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Simpson MSH3125-S Review

Simpson MSH3125-S

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simpson msh3125-s

Taking care of your house and yard is a lot of work – there are plenty of chores, and only so much free time in the weekend, and this kind of work can add up quickly. Before you know it, you have spent your whole weekend making repairs, keeping the yard looking great, and cleaning walls and windows – and we haven’t even looked at the car yet.

Fortunately, for at least some of these chores, there is help: a residential pressure washer can shave hours off of the amount of time you have to spend on cleaning projects. These great machines have the kind of high pressure water sprays that can blast dirt and grime away in minutes. And with a powerful, versatile residential pressure washer like the Simpson MSH3125-S, you will be able to spend less time cleaning up around your property and more time doing the things you want to do.

Review Summary

review summaryThe Simpson MSH3125-S is an extremely powerful residential pressure washer, which is exactly what you need in order to be able to tackle the kind of big cleaning jobs you encounter when you own your own home. It has a cleaning power rating of 7750 – this is very high for a residential pressure washer, and it means that there is no job that the Simpson MSH3125-S can’t take care of.

The Simpson MSH3125-S has the kind of powerful engine and sleek design that will make it easy to take care of lots of different tasks with it – so easy, in fact, that you may find yourself wishing there were more chores around the house that you could use it to take care of quickly and efficiently! With this pressure washer, your car will always be sparkling when you wash it with the gentlest power setting. Your siding will never get dull and your deck will always be clean when you wash it on a medium spray setting. You will not ever have to look at that oil stain in the driveway again. The Simpson MSH3125-S, set to max pressure and with a powerful cleaning solvent can blast it right out.


review specificationsThe Simpson MSH3125-S is a residential pressure washer with dimensions of 33 x 21 x 19 inches. It has a Honda-made, 190 cubic centimeter OHV engine that drives an OEM Technologies axial cam pump. The pump delivers a maximum pressure of 3100 PSI and has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.

Dimensions33 x 21 x 19
Engine ManufacturerHonda
EngineGCV190 OHC
Power Rating7750
PumpOEM Technologies axial cam
Spray GunPro-style
Nozzle5 (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, soap)
Hose1/4-inch x 25-foot
Hose MaterialHigh pressure poly-braided
Wheels10-inch pneumatic
Weight78 pounds
Warranty1 year

The cleaning power rating on the Simpson MSH3125-S is a huge 7750, and it means that there is just about no job that is too tough for this pressure washer. It has a pro-style spray gun with five pressure settings. Its hose is 25 feet long and made of high pressure poly braids.


review descriptionOnce the Simpson MSH3125-S arrives at your door and you get it out of your box, the kind of power it is packing will be palpable. With a sleek, compact design, big pneumatic tires and a powerful 190 cubic centimeter engine that is designed by Honda – one of the very best names in engine manufacturing – this machine looks ready for work right from the start. And it is: with its extremely high cleaning power rating of 7750, there are not very many jobs that it is not capable of taking care of quickly and efficiently.

The cleaning power rating comes from the fact that the Simpson MSH3125-S has a pressure that reaches a max of 3100 pounds per square inch and a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. These are really impressive specs for a residential pressure washer. And because the Simpson MSH3125-S has five stainless steel nozzles that offer you a wide variety of pressure spray options, there will be a lot of different uses for this pressure washer.

Not only will you be able to blast tough stains out of concrete and brick surfaces, you will also have the ability to gently wash down more delicate surfaces, such as windows or screens. And because the Simpson MSH3125-S has a long hose made of a strong poly weave, you have a wide range of motion while you are using it. The convenience and performance ability of this pressure washer just does not quit.

There are not many residential pressure washers out there that can consistently deliver the kind of power and performance that the Simpson MSH3125-S can. With this excellent pressure washer in your garage, you will be almost looking forward to taking care of household chores over the weekend, because they will be over and done with much more quickly than ever.


review prosThere are so many great features on the Simpson MSH3125-S that it was frankly a bit difficult to narrow them down to just five. Not only is it a very powerful pressure washer with a great engine and strong pump, it is also very well designed. It has a low center of gravity and really convenient controls that make it very easy to use. Overall this is one of the best residential pressure washers on the market today.

