has the kind of powerful, Honda- made engine that you know you can count on to deliver reliable power over the long term. And it has a direct-drive axial pump that is designed to provide lots of pressure to the water spray. Because of that, the Karcher G3050OH has a cleaning power […]

Pros: Compact, lightweight design.

Cons: PVC hose can kink easily.

Karcher K2.350 11110

Karcher K2.350

The Karcher K2.350 is an electric pressure washer that provides a solid amount of water pressure at a fairly high flow rate for an electric model. For the vast majority of cleanup jobs you will have around the house, the Karcher K2.350 is going to provide all of the power and performance you need to […]

Pros: Adjustable jet nozzle.

Cons: One year warranty.

Karcher K5.540 11110

Karcher K5.540

The Karcher K5.540 is designed to provide high performance and serious power in a small, lightweight package. It is convenient and very easy to use, and it has a number of excellent accessories designed for this purpose. It comes with multiple wands for tackling different kinds of jobs, an onboard detergent reservoir, and a Quick […]

Pros: Tons of great accessories.

Cons: Plastic construction.

Karcher K3.540 11110

Karcher K3.540

Karcher K3.540 is one of the only pressure washers to feature a completely unique, patented water-cooled induction motor that allows for better overall performance and a much longer life. The pump powers a direct-drive pump that delivers superior pressure and never needs maintenance to keep it running smoothly. The Karcher K3.540 comes with two spray […]

Pros: Water-cooled induction motor.

Cons: Cold water spray only.

Karcher K5.85 M Plus 11110.5

Karcher K5.85 M Plus

Karcher K5.85M Plus is the kind of superior residential pressure washer that you will certainly want to purchase if you have lots of big cleanup jobs to take care of around the house. As soon as you get it out of the box, it will be pretty obvious that this is a pressure washer that […]

Pros: Adjustable jet spray gun.

Cons: Not the least expensive model.

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