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Toro Lawn Mowers

These are the 1 best Toro lawn mowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Toro 20360Toro 20360
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toroNot surprisingly, Toro is consistently one of the best lawn mower manufacturers. This company manages year after year to remain at the cutting edge of lawn mower design and technology, and is always striving to improve their lawn mowers to continue offering some of the best models available on the market. Toro lawn mowers are well known as being some of the best gas powered machines out there, and their electric lawn mowers are similarly outstanding. Toro makes lawn mowers that are built to last and that provide lots of convenience and performance to their users.

Toro lawn mowers can deal with a wide range of lawn sizes and grass types, and have no trouble handling a variety of different kinds of terrain. This brand is virtually synonymous for excellence in just about every category you could think of. Their lawn mowers have the kind of wide cutting decks that can get a lawn mowed more quickly and efficiently. They have lots of power and are ergonomically designed to be as easy to use as possible.

1. Toro Lawn Mower Highlights

1a. User Friendly

Toro prides itself on providing lawn mowers that are designed with convenience and comfort in mind. That is why all of their lawn mowers come equipped with three in one grass clippings management, in which you can bag clippings, discharge them out the side, or mulch them into the ground for an organically healthier lawn. And the cutting decks on Toro lawn mowers are easy to adjust from one cutting height to the next using one-touch height adjustment technology.

The handles and controls of Toro lawn mowers are designed to be as ergonomic as possible so you never run the risk of back or shoulder pain when you are using them. Toro lawn mowers that are self-propelled are equipped with revolutionary technology that allows them to automatically adjust to the operator’s pace, so you are never going faster or slower than you want. These are some truly user-friendly lawn mowers.

1b. Robust design

You want your lawn mower to be designed in such a way that you can count on it to last over the long term. This does not just mean that it has to have solid parts, although that is equally important. It also has to have the kind of outstanding design notes that make sure it is subjected to as little wear and tear as possible while you are using it, even if conditions are tough. The Toro line of lawn mowers boasts the kind of outstanding design that will hold up over time.

And the parts and manufacturing of Toro lawn mowers is tough, too. Toro lawn mowers’ cutting decks are always made out of durable welded steel so they will need sharpening less often. These mowers’ bodies are made of tough stamped steel. And other parts, such as wheels and controls, are made from durable composite materials that will last.

1c. Many Applications

Toro lawn mowers can be used just as easily on big lawn care jobs as small ones, and whatever you may need one for I guarantee they will have a model that fits your specifications. Toro pays close attention to what users need, and often incorporates operator feedback into its newer designs, which means the company is always looking for ways to improve upon earlier models. Because of this, Toro has a lot of different lawn mowers, and each one is perfected for different uses.

So whether you have the kind of big lawn that will need a robust, gas powered and self-propelled lawn mower with a wide cutting deck, or you have a smaller lawn that would be best served with a smaller, battery powered lawn mower, Toro has one that is just right for you. And each individual lawn mower will have a range of applications as well.

Toro 20360 1110.50

Toro 20360

The Toro 20360 is a cordless electric lawn mower with a 36 volt battery. When fully charged, the battery can power the lawn mower for up to 45 minutes and has a cutting area of 1/4 an acre. That is more than enough time and area to cut both the front and back lawns in […]

Pros: Easy to start up & operate.

Cons: Mower is rather heavy.

These are the 1 best Toro lawn mowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Toro 20360Toro 20360
(get details)
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