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Brute Power 20554 Review

Brute Power 20554

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brute power 20554

A high powered residential pressure washer is exactly the kind of tool you need to take care of big cleanup jobs around the house faster than ever. With one of these in your garage or basement you will always be prepared for whatever major cleanup job you might find. A residential pressure washer like the Brute Power 20554 can clean mold and grim off of vinyl or aluminum siding in minutes. You can use one to wash down brick and masonry, and by pressure washing your deck or patio you will have it looking as great as it did when it was new. And you can use a residential pressure washer for more delicate jobs as well, such as cleaning windows or washing your car. By selecting one of the lower pressure settings on the Brute Power 20554, you can clean delicate surfaces easily without damaging them at all. A residential pressure washer can do all of this and more.

Review Summary

review summaryThere are a lot of outstanding features on the Brute Power 20554 that help to make it one of the better residential pressure washers that you can find on the market today. It is a very well equipped machine that has all of the power and performance you need to take care of big jobs easily. And because it has a range of pressure settings, you can use the Brute Power 20554 to tackle smaller and more delicate jobs as well. Whether you are washing windows or blasting oil stains out of the concrete driveway, the Brute Power 20554 is going to be able to do it all.

That is because the Brute Power 20554 has a high quality engine that is driving an axial cam pump that can deliver a cleaning power rating that certainly lives up to this pressure washer’s name. It has a powerful spray along with plenty of options to make sure you are always prepared for any job you might come across at home or on the job site. And because it is a solidly built pressure washer, it has the kind of heavy duty, durable parts that can stand up to the most demanding conditions without suffering a breakdown or getting worn out.


review specificationsThe Brute Power 20554 is a gas powered residential pressure washer that has a Briggs & Stratton 850 series OHV engine with a displacement of 190 cubic centimeters. It has an axial cam pump. The pressure washer weighs just 65 pounds and has an overall footprint of 22 x 22 x 23 inches.

Dimensions22 x 22 x 23
Engine ManufacturerBriggs & Stratton
Engine850 Series 190cc OHV
Power Rating7000
PumpAxial cam
Spray GunPro-style
Nozzle4 (0°, 15°, 40°, soap)
Hose1/4-inch x 25-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plastic
Wheels8-inch solid
Weight65 pounds
Warranty1 year

The Brute Power 20554 can deliver a max pressure of 2800 pounds per square inch with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, which gives it an overall cleaning power rating of 7000. It delivers a cold water spray through its pro-style spray gun, which has four nozzle attachments. It has a 25 foot hose and eight inch wheels.


review descriptionAs soon as you get the Brute Power 20554 out of its box, it is abundantly clear that this is a residential pressure washer that is in a class all by itself. This is a pressure washer that is compact, lightweight, and clearly quite tough. It has the kind of high performance engine under the hood that will allow you to get all of the power you need out of it for a very long time. While the engine has a total displacement that is just under 200 cubic centimeters, it is still able to provide excellent power to the pressure washer’s axial cam pump.

The Brute Power 20554 is squat and lightweight, which means you will have no trouble finding enough storage space for it in your garage or tool shed. You can even fit it into the trunk of a compact car if you ever need to take it off site to the marina or a neighbor’s house for projects at those locations. And because it weighs less than seventy pounds, lifting it is not terribly difficult either. Best of all, it is extremely easy to operate and quite versatile, so you can use it for a number of different cleaning applications.

The Brute Power 20554 has a max cleaning power rating that is sure to provide more than enough pressure to remove even the worst stains from just about any surface you have to clean, and because it has a fairly high flow rate – at 2.5 gallons per minute – you are going to be getting a broader spray as well. That means that you can clean a large area in just minutes. When you have limited time in your weekend and lots of chores to take care of, that kind of speed is essential to making sure you can get everything done. With the Brute Power 20554, you can.


review prosThere are a number of great features that combine to make the Brute Power 20554 one of the best residential pressure washers on the market today. Few of them would be possible without the outstanding engine the Brute Power 20554 boasts, which is what supports the pressure washer’s ability to provide a high cleaning power rating without being overly large or bulky. Let’s take a look at the top five Pros that the Brute Power 20554 has to offer its owner.

