swisherSwisher, which was started by Max Swisher in rural Missouri, was specialized in the creation of handmade lawn mowers. Max’s love of innovation, combined with his ire for mowing the lawn, led him to create the first self-propelled rotary lawnmower. As others began to take notice of the invention, Swisher decided to go into business creating the mowers and in 1945, Swisher was born as a company. The company takes great pride in the fact that all of their mowers are built in the United States of America, and they strive to be recognized for value, quality, and innovation.

While Swisher started with notably humble beginnings, the company has expanded greatly. They now manufacture much more than simple lawn mowers, offering products to help with a wide range of jobs. They are a leading supplier of lawn and garden power equipment in the United States. Their products are sold at many locations throughout the country, as well as through their online store. Their website also makes it easy to download and print a manual for any Swisher product, ensuring that proper use and maintenance can be made easier.

The product line of Swisher is fairly diverse and includes not only zero turn and trail mowers, but traditional mowers, UTV accessories, trail cutters, string trimmers, and log splitters. The company also offers a wide range of ATV accessories including universal mounting kits, dump buckets, spreaders, rack extensions, and heavy duty plow blades, as well as multi-use storage baskets. All of Swisher’s products are designed to be rugged and to stand up to the task at hand, crafted to the highest possible standards of quality. Swisher also sells parts such as bolts, hitches, housings, and more for virtually all of their equipment, ensuring that maintenance and improvements are always a breeze.