Campbell Hausfeld

campbell hausfeldCampbell Hausfeld traces its origins back to 1836, when Alexander Campbell founded a wagon-making business in Harrison, Ohio, with two of his brothers as business partners. In the following decades, they expanded their business into plows and other agricultural implements, and perfected a mechanical corn drill for corn planting. Explosive success followed from this invention, with over 75,000 corn drills sold in the U.S. and internationally. Further robust growth led to supplying crucibles to Joseph Hausfeld’s foundry and eventually merger of the firms into Campbell Hausfeld in 1920. A watershed 1940 acquisition of King Air Compressor led to entry into the compressor market. Today, the company is subsidiary to Scott & Fetzer, but continues to offer the quality and variety that originally launched its success, retooled for the new millennium.

Campbell Hausfeld enjoys popularity and accolades for the rugged durability with which it manufactures its products, encapsulated in its motto “Built to Last.” Pressure washers are among its many notable creations, including those designed for residential use and high-capacity models for commercial operations. Available in both electric and gas powered configurations, home pressure washers are engineered to reduce water expenditure by 80% compared to a typical garden hose, while providing superior washing capabilities. Their commercial washers feature extremely tough pumps which can deliver powerful streams of water for extended periods of time.

Campbell Hausfeld’s diverse products all show the same attention to detail and excellence in construction which makes them long-lasting and trustworthy. The firm’s recently introduced 200 psi air compressors are aimed specifically at do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The homeowner line is a wide-ranging selection that includes many pneumatic tools, such as air compressors, nail guns, staplers, welders, cutting tools, tire inflators, and paint sprayers. Commercial products incorporate air compressors, welders, pressure washers, and high capacity paint sprayers. These useful items are widely available online and offline, and are supported by a network of authorized service centers.