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Worx Snow Blowers

These are the 1 best Worx snow blowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Worx WG650Worx WG650
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worxWhen you are shopping for a new snow blower these days, you will of course be concerned about its features, like clearance width, snow clearing capacity, and snow cut depth, but a looming concern for homeowners looking for new yard accessories is the environmental factor. For a long time, if you wanted a solid snow blower, you had to choose between performance and emissions, and clearing serious snow fall with an electric model was simply not an option. But then companies like Worx started to change the landscape of electric yard appliances, and now the situation is much better.

With Worx snow blowers, you are not only reducing your overall carbon footprint, but getting a machine that has no problems at all dealing with clearing deep snow fall from large areas quickly and efficiently. That is because Worx is a company that prides itself on making the very best in electric yard appliances, and they make sure that power is never something that has to be traded off for environmental concerns. Worx snow blowers are some of the best electric models out there.

1. Worx Snow Blower Highlights

1a. Great Clearance Width

All too often, if you want an electric snow blower it always seemed like you could only find a small model that could clear a little more than a foot wide path on a single pass. As a result, many consumers stuck to buying gas powered snow blowers. All the while, though, companies like Worx were improving electric snow blower technology, and now Worx boasts some of the widest clearances on single-stage snow blowers – electric or gas powered.

Worx snow blowers routinely have clearance widths that are over twenty inches wide. This is enough to clear a pathway on most sidewalks in a single pass, and it means you will have no problem clearing your driveway as quickly as possible. This is one of the most important features on an electric snow blower, and it is one category in which Worx is really standing head and shoulders above the competition.

1b. Outstanding Design

Worx is a company that takes a lot of pride in the quality of the products it is manufacturing, and it really shows. Their snow blowers have the kind of state of the art design that allow the user to finish clearing their driveways not only more quickly and efficiently, but in much greater comfort as well. Their handles are ergonomically designed and can be easily adjusted so that you are always operating the snow blower at the perfect height for you. No more strained backs or shoulders from hunching over a small snow blower.

And their design is also meant to ensure you are getting the highest performance capacity in the smallest package. Worx snow blowers are so well designed that they can move more snow than many machines that are one and a half times their size! This makes them easier to use and find storage space for them.

1c. High Clearance Capacity

On electric snow blowers, one of the biggest drawbacks that many models face is the fact that they are unable to move past an apparent ceiling for snow clearing capacity, which is usually around six hundred pounds of snow per minute. This is not the case for Worx, though. Their snow blowers routinely surmount the 600 pound per minute ceiling, and often clock in at well over seven hundred pounds of clearance capacity per minute.

As a result, no matter what kind of snow conditions you are dealing with, Worx snow blowers are going to be able to move snow fall quickly and efficiently. Plenty of electric single stage snow blowers get bogged down when conditions are slushy and wet, but not Worx snow blowers. Their machines have no trouble throwing wet snow farther than other electric snow blowers, and their clearance capacity never seems to suffer, regardless of the weather.

Worx WG650 11110

Worx WG650

The Worx WG650 is a big, powerful electric snow blower that is designed to handle heavy snow fall on medium sized driveways and longer sidewalks. It has an eighteen inch snow clearance width, which will allow you to finish a job in fewer passes and less time than you would be able to with a […]

Pros: Powerful 13 amp motor.

Cons: Snow chute design.

These are the 1 best Worx snow blowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Worx WG650Worx WG650
(get details)
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