gilmourGilmour is a composite firm made up of several different companies, including the eponymous Gilmour Manufacturing Company, founded in 1949. This firm, created by Robert Gilmour, built its initial success on the introduction of pistol grip nozzles for hoses. Several more popular innovations, such as multi-jet nozzles and clamshell hose repair kits, added to company’s fame and gave it the capital for more expansion. Acquiring Seymour Smith & Son in 1985 provided the manufacturer with the noted Snap-Cut line of geared loppers, shears, and pruners. The firm branched out even further by merger with Universal Metal, a 1935 company that spearheaded the creation of polyethylene sprayers, the ancestors of Gilmour’s current sprayer line.

Gilmour is still renowned for its tank sprayers. Lawn and garden variants emphasize mobility, ranging from 1 to 3 gallons, and are hand powered, squirting liquids out through the hose in response to a piston-style pump. Specialty sprayers include hose-attaching versions, backpack configurations, and small hand-held trigger sprayers. Commercial sprayers are extra-tough and include pressure relief valves. Quality is paramount in production, ensuring that all the company’s outdoor tools are durable and provide good service through years of rigorous use. Sales remain high and the firm continues with a commitment to green products.

Gilmour’s range includes many other products, including concepts introduced over the decades by the inventive people who designed items for such merged firms as Universal Metal and Seymour Smith & Son. The firm’s quality reel mower slices through 20″ swaths of grass with its self-sharpening blades, for example, and a cleated 10″ front wheel to provide good grip and control even on slick new grass growth. A variety of pruning and lopping shears, hedge trimmers, and tree trimmers are available to help with keeping woody growth properly cut. Diverse hoses, spray nozzles, watering wands, sprinklers, and water timers keep plants fresh and moist all summer.