simpsonSimpson is a pressure washer company that was founded in 1960 by Jack Simpson to provide cleaning devices to painters. From the start, the firm’s mission was to produce equipment capable of providing swift cleaning of even the most tenacious dirt from wall surfaces prior to painting. The washers were designed to assist in paint removal by blasting chipping, flaking paint off the surface also. Eventually, the company began producing a line of home pressure washers for residential use, while continuing its manufacture of industrial items. In 2006, the company was acquired by the Decatur, Arkansas company FNA Group, which focuses on various kinds of pressure washers. Simpson Pressure Washing continues to produce its product lines under the FNA Group umbrella.

Simpson’s home pressure washing systems range up to 3,000 psi, though most output less. The lightest provides 1,700 psi, delivering 1.3 gallons per minute with the action provided by an electric motor. All medium and heavy duty residential devices, by contrast, use gas motors to provide power. Mounted on sturdy wheels, they can be moved quickly to the spot where cleaning is needed and back to storage just as readily. All models come with several interchangeable professional style nozzles for different tasks. These nozzles are designed to be quick to attach and detach, enabling the user to switch between cleaning actions in a matter of moments. They are also color coded for easy identification and thus more efficient use.

Simpson also manufactures a full line of commercial pressure washers, including those with enough force to strip scaling paint. The top Water Shotgun model uses a belt drive to summon up no less than 5,000 psi water pressure. Large pneumatic tires and 50 foot hoses are present on many models, all of which feature gas engines. Simpson offers several hot water pressure washers also, whose diesel burners raise the incoming water’s temperature by 100 degrees before it is sprayed out of the nozzle.