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Toro Snow Blowers

toroToro has been a leader in the snow blower manufacturing business for a long time, and they have decades of experience in their design teams. Because of that, they have a fleet of snow blowers that are perfect for many different situations, and rather than specializing in only making two-stage or electric snow blowers like some companies do, Toro prides itself on producing outstanding snow blowers in a few different categories. Whether you need an electric single-stage snow blower for keeping a short walkway or driveway clear of snow in the city, or you need a tough gas powered two-stage snow blower to use around the farm, Toro has one that is just right for you.

Toro snow blowers are consistently designed to deliver the maximum snow clearing capacity possible in compact, lightweight machines that are easy to use. That means you can maximize your clearing width and intake height without sacrificing too much storage space in your garage. And these machines are built to last: once you buy a Toro snow blower, you won’t need a replacement.

1. Toro Snow Blower Highlights

1a. Lots of Options

When you are in the market for a new snow blower, you want to have plenty of options. No two properties are exactly alike, and snow fall conditions can vary widely from one region of the United States to the next. Some people may feel more comfortable using a two-stage snow blower that can deal with big drifts of snow on unpaved ground. Others may just need a small but capable electric single-stage snow blower for their suburban property.

Whatever you need, Toro has a snow blower that is just right for your particular circumstances. Their two-stage snow blowers are some of the most powerful and capable ones in the business. But their single-stage snow blowers are high performance machines as well, and even their electric models really hold their own when it comes to clearing a lot of snow fast. Toro makes all of its models outstanding, and you will be able to count on them under many different conditions.

1b. Great clearance ability

You want your snow blower to have the capacity to clear a large volume of snow quickly and efficiently – otherwise, there is little point to owning one. Toro snow blowers are consistently some of the best on the market when it comes to this feature. Their snow blowers have the kind of extra wide clearances that can significantly cut down on the number of passes you have to make to get your driveway clear.

And they have intake heights that leave a lot of other snow blowers struggling to catch up. Whether you live in a region that gets a moderate amount of snow fall with the occasional blizzard, or a region that consistently gets a lot of snow all winter long, you want to be prepared. And with a Toro snow blower in your garage, you will have the kind of intake height you need to deal with serious snow fall.

1c. Long-lasting & tough

Toro snow blowers are built to last. This is a company that has a well-deserved reputation for producing machines that can stand up to the toughest conditions over many years, and that is exactly what you want in your garage. You certainly do not want to buy a sub-par machine that is not going to outlast its warranty. But with a Toro snow blower, you are going to be getting a machine that will last for years to come.

That’s because these snow blowers are made of some of the most durable materials you can find on a small engine machine. Their augers are made of tough, welded steel, and are typically tipped with rubber to make them last even longer. Toro snow blowers have bodies made of hard, stamped steel, and their other components are made of similarly durable materials. With one of these machines, you can count on it for the long term.

Toro Power Clear 418 11110

Toro Power Clear 418

The Toro Power Clear 418 is a compact and lightweight snow blower that is specifically designed to help homeowners who live in regions that do not get exceptionally heavy snow fall during winter storms. It’s made to take care of the average one car driveway quickly and efficiently, and that is exactly what it does. […]

Pros: Great for smaller jobs.

Cons: Capacity per minute is low.

Toro Power Clear 621R 1110.50

Toro Power Clear 621R

The Toro Power Clear 621R is the perfect single stage snow blower for use on paved driveways and sidewalks, and it is able to handle moderate snow fall at an impressive rate. The Toro Power Clear 621R can clear up to nine hundred pounds of snow per minute under the right conditions, which means that […]

Pros: 21 inch clearing width.

Cons: Wheels are rather small.

Toro 38381 11110

Toro 38381

The Toro 38381 is an electric snow blower with a 15 amp motor that provides enough power to allow the machine to move up to 700 pounds of snow per minute. It has an extra wide eighteen inch clearance, which will allow you to clear driveways faster and more efficiently. And it has a 12 […]

Pros: High snow cut depth.

Cons: Wheels somewhat small.

Toro 38025 11110.5

Toro 38025

The Toro 38025 is a great little snow blower for all kinds of different situations. Whether you have a moderately long driveway and live in an area that consistently gets snow fall all winter long, or just have a short walkway and only see snow storms more rarely, the Toro 38025 is exactly the kind […]

Pros: Zero fumes & emissions.

Cons: Motor is a bit small.

Toro 38361 11110.5

Toro 38361

The Toro 38361 is an electric snow shovel that is designed to take a lot of the work out of keeping your walkways, deck, and porch steps clear of snow during the winter. It allows you to enjoy the efficiency and convenience of a power snow remover without having to deal with the expense or […]

Pros: 6 inch snow cut depth.

Cons: Plastic auger durability.

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