  1. Powerful engine made by a trusted manufacturer : The engine in the Simpson MSH3125-S is made by Honda, one of the very best companies for manufacturing small machine engines and engine parts, so you know you can count on it over the long term. And the engine has a displacement of 190 cubic centimeters, so you know it will be providing a lot of power to the axial cam pump. That’s what you want when you are purchasing a gas powered residential pressure washer.
  2. Very high cleaning power rating : This is the reason you want that powerful engine – it is able to support very high flow rate and pressure. The Simpson MSH3125-S has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute and its maximum pressure is 3100 pounds per square inch. With those specs, it has a cleaning power rating that works out to 7750, which is about as high as it gets in a residential pressure washer and ensures that it will be able to tackle the toughest jobs.
  3. Excellent materials : You do not just want your residential pressure washer to be powerful; you also want it to be tough enough to stand up to wear and tear. And the Simpson MSH3125-S is. It has a high pressure poly-braided hose that will be more durable and flexible than other materials. Its frame is made from tough welded steel that can take a lot of rough use without getting so much as a scratch. And it has big, 10-inch pneumatic tires.
  4. Five spray options : Because you have so many different cleanup tasks around your home and yard, you want a lot of options – there are plenty of jobs that do not require the highest pressure setting, and you don’t want to risk damaging the finish on your car when you wash it. The Simpson MSH3125-S has five spray options from zero degrees, which is a powerful blast of water, to forty degrees, which is comparatively gentle.
  5. Convenient design : The overall design of the Simpson MSH3125-S is vey convenient and makes it easy to use. It has an ergonomically designed pro-style spray gun. Its pump is designed to produce high pressure sprays with less vibration. Its nozzles are stainless steel and its fittings are all brass – which is exactly what you want on a residential pressure washer. There is s convenient hook for storing the hose and a holster for the spray wand as well.

With all of these great features, you can easily see why the Simpson MSH3125-S is such a popular residential pressure washer. It has the kind of power you need to attack a wide variety of cleaning jobs around the house and yard, but it also has the options for gentle sprays so you can take care of delicate jobs as well. And it is a very tough, well designed pressure washer that will definitely get the job done.


review consNow, after going over all of those excellent Pros, you will naturally be surprised to find out that the Simpson MSH3125-S is not entirely perfect. But it is true – there are a few drawbacks that this pressure washer has. While I do not think any of them are of the kind of serious nature that will take away from the machine’s performance or quality, I do think it is important that you know exactly what you are getting.

  1. Not CARB compliant : It is quite common for small gas powered appliances to not be compliant with the California Air Resources Board standards on carbon emissions – after all, they are rather strict. The Simpson MSH3125-S is no exception, which is a real shame because it means that if you live in any of the fourteen states that enforce these emissions standards, you will not be able to purchase or use this pressure washer legally.
  2. Fairly large footprint : With all of the power that the Simpson MSH3125-S is packing, it is not surprising that it is a fairly large machine with a big footprint. Its overall dimensions are 33 x 21 x 19 inches. While this is not huge, it is not small either, and it means that finding enough space to store this pressure washer in your garage or tool shed might be a bit tricky. So be prepared to make some room.
  3. No hot water spray : On a big, powerful, gas powered residential pressure washer, it is always nice to have the option of a hot water spray, which can power through tough stains more easily than cold water sprays can. Unfortunately, on the Simpson MSH3125-S this simply is not an option. Of course, with all of its cleaning power and the fact that it has a soap option, you will still be able to power through tough jobs quickly and efficiently.
  4. Engine requires some maintenance : As with any appliance that has a gas powered engine, the Simpson MSH3125-S is going to need a bit of maintenance every now and again to keep it humming along smoothly. This is all very simple stuff – things like changing the oil once in a while, replacing spark plugs when they die, or cleaning air filters to keep the engine running well. I do not see any reason why the average homeowner should have trouble with them.
  5. Somewhat noisy and produces fumes : The engine on the Simpson MSH3125-S is fairly noisy – not so much that you will need ear protection but noisy enough that you will have to shout to be heard over it. And the engine produces fumes, which is typical for a gas powered residential pressure washer, but it also means that you will not be able to use this in enclosed spaces without making sure they are very well ventilated first; otherwise, you will have to wear a respirator.

