Sun Joe

sun joeSun Joe is the summer garden tool brand produced by the Snow Joe company, a business created in 1994 in Edison, New Jersey. The company’s initial mission, and the foundation of its initial success, was the production of an effective, useful snow thrower with a retail price under $100. Building on the funds obtained through this popular design, Snow Joe expanded their product range vigorously, currently offering nearly 150 quality powered outdoor tools for all seasons. The firm leverages the Internet’s power to build interest in their products through periodic winter giveaways of snow throwers and summer giveaways of pressure washers in Facebook contests. The Sun Joe brand saw its debut in May 2009 with the first Mow Joe lawnmower.

Sun Joe is conspicuous among modern lawn and garden tool brands for its focus on ecologically sound electric devices which nevertheless offer sturdy working characteristics. These gas free tools are engineered in either corded or cordless models. Cordless machines are powered by batteries of up to 24 volts, which are removable for easy recharging in the home. Mow Joe lawnmowers (whose name is a wordplay on “mojo”) remain one of the most popular items offered by this firm, including mowers with a cutting width up to 20 inches. Some are corded, while the higher end versions simplify electric mowing with the use of rechargeable battery packs. Top end models offer a choice between mulching, side discharge, or bagging in a 19 gallon rear bag.

Sun Joe’s product range extends far beyond grass cutting, however. Tree related tasks can be handled with a 5 ton log splitter, electric chain saws with blades up to 18 inches, electric pole saws, wood chippers, leaf shredders, and even ash vacuums for wood stoves. Several corded and cordless garden tillers, with heavy-duty steel tines to rip through hard clay or small tree roots, are included in the line. The company also makes affordable but effective dethatchers, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, and residential-sized pressure washers.

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