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Warrior Tools Snow Blowers

These are the 1 best Warrior tools snow blowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Warrior Tools WR67404BWarrior Tools WR67404B
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warrior toolsWhen winter gets going, it is important to have a snow blower in your garage that you know you can count on. There is no point in purchasing a snow blower that will slow down or start underperforming as soon as snow fall starts to get serious – after all, serious snow is what you are buying the snow blower for. That is why you want a snow blower made by a company like Warrior Tools. The name practically says it all here: Warrior Tools snow blowers are built strong so they can win the battle against deep snow blanketing your driveway.

Warrior Tools snow blowers have the kind of superior design and tough parts that lets them deal with serious snow accumulation with ease. And they are one snow blower manufacturers that make a gas-powered snow blower that is also CARB compliant. You can get all of the power of a gas snow blower without the drawbacks of too many emissions. Beyond that, Warrior Tools snow blowers are very user-friendly and have ergonomic designs as well.

1. Warrior Tools Snow Blower Highlights

1a. Environmentally Friendly

It is not easy to find a snow blower that has all of the advantages of a combustion engine but that is also compliant with California Air Resources Board emissions standards. That is because it is frankly a bit difficult to design a gas powered engine that can run a snow blower and not produce too many emissions. It takes a lot of power to drive through wet, deep snow, not to mention to throw it a considerable distance.

And to do that, plenty of snow blower companies have simply decided that it isn’t worth it to them to make engines that are CARB compliant. This is not the case with Warrior Tools snow blowers, though. Their machines have all of the power you need to tackle serious snow drifts, but they produce so few emissions that they can be used by anyone, no matter where you live. It’s the best of both worlds.

1b. Great Design

Warrior Tools snow blowers are not only designed to be powerful and CARB compliant at the same time: there are a number of other areas in which these machines offer the best of both worlds, too. For example, on a Warrior Tools snow blower, you are getting a machine that has a high clearance width and solid snow cut depth, but you are also getting a compact, lightweight design. That makes the snow blower easier to maneuver and find storage space for – but at the same time, it helps you clear your driveway faster.

And Warrior Tools snow blowers are designed using extremely durable parts, so you never have to worry about one of these machines breaking down on you or getting worn out. But they are also very inexpensive, affordable machines! It’s rare that you find a snow blower that is both reasonably priced and made of solid parts. In all areas, these machines have a great design.

1c. User Friendly

When it is freezing cold outside and snow is piled deeply in your driveway, the last thing you want to be doing is struggling with a snow blower that is difficult to operate. No, you want a snow blower that will start up quickly and reliably every time, and be easy to maneuver around the driveway. You want its snow chute to be simple to adjust from one side of the machine to the other. And you want steering it to be a piece of cake.

In all of these areas, Warrior Tools snow blowers definitely deliver. They have convenient electric starter buttons that allow you to get them started right up the first time, every time. Their snow chutes pivot 180 degrees with a convenient handle. And they weigh so little that anyone will have an easy time steering them around their driveway. These are very user friendly machines.

Warrior Tools WR67404B 11110.5

Warrior Tools WR67404B

The Warrior Tools WR67404B is a snow blower that manages to pack a lot of snow clearing ability into a relatively compact and lightweight machine. While its overall dimensions make it a bit smaller than average for a single-stage gas powered snow blower, it nevertheless has an impressive clearance width and snow cut depth, and […]

Pros: Fairly wide clearance.

Cons: Auger & body are plastic.

These are the 1 best Warrior tools snow blowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Warrior Tools WR67404BWarrior Tools WR67404B
(get details)
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