earthwiseEarthwise is an ecologically attuned brand of lawnmowers and other powered lawn care products manufactured by American Lawn Mower Company, a firm founded in 1895 to build push reel mowers. American Lawn Mower expanded to fresh horizons with Earthwise, creating the brand in 2008 to meet the rapidly rising demand for environmentally responsible tools and devices. These products have generated much public interest, with sales rising by 200% over the course of five years. Earthwise’s offerings have branched out robustly from the initial three lawnmowers and nine yard tools to embrace a current product line of 10 mowers and 15 tools.

Earthwise’s core offerings consist of its celebrated electric lawnmower line of both corded and cordless models. Corded mowers come in 14, 18, and 20 inch configurations, and switch easily between side discharge and mulching action. Cordless versions, powered by a removable 24 volt battery, are offered in 14, 17, or 20 inch cutting swaths. Premium cordless models feature three-in-one grass clipping disposal choices (side discharge, mulching, or rear bag) and an LED power supply indicator. All these lawn care tools are manufactured to the high quality standards that demonstrate American Lawn Mower’s market leadership, and are fashioned to minimize the carbon footprint involved in their use.

Earthwise brings the same ecologically aware design to its other outdoor tools. Devices powered by 18 volt lithium batteries provide swift charging (about 1 hour), while power availability remains strong nearly to the moment when the battery is exhausted, rather than slowly decreasing over a longer period of time. These products include chain saws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, pole saws, and string trimmers. Similar items are available in corded models, and the company also manufactures electric powered pressure washers with up to 2,000 psi water pressure. These washers feature built-in detergent tanks, hoses up to 30 feet long, and adjustable pressure for versatile cleaning of everything from paths and outdoor furniture to cars and houses.

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