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Gilmour Lawn Mowers

These are the 1 best Gilmour lawn mowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Gilmour RM30Gilmour RM30
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gilmourOne of the easiest ways to make your household’s overall carbon footprint a lot smaller is to switch over to a manual reel lawn mower. If your lawn is not terribly large, you can cut it just as easily with a manual reel lawn mower as you could with one powered by gas or electricity. And manual reel mowers are the only ones that actually produce zero emissions. But you want to find a company that makes high quality lawn mowers if you are making the switch. That’s because when all of the power is coming from the operator, the mower is going to have to be well-designed and durable.

Gilmour is a company that prides itself on producing manual reel lawn mowers that can really be called competitive with electric or gas powered ones. Gilmour lawn mowers are truly emissions-free, but they have durable parts and great design features that make them perform well over the long term. A Gilmour lawn mower is truly a great investment if you care about your lawn and the planet.

1. Gilmour Lawn Mower Highlights

1a. No Emissions, Ever

While many companies that sell electric lawn mowers promote their products as being zero emissions, this is not actually the case. Unless your electricity comes from solar panels or wind turbines, it is not actually emissions free, and in a lot of areas in the country, it is actually coming from coal-burning power plants or nuclear power reactors.

So if you really want your lawn mower to be as green as possible, you want to switch to a manual reel lawn mower. Gilmour lawn mowers are made by a company that is truly committed to producing models that are not only truly emissions free but also can provide the kind of outstanding cuts that you want for your lawn. This is a company that believes in making real alternatives to powered lawn mowers, and it shows. You will not have to lose anything in terms of power or performance with a Gilmour lawn mower.

1b. Durable Cutting Reel

One of the ways that Gilmour lawn mowers are able to compete with gas and electric powered lawn mowers is because they are equipped with a highly durable cutting reel. Gilmour lawn mowers have cutting reels that are made of welded steel. The steel is also heat-treated to make it harder and last longer. That means that you will always be able to get a high quality cut with a Gilmour lawn mower, and you will not have to sharpen its blades as often.

Being truly environmentally friendly does not mean that you should have to sacrifice comfort or high performance in your yard tools. Gilmour lawn mowers are clearly designed with this in mind. That is the main reason why their cutting blades are designed to be so durable – they want you to get the same quality as you would with a powered mower, while producing no emissions to do so.

1c. Great Design

Gilmour lawn mowers are not just designed to have durable cutting reels, though. There are a lot of other design features that all come together to make the experience of using one of these lawn mowers a really enjoyable one. For example, the blades on the cutting reel are self-sharpening. That’s right: unlike other manual reel mowers, Gilmour lawn mowers actually sharpen their own blades while you are using them. That means you will almost never have to do any maintenance on them to keep them running like they were brand new.

And Gilmour lawn mowers come with a convenient extra set of wheels. Most manual reel mowers only have two wheels: these mowers have four. That provides extra stability so that you will be able to get a more even cut, whether you are using a Gilmour lawn mower on flat or uneven terrain. These lawn mowers are really quite superior.

Gilmour RM30 1110.50

Gilmour RM30

The Gilmour RM30 is a manual reel mower equipped with a 20 inch wide cutting reel and five durable steel cutting blades. The cutting reel is as wide as they come on manual reel mowers, and it is comparable to the cutting deck widths on power rotary mowers as well. A wider cutting deck lets […]

Pros: 5 durable steel blades.

Cons: Fairly loud for a reel mower.

These are the 1 best Gilmour lawn mowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Gilmour RM30Gilmour RM30
(get details)
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