  1. Powerful Briggs & Stratton engine : Briggs & Stratton has long been recognized as a leader in the small engine manufacturing business, and this is with good reason. They consistently make some of the best and most innovative engines on the planet, and you can be confident that the one the Brute Power 20554 has will provide this quality as well. It has a 190 cubic centimeter displacement as well as a horsepower and torque that are quite high, giving you all the power you need.
  2. Solid cleaning power rating : Because the engine on the Brute Power 20554 is of such high quality, you will be getting a solid cleaning power rating with the Brute Power 20554 as well. Clocking in at 7000 units, the cleaning power rating on the Brute Power 20554 is well above average for a residential pressure washer, and it is even competitive with what many commercial grade pressure washers have to offer. That is exactly what you will need to take on serious cleaning jobs with ease.
  3. Lightweight and compact : Even with its high powered engine and solid cleaning power rating, the Brute Power 20554 is still a very lightweight and compact pressure washer, which is good news to anyone who has a garage like mine – packed to the rafters with gardening and yard tools and machines. You will not have any trouble finding enough space for the Brute Power 20554 in your garage, and because it is so lightweight, maneuvering it around the yard is a cinch.
  4. Durable parts : But do not let the fact that the Brute Power 20554 is lightweight fool you – this is a solidly built and very tough machine. With a durable steel frame that can protect the engine and pump from dings and dents, you will never have to worry about damaging the Brute Power 20554. And because it has brass connector fittings and a PVC plastic hose, the Brute Power 20554 will never develop leaks or cracks on seams.
  5. Easy to operate : Perhaps best of all, the Brute Power 20554 is extremely easy to operate. Perhaps surprisingly, you will find that a lot of pressure washers can be rather difficult to operate, with controls that are not intuitively designed, connections that are hard to access, or other problems. But the Brute Power 20554 does not have any of these issues – you can easily get it started right up; changing nozzles is a breeze; and it requires little to no maintenance to keep running well.

As you can see, the Brute Power 20554 is a very well designed pressure washer that has everything you need to take care of all kinds of different cleanup jobs around the house. With a solid Briggs & Stratton engine, a high cleaning power rating, and durable parts packed into a lightweight and compact overall design, the Brute Power 20554 is ready to provide all of the cleaning ability you need. This is really one great pressure washer.


review consEven with all of the great features the Brute Power 20554 has to offer, there are unfortunately a few drawbacks to its overall design. These do not take away at all from the fact that it is still one of the best residential pressure washers on the market today – and frankly most of them are not true Cons at all, but only minor annoyances. Still, for the sake of being thorough, I think we should cover them anyway.

  1. Not CARB compliant : While the powerful Briggs & Stratton engine the Brute Power 20554 has is a real asset, and allows it to provide the high cleaning power rating it has, the engine does produce a relatively high volume of emissions. Because of that, the Brute Power 20554 is not compliant with California Air Resources Board emissions standards, which is a shame, since it means that consumers in that State will not have the opportunity to purchase this great machine.
  2. Only four nozzles : For the majority of cleanup jobs that you will probably encounter around the house, having four pressure nozzles to choose from should be plenty. It offers a wide enough range of power to choose exactly the pressure you need for different jobs. Still, having more options is always better, since it allows you to be more precise with your choice. It would be nice to have just a few more options on the Brute Power 20554.
  3. PVC plastic hose : The major advantage to having a PVC plastic hose is that it will never crack or develop microscopic leaks along its seams, and it is tough enough that you could run over it with a truck and not damage it. But the drawback is that PVC plastic hoses tend to be a bit stiff, which means that they will have a tendency to coil back up on themselves easily. This is not a Con per se, but it can be a bit of an annoyance.
  4. PSI could be higher : Having a max PSI of 2800 is outstanding for a residential pressure washer, and it is quite above average as well. With that PSI you should have no trouble dealing with a lot of tough jobs. But with a Briggs & Stratton engine and axial cam pump, you would hope that the Brute Power 20554 would be able to provide a few hundred more PSI, just to kick the cleaning power rating up a few notches.
  5. One year warranty : The industry standard for warranty length on a typical residential pressure washer is two years. On the Brute Power 20554 the warranty is half as long. While the fact that it has a high quality engine and is built very durably should mean that you would never need to rely on the warranty, having an extra year or two is always nice if only for your peace of mind.

