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Worx WG782 Review

Worx WG782

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worx wg782

(Rated: 4.7 / 5) Review by Frank Lowery
Ease of Assembly11111
Balance And Handling11111
Cut Quality11110.5

More and more homeowners are becoming aware of the effects their decisions are having on their environmental impact, and green products that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and the amount of carbon emissions we are putting into the atmosphere are becoming increasingly popular. There are a lot of great advantages to switching to an electric lawn mower like the Worx WG782. It almost goes without saying that an electric lawn mower like the Worx WG782 is going to be considerably better for the environment than a gas powered one, but it has advantages over other electric ones as well. Unlike plug in electric lawn mowers, the Worx WG782 frees you from being tethered to a power outlet, allowing you to roam all over your front and back yard. The Worx WG782 has a lot of other great features that also help to make it one of the more convenient lawn mowers you can find.

Review Summary

review summaryThe Worx WG782 is the kind of compact cordless lawn mower that packs a lot of convenience and ease of use into a relatively small package. It has a powerful battery that charges to full power more quickly than other models. And it holds that charge for a full forty minutes of runtime, ensuring that you will have no difficulty cutting lawns up to 1/3 of an acre in size. The battery is designed to have a longer life as well, and it can be recharged hundreds of times before it starts to lose its capability – which ensures that you will be using the Worx WG782 for many years.

There are tons of convenient features on the Worx WG782. It comes with IntelliCut Technology, which allows you to choose exactly the right power setting for conditions on the ground. It comes with plenty of options in terms of grass clippings management and cutting height as well, so you will always be able to give your lawn the healthiest possible cut with the least amount of work. And best of all, it has a great price.


review specificationsThe Worx WG782 is a cordless electric lawn mower with a 24 volt battery that takes just five hours to charge fully. When it is fully charged, the Worx WG782 can cut up to 1/3 of an acre and run for up to 40 minutes straight. It weighs 32 pounds and has dimensions of 26.8 x 16.1 x 13.2 inches.

Dimensions26.8 x 16.1 x 13.2 inches
Power24V Removable Battery (Inc. 1 battery)
Charge Time5 Hours to 100%
Deck Size
(cutting swath)
Mulch/Bag/DischargeMulch, bag, and discharge
Cutting Areaup to 1/3 acre
Runtime charge
(conditions may vary)
up to 40 minutes
Drive SystemManual Push
StarterKey + Push button
Height AdjustmentHandle (6 positions)
Height Settings1-4/5- to 3-1/3-inch
Wheel Size7.5-inch front / 7.5-inch rear
Weight32 pounds
Warranty2 years

The Worx WG782 has a cutting deck that is 14 inches wide, and it has six height settings between 1 4/5 and 3 1/3 inches. It has a manual push drive system and wheels that are 7.5 inches tall in both the front and rear. It comes with three grass clippings management options and a two year warranty.


review descriptionWhen you first get the Worx WG782 out of its box, you may be a bit surprised by just how compact and light it is. Weighing in at only 32 pounds, it is light enough that anyone should be able to easily lift it out of the box, not to mention maneuver it around their yard. And it is small enough that you should have no problem finding enough storage space for it in your garage or tool shed.

But do not be fooled by its size and weight – the Worx WG782 is still a very capable cordless electric lawn mower, with a battery that charges to full power in just five hours and can run the Worx WG782 for up to forty minutes – long enough to cut 1/3 of an acre or 10,000 square feet. And the Worx WG782 is packed with convenient features that help make cutting the lawn easier than ever.

You will have no difficulty switching between the six height settings on the Worx WG782 so you can always be getting the very best cutting height to keep your lawn looking its best. And it is equally simple to change from collecting grass clippings in the rear bag to mulching them into the lawn. You can even select the power level you want the Worx WG782 to operate at – Quiet for early morning cutting of fine, short lawns, up to Power for getting through tough, dense grass.

The Worx WG782 is great for the environment because it never produces any emissions at the point of use. But it is also great for your wallet. This is one of the more reasonably priced lawn mowers on the market today, and that means that you will not only be saving the planet when you buy it – you will be saving a lot of money, too.


review prosThere are a number of great features on the Worx WG782 that combine to make it one of the better battery powered lawn mowers on the market today. The Worx WG782 is light and compact, easy to use, and has a lot of convenient design notes that help to make sure you will be giving your lawn the best possible cut to keep it looking great all summer long. Let’s take a look at the top five Pros the Worx WG782 has to offer.