So, as you can clearly see, there isn’t a single Con on this list that really takes away anything from the outstanding Pros we covered earlier. Most of these are just part of owning a big, powerful, gas residential pressure washer. If you want a machine that can take care of the toughest jobs, then this is the one for you, in spite of the few minor drawbacks that it does have.

Product Comparison

review comparisonPros and Cons lists by themselves are not always the very best way to determine if a particular product is the right one for you. They can be helped out greatly by also doing some comparison shopping. This way, you can find out if a particular pressure washer really is the best one, or if other models made by its competitors have better features. This table compares the Simpson MSH3125-S with two other pressure washers made by its competitors.

 Simpson MSH3125-SSimpson
Karcher G3050OHKarcher
Generac 5997Generac
Dimensions33 x 21 x 1922 x 23 x 3528 x 28 x 33
Engine ManufacturerHondaHondaGenerac
EngineGCV190 OHCGC190 187cc OHC420cc OHV
Power Rating7750750016000
PumpOEM Technologies axial camDirect-drive axialEasy-access axial cam
Spray GunPro-styleCommercial gradeProfessional grade
Nozzle5 (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, soap)5 (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, soap)5 (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, soap)
Hose1/4-inch x 25-foot1/4-inch x 25-foot3/8-inch x 35-foot
Hose MaterialHigh pressure poly-braidedPVC/plasticSteel reinforced,
non-marring rubber
Wheels10-inch pneumatic10-inch pneumatic12-inch pneumatic
Weight78 pounds72 pounds165 pounds
Warranty1 year1 year3 years

While the Generac has the highest PSI and flow rate, as well as the most powerful engine, of the three models, that is because it is a commercial grade pressure washer. But I think it’s important to look at how powerful the Simpson MSH3125-S is by comparison, in spite of the fact that it is just a residential pressure washer. It still has a very high cleaning power rating and a great engine.


review conclusionBecause you want to be absolutely certain that you are buying the very best residential pressure washer for your needs, I think that it is a good practice not just to do comparison shopping but also to really understand exactly what the pros and cons of the machine are. Let’s take another look.

Conclusion Pros

  1. Powerful engine made by a trusted manufacturer.
  2. Very high cleaning power rating.
  3. Excellent materials.
  4. Five spray options.
  5. Convenient design.

This is one of he most powerful residential pressure washers you will be able to find, and that is in part because it has such a great engine. It is made from durable materials and has the kind of high PSI and multiple spray options you need around the house.

Conclusion Cons

  1. Not CARB compliant.
  2. Fairly large footprint.
  3. No hot water spray.
  4. Engine requires some maintenance.
  5. Noisy and produces fumes.

While it is unfortunate that the Simpson MSH3125-S is not compliant with CARB emissions standards, this just means that certain readers will not have access to it, which is a shame because it is such a great pressure washer. Beyond that, there are few real Cons to this pressure washer.

Final Word

When you have a home that it is your sole responsibility to maintain, it becomes very important to make sure that you have the right tools for the job. Otherwise, this work can quickly become big, tough jobs that take you days to finish. But with a residential pressure washer like the Simpson MSH3125-S on your side, a lot of the work that goes into maintaining your home gets a lot easier very quickly.

This pressure washer has one of the highest cleaning power ratings you can find on the market today, and because of that there is almost no limit to what it is able to do around the home. With the Simpson MSH3125-S , you can take care of a huge number of household chores in mere minutes. This is a great residential pressure washer that you will almost certainly be happy with once it is in your garage and you can see what it can do.

Best Price

review pricesIf the Simpson MSH3125-S is on the higher end of the price range for residential pressure washers, that is simply because it is one of the best models out there. Because it has a powerful engine made by a great manufacturer, and a pump that can deliver one of the highest cleaning power ratings on a residential pressure washer today, I think that the price is absolutely fair. It will certainly be money well spent, and with all of the time and work this pressure washer can save you, it will pay for itself over time. This is a great pressure washer at a fair price.

Simpson MSH3125-S

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