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DeWalt Pressure Washers

These are the 1 best Dewalt pressure washers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

DeWalt DXPW4240DeWalt DXPW4240
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dewaltDeWalt is a company that has a long and rich history of producing some of the best power tools and appliances anywhere. That’s why it is a trusted name among homeowners and professional contractors alike. When you get a DeWalt tool, you know you are getting something that is built tough and can withstand frequent use for years to come. And their pressure washers are certainly no exception to this standard. DeWalt pressure washers are designed to provide reliable, high powered washing ability for a lot of different kinds of jobs.

With a DeWalt pressure washer, there is no limit to the different kinds of jobs you can get done. You may be a contractor who needs a powerful pressure washer for cleanup on job sites, or simply a homeowner who wants to finish chores around the house and yard more quickly and efficiently. Either way, with a high quality DeWalt pressure washer, you are going to be getting all of the cleaning power you need to bet big jobs done faster than ever before.

1. DeWalt Pressure Washer Highlights

1a. High PSI

The pressure – measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) – is going to be the single most important facet of a pressure washer. And DeWalt pressure washers deliver some of the highest PSIs and flow rates you can find in any pressure washer on the market today. Higher PSI is important because it is what will allow you to take care of tough stains quickly. With the kind of PSI that DeWalt pressure washers deliver, you can remove tough oil stains from concrete, strip paint from walls, and clean just about any surface you can think of.

DeWalt pressure washers have pressure ratings that approach 4,000 PSI – well above the industry average. Whether you are using your DeWalt pressure washer on a contracting job or just applying it to cleanup jobs around the house, it is going to deliver the kind of outstanding PSI you need to get the job done fast.

1b. Durable Design

DeWalt pressure washers are built tough. This is a tool and appliance company that has a solid reputation for manufacturing some of the most durable and longest lasting products you can find, and their pressure washers are no exception to this standard. DeWalt pressure washers are made from tough materials that are going to last for the long term. The pistons on their triplex pumps are made of ceramic, and their engines are made by Honda.

The engine plates, axels, and frames are all made from durable welded steel. With wands made of stainless steel and connection fittings made from brass – never plastic – DeWalt pressure washers have everything you need to hold up to repeated use under tough conditions. These machines will never develop leaks the way pressure washers made with substandard materials do. They can handle dangerous job sites just as well as use around the home and will never need repairs.

1c. Lots of Options

Because DeWalt knows that different conditions call for different tools, they manufacture a wide range of pressure washers for use in the home and garden as well as for commercial use. Whether you are a subcontractor who needs a heavy duty pressure washer for cleanup on job sites, or you just need a tough, reliable pressure washer for cleanup jobs around the house and yard, DeWalt has a pressure washer that is just right for you.

And because you will need your pressure washer for a wide array of different jobs, DeWalt provides options. With plenty of nozzles for delivering different pressure sprays, hot and cold water options, and downstream detergent injection systems, DeWalt pressure washers are individually able to be used on lots of different tasks. From washing your car to blasting mold off of siding, to cleaning grease from your grill and removing grass from your lawnmower, DeWalt pressure washers can do it all.

DeWalt DXPW4240 11110.5

DeWalt DXPW4240

The DeWalt DXPW4240 is exactly the kind of robust, heavy duty pressure washer you need to have when there are tough stains that need removal. It is a pressure washer that is built with commercial applications in mind, and because of that, it has a tough, durable body; a high performance engine made by one […]

Pros: Outstanding Power Rating.

Cons: Produces a lot of exhaust.

These are the 1 best Dewalt pressure washers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

DeWalt DXPW4240DeWalt DXPW4240
(get details)
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