  1. Lightweight and compact : Most cordless electric lawn mowers are fairly heavy affairs, mainly because the batteries they carry weigh so much. This can make them difficult to maneuver around the yard, especially when you are trying to mow a lawn that is on an incline. The Worx WG782 is an exception to this trend, however: it weighs just 32 pounds. That makes it light enough for just about anyone to use it without any trouble, regardless of strength level.
  2. IntelliCut Technology : One of the best and most unique features the Worx WG782 is equipped with Worx IntelliCut Technology. This makes sure that power is there when you need it: IntelliCut Technology allows you to dial up the power level when you have to get through denser patches of grass, and dial it back down when you are mowing under normal conditions. The lowest setting runs virtually silently, so you can mow at any time of day without disturbing your neighbors.
  3. Cuts up to 1/3 of an acre on one charge : The vast majority of cordless electric lawn mowers, especially those with 24 volt batteries, are only able to provide enough charge to cut up to ¼ of an acre before their battery loses its charge. On the Worx WG782, you get enough power to cut up to one third of an acre on a single charge. That is a large enough area to take care of even larger than average lawns, and most homeowners will be able to take care of both their front and back lawns on that amount of charge.
  4. Six height settings : It is important to have a range of height settings to choose from, so that you can always get the best possible setting to give your lawn a healthy cut. Lawn care experts recommend that you do not cut your grass shorter than 1/3 its initial height, so the more options you have, the better prepared you will be to give it the best possible cut. On the Worx WG782, there are six height options that are easy to switch between.
  5. Three grass clippings options : Some days, you will want to collect your grass clippings in a bag for disposal or addition to your compost pile. Other days, you may want to chop grass clippings into fine pieces that will break down quickly into the lawn and help keep it looking lustrous and beautiful. On the Worx WG782, you get three grass clippings management options, and it is very easy to switch from a rear bag to a side discharge, or engage the mulching plug.

With all of these outstanding features, it is easy to see why the Worx WG782 is well equipped to provide the kind of great cuts that will keep your lawn looking its best all year long. You can always select the proper power level, cutting height, and grass clippings management option, which will take a lot of the extra work out of lawn care. With the Worx WG782, you can cut a bigger area on a single charge. Soon your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.


review consEven though it has all of those great features, there are a few areas in which the Worx WG782 could stand to see a little improvement. While the deck size could be bigger, and the lawn mower could stand to be a bit more powerful, overall I do not think that any of these drawbacks can really take away from the quality it offers. With all of the options and great design the Worx WG782 has, these Cons do little to take away from its performance ability.

  1. Narrow deck size : The cutting deck on the Worx WG782 is only fourteen inches wide, making it one of the smaller ones on any power lawn mower out there today. This means that you will have to make more passes to cut your lawn than you would with a bigger lawn mower, and if you are cutting a lawn that approaches the 1/3 of an acre the Worx WG782 can take care of on a single charge, it is going to take you a while to get the job done.
  2. May have trouble with taller grass : Even though the Worx WG782 comes with six height settings, giving you a solid range of choices for the level you want to cut your lawn at that tops out at 3 1/3 inches, the Worx WG782 may still have some difficulty with taller grass. This is a common problem in electric lawn mowers, whether they are cordless or plug in: because they do not have quite as much power as other lawn mowers, they will not be able to cut through most grass that is more than six inches tall.
  3. Not the most powerful battery : The Worx WG782 has a battery that packs 24 volts, which is on the lower end for a cordless electric lawn mower. More powerful batteries can have up to 36 volts, which allows them to drive the cutting deck with considerably more torque. Because the battery on the Worx WG782 is not as powerful, it may have issues with denser patches of grass even when you engage the IntelliCut Dial to power up the cutting deck.
  4. Not very durable design : A number of key components on the Worx WG782 are made of composite plastic, which while not a particularly delicate material is also not the toughest on the market either. A stamped steel body and more durable wheels would definitely be an improvement and ensure that the Worx WG782 would have the ability to stand up to tougher conditions. Still, for general use around the home, the durability of the Worx WG782 should not be a major problem.
  5. Can struggle with tougher grass varieties : This is a problem that is common to a lot of electric lawn mowers. Similar to the issue with taller grass, these machines do not have the kind of power necessary to cut through tougher varieties of grass such as St. Augustine or Bermuda grass as quickly as other lawn mowers can. While the Worx WG782 will certainly be able to get the job done, you may find that it is slow going with these varieties.

I certainly do not think that any of these Cons really take away much from the overall performance and ability the Worx WG782 has to offer. This is still a very solid lawn mower that is well equipped to take care of small to medium sized lawns – especially those lawns that are planted with fine Fescue or Kentucky bluegrass and do not have too many dense patches. The Worx WG782 has a lot of convenient features that help make tough jobs easier, and none of these drawbacks can diminish that.