I think you will agree that the Cons that I could find on the Brute Power 20554 do not present the kind of serious issues that could really take away anything from all of its great features. This is still a pressure washer that has everything you need to be able to take care of tough jobs around the house quickly and efficiently. Overall, the Brute Power 20554 is still a great residential pressure washer with a lot to offer.

Product Comparison

review comparisonPros and Cons lists are a great way to get to know the ins and outs of a particular pressure washer and understand its strengths and weaknesses. But they will not tell you how that pressure washer stacks up to those made by the competition. To find that out, you have to do some comparison shopping. The table below compares the Brute Power 20554 with two similar models made by its competitors.

 Brute Power 20554Brute Power
Generac 6022Generac
Generac 6412Generac
Dimensions22 x 22 x 2317.6 x 27.1 x 20.620.6 x 21 x 39.5
Engine ManufacturerBriggs & StrattonGeneracGenerac
Engine850 Series 190cc OHV196cc OHV212cc OHV
Power Rating700062108400
PumpAxial camEasy-access axial camEasy-access axial cam
Spray GunPro-styleErgonomicErgonomic
Nozzle4 (0°, 15°, 40°, soap)4 (0°, 25°, 40°, soap)3 (0°, 25°, soap)
Hose1/4-inch x 25-foot1/4-inch x 25-foot1/4-inch x 30-foot
Hose MaterialPVC/plasticPVC/plasticPVC/plastic
Wheels8-inch solid10-inch solid10-inch solid
Weight65 pounds83 pounds68.5 pounds
Warranty1 year2 years2 years

As you can see, the Brute Power 20554 is the smallest and weighs the least of the three pressure washers, but it is still one of the highest in terms of gallons per minute. It is even comparable in terms of cleaning power rating to a more heavy duty and expensive commercial pressure washer. With that kind of power in a residential pressure washer, there is no limit to the kinds of different jobs you will be able to take care of.


review conclusionWhile the Brute Power 20554 compares very well to what even the best commercial pressure washers have to offer, I think it is important to review its Pros and Cons one more time before you decide to buy it. That way, you can be completely sure that you will be getting the pressure washer that is perfect for you.

Conclusion Pros

  1. Powerful Briggs & Stratton engine.
  2. Solid cleaning power rating.
  3. Lightweight and compact.
  4. Durable parts.
  5. Easy to operate.

With a state of the art engine and a solid cleaning power rating, the Brute Power 20554 is ready to take on just about any job you could find around the house. But even though it is so powerful, it still is extremely light and compact. It is solidly built and very easy to operate.

Conclusion Cons

  1. Not CARB compliant.
  2. Only four nozzles.
  3. PVC plastic hose.
  4. PSI could be higher.
  5. One year warranty.

While the Brute Power 20554 could use some minor tweaks to really make it a perfect residential pressure washer, I think that overall none of the Cons that it has can take away from all of its great Pros. None of the Cons I could find had any effect on its power or performance in any way.

Final Word

Finding a solid residential pressure washer these days is not an easy task. There are dozens on the market, and all of them claim to offer the kind of pressure and flow rate that you need to take on big, tough jobs. But only a few of them are truly able to offer the kind of serious engine design and cleaning power rating that you really need to take care of lots of different jobs. The Brute Power 20554 is one of these rare machines. It has an engine made by one of the best manufacturers in the business, and enough power going to the axial cam pump to provide a cleaning power rating that is well above average for a residential pressure washer. It is even comparable to many commercial pressure washers in terms of sheer power. All things considered, the Brute Power 20554 is an outstanding residential pressure washer.

Best Price

review pricesWhen you hear about the superior engine and high level cleaning power that the Brute Power 20554 has to offer, it would not be unreasonable to assume that it is one of the more expensive residential pressure washers on the market today. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is actually one of the more affordable pressure washers in its class. That means that you will be able to get all of the cleaning power you need without having to spend a fortune to get it. Every dollar counts when you own your own home. With the Brute Power 20554 you can get high performance and great savings.

Brute Power 20554

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