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Sun Joe Lawn Mowers

These are the 1 best Sun joe lawn mowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Sun Joe MJ420CSun Joe MJ420C
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sun joeSun Joe is one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of different home and yard tools, including pressure washers, snow blowers, and many others, and they consistently make outstanding machines. But one area in which they really blow their competition away is in the design and manufacture of lawn mowers. If you are looking for a new lawn mower, they are almost guaranteed to have one that is perfect for your needs. That’s because Sun Joe is a company that is committed to excellence in all of its projects and has a great deal of experience in making lawn mowers.

Sun Joe is dedicated to making lawn mowers that are as environmentally friendly as they are easy to use. Their high performance models are made to be competitive with gas powered lawn mowers, and it shows. Sun Joe lawn mowers have the kind of extra wide cutting decks and powerful motors that you need to get a professional cut. And they provide that without ever producing a single carbon emission. Sun Joe lawn mowers are high performance, earth-friendly machines.

1. Sun Joe Lawn Mower Highlights

1a. Environmentally friendly

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to reduce our carbon emissions. There is a general consensus that human carbon emissions are having disastrous effects on the planet and its atmosphere, and the EPA estimates that lawn mowers and other small engine home appliances are responsible for putting at least ten percent of all household carbon emissions into the atmosphere every year.

A great way to reduce your carbon footprint, then, is to switch over to an electric lawn mower. Sun Joe lawn mowers never put a single carbon emission into the atmosphere at the point of use. This can go a long way to making your household a more sustainable one, and you will not have to sacrifice performance or ability to do so. With a Sun Joe lawn mower, you get all the benefits of an electric lawn mower with the performance ability of a gas powered one.

1b. Plenty of options

Sun Joe is a company that knows that no two yards in the United States are exactly alike. You may have a fairly large lawn in your yard, or just a smaller strip of grass. For one person, a lawn mower with an extra wide cutting deck is a must, while another person may have a better experience cutting their lawn with a manual push lawn mower. In either case, Sun Joe lawn mowers have you covered.

That is because they bring the same level of commitment to excellence to their big, electric lawn mowers as they do to their smaller manual push models. Both kinds will deliver a professional looking cut to your lawn, whether it is a larger one or a small postage stamp lawn. Options are important to consumers: this is how you can get exactly what you need to get the job done. Sun Joe understands.

1c. Great design features

Sun Joe lawn mowers are particularly great because they have so many great design features. Any lawn mower company can slap together a wide cutting deck and make a lawn mower that can deliver solid cuts every time. But only the best lawn mowers have the kind of extra design features that will make using them a truly enjoyable experience. At Sun Joe, the philosophy is definitely one that believes in providing a great grass cutting experience to their consumers.

Because of that, Sun Joe lawn mowers are packed with excellent design features that help make the job easier. Their lawn mowers have extra big wheels for easier maneuverability. They come with convenient three in one clippings management options. Their handles are ergonomic and controls are user friendly. They have plenty of grass cutting heights, and their decks are designed so that it is easy to switch between them. Sun Joe lawn mowers are a breed apart in terms of design.

Sun Joe MJ420C 11110.5

Sun Joe MJ420C

Sun Joe MJ420C is a battery powered lawn mower that has a run time of a full hour, placing it head and shoulders above what most other battery powered models can offer. This is the kind of performance that you need no matter what size your lawn is. If you have a medium sized lawn, […]

Pros: Extra large wheels.

Cons: Only one grass clippings option.

These are the 1 best Sun joe lawn mowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Sun Joe MJ420CSun Joe MJ420C
(get details)
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