Product Comparison

review comparisonWhile you can certainly learn a lot about whether a particular lawn mower has the features you want for your yard, the best way to find out which model is the best one for your needs is to compare it to a few similar models. That way you can find out how it stacks up to what else is on the market and also get a better understanding of the kind of features commonly offered. The following table compares the Worx WG782 with two similar cordless lawn mowers.

 worx wg782Worx
earthwise 60120 Earthwise
toro 20360Toro
Dimensions26.8 x 16.1 x 13.2 inches39.8 x 22.8 x 35.7 inches56.7 x 21.5 x 38.9 inches
Power24V Removable Battery
(Inc. 1 battery)
24V Removable Battery
(Inc. 1 battery)
36V Removable Battery
(Inc. 1 battery)
Charge Time5 Hours to 100%15 Hours to 100%15 Hours to 100%
Deck Size (cutting swath)14-inch20-inch20-inch
Mulch/Bag/DischargeMulch, bag, and dischargeMulch, bag, and dischargeMulch and bag
Cutting Areaup to 1/3 acreup to 1/3 acreup to 1/4 acre
Runtime charge (conditions may vary)up to 40 minutesup to 45 minutesup to 45 minutes
Drive SystemManual PushManual PushManual Push
StarterKey + Push buttonKey + Push buttonPush Button
Height AdjustmentHandle (6 positions)Single lever (7 positions)Each wheel (8 positions)
Height Settings1-4/5- to 3-1/3-inch1-1/2- to 3-3/4-inch1- to 4-inch
Wheel Size7.5-inch front / 7.5-inch rear7-inch front / 9-1/2 inch rear7-inch front / 8-inch rear
Weight32 pounds92 pounds77 pounds
Warranty2 years2 years2 years

As you can see, while the Worx WG782 has the smallest cutting deck of the three lawn mowers, in all other areas it either matches or exceeds what the other two have to offer. The Worx WG782 has the fastest charging battery of the three, weighs the least, and can up to 1/3 of an acre on a single charge. The Worx WG782 offers three grass clippings options and has the smallest overall footprint of the three.


review conclusionThere are plenty of reasons why the Worx WG782 is a great cordless electric lawn mower, and it definitely looks like one of the best compact models on the market today. But before you make your final decision to purchase it, let’s take one more quick look at its Pros and Cons.

Conclusion Pros

  1. Lightweight and compact.
  2. IntelliCut Technology.
  3. Cuts up to 1/3 of an acre on one charge.
  4. Six height settings.
  5. Three grass clippings options.

As one of the lightest and most compact cordless lawn mowers out there, the Worx WG782 is a lot easier to maneuver around the yard and find storage for. It has a large cutting area and plenty of convenient options that help make it a breeze to operate it.

Conclusion Cons

  1. Narrow deck size.
  2. May have trouble with taller grass.
  3. Not the most powerful battery.
  4. Not very durable design.
  5. Can struggle with tougher grass varieties.

While the deck size could certainly be a bit wider, and while there are more powerful batteries out there, those are the only two real drawbacks that the Worx WG782 has. Other than that, this is a fairly solid cordless lawn mower that has everything it takes to cut bigger lawns fast.

Final Word

A cordless lawn mower is almost always a great purchase, especially if you have the right conditions in your yard for it. These lawn mowers allow you to get rid of the need for smelly gas cans and carbon emissions, and they free you from being tethered to a power outlet, giving you a greater range of motion, which allows you to cut a bigger space. The Worx WG782 is a great example of a compact battery powered lawn mower that is perfect for the average suburban household. The battery on the Worx WG782 charges more quickly than on most other cordless machines, and you can cut up to 1/3 of an acre with it. While it does not have the widest deck, for a lot of users this will be a good thing, since it makes it a lot easier to fit the Worx WG782 into compact spaces – either for storage or while you are cutting around trees and flower beds. Overall this is a great cordless lawnmower.

Best Price

review pricesOne of the best things about the Worx WG782 is its price tag. This is a very affordable lawn mower, especially when you compare it to similar cordless models. A lot of the time, battery powered lawn mowers either do not have what it takes to perform or else are too expensive to be worth the switch from plug in or gas models. But on the Worx WG782 you are getting a solid, high quality machine that also has one of the more reasonable prices out there. This is really the best of both worlds – you get all of the quality and power you need, and save a fair amount of money while you get it.

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