dewaltDeWalt is an American-headquartered tool manufacturer founded in 1924 by Raymond DeWalt, a man propelled to success by his invention of the radial arm saw. The company’s first major product, the “Wonder-Worker,” a mass-produced version of DeWalt’s invention, remained the backbone of its commercial success for the next two decades. World War II offered fresh opportunities for the tool manufacturer. The government’s need for high quality electric tools provided both the incentive and capital to massively diversify the firm’s product range. Post-war reorganization paved the way for expansion into Canada, acquisition of new patents, and creation of inventions such as bench grinders and innovative metal cutters. Black & Decker bought the company in 1960, refocusing the brand as its premier quality line beginning in the 1990s.

Today, DeWalt is an outstanding provider of professional-grade power tools with more than 200 different devices in its catalog and a hefty share of both the U.S. and international tool market. Particularly famous are the company’s cordless power tools, which were a groundbreaking introduction in 1994 and featured some of the world’s strongest cord-free implements. Currently, its lithium ion battery cordless tools push the power envelope for this device type. The firm’s recently introduced high-performance motors, built with 40% more copper, are noted for boosting the power of its corded tools by 25% to 55% over comparably sized devices.

Hundreds of tools are available today from this premium division of Black & Decker, including drills, grinders, nailers, saws, hammers, pressure washers, screwdrivers, screw guns, rotary hammers, and many others. Power configurations include corded, cordless, and pneumatic tools. A range of more than 800 accessories encompasses specialty saw blades, attachments, abrasives, grout removal attachments, and more. Among DeWalt’s recent additions are work jackets and hunting jackets featuring heating elements powered by 12 volt or 20 volt batteries. These batteries can be used simultaneously to recharge consumer electronics via a USB cable.

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