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Power Smart Lawn Mowers

These are the 1 best Power smart lawn mowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Power Smart DB6902Power Smart DB6902
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power smartNo matter how big or small your lawn might be, when it comes to keeping it looking great all year long, you want to have a lawn mower that was made by a trusted manufacturer. That means that you want it to have been manufactured by a company that has a lot of experience and a trusted reputation. Power Smart is just that kind of company. For years they have been producing some of the best electric lawn mowers for residential use anywhere on the market.

Power Smart is dedicated to the idea that electric lawn mowers can be a viable alternative to gas powered ones. Because of that, they consistently produce electric lawn mowers with wider cutting decks and more power than most other models on the market. Their machines are designed to make cutting small to medium sized lawns a quick and easy experience, and for that reason they make their lawn mowers with plenty of options. They pack a lot of power into a small design, and sell them at great prices.

1. Power Smart Lawn Mower Highlights

1a. Compact Design

It is important to have a lawn mower that has a cutting deck width that is sufficient enough to reduce the number of passes it takes to finish the job. This allows you to cut down on the amount of time you have to spend sweating out in the hot summer sun, and spend more of your weekend relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends.

But you don’t want your lawn mower to be so large that it is difficult to find enough storage space for it or maneuver it easily around the yard. In its lawn mowers, Power Smart has come up with great designs that pack a lot of cutting width into a relatively small package. That allows you to get all the benefits of a nice, wide cut without having to wrestle with a big, bulky machine. It is really the best of both worlds.

1b. Plenty of Options

You also want a lawn mower that offers you plenty of options when you are using it. Not only are no two lawns precisely the same, the conditions on the ground in your yard can change as quickly as one week to the next. Because of that, you need to be able to have a lot of choices so you can make the best decision for the overall health of your lawn. That is the best way to keep it looking great all summer long.

With that in mind, Power Smart lawn mowers come with three in one grass clippings management as a standard feature. That way, you can mulch clippings back into the lawn when it needs some extra nitrogen and other nutrients. Or you can bag your clippings for disposal or addition to your compost pile. Finally, there’s the option to simply discharge them out the side. This allows you to keep your lawn as healthy as possible.

1c. Great Prices

Power Smart is a company that believes that you should not have to pay a whole lot of money to get a superior lawn mower. This is a great philosophy, and one that is not very common in this day and age. But you can get an outstanding electric lawn mower from Power Smart that will be able to easily make short work of a moderately sized lawn without spending too much to do so.

That means that even if you are on a budget, you can get the same quality of lawn care as you could if money was no object. Power Smart lawn mowers are equipped with everything you need to keep your lawn looking healthy. They are designed to provide professional grade cuts, and they are easy to use. But they don’t cost a fortune. And because they run on electricity, the money you save over time will add up too.

Power Smart DB6902 1110.50

Power Smart DB6902

The Power Smart DB6902 has a number of excellent features that make it a great option for the homeowner who has less than a half acre of grass to cut. If you are looking for a walk behind gas powered lawn mower that has a big cutting deck but is still lightweight and compact, this […]

Pros: Compact and lightweight.

Cons: The mower is particularly loud.

These are the 1 best Power smart lawn mowers based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and price:

Power Smart DB6902Power Smart DB6902
(get details)
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