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Poulan Pro Snow Blowers

poulan proWhile Poulan Pro is perhaps best known for its outstanding fleet of lawn mowers, that is no reason to suggest that it is not an outstanding manufacturer of snow blowers as well. That is because Poulan Pro is a company that prides itself on producing some of the best home and yard appliances and power tools you can find. And when you start to look at the kind of snow blowers this company makes, it is easy to see that Poulan Pro is a leader in the industry.

Poulan Pro snow blowers are not only some of the most well designed models on the market, they are also extremely tough machines. They have solid engines that you can count on to deliver reliable power over the long term and the kind of durable steel parts that you know will hold up for many years. Not only are they solidly built, they also have serious snow clearing capacities. Poulan Pro snow blowers consistently have some of the widest clearances and highest snow cut depths on the market.

1. Poulan Pro Snow Blower Highlights

1a. High performance engines

When you are clearing heavy, wet snow that is packed deep, you want your snow blower to have the kind of powerful engine that you can rely on so it does not get bogged down or have trouble throwing the snow where you want to put it. Poulan Pro snow blowers are equipped with some of the very best engines in the business. This means that they will always be able to perform very well, regardless of conditions on the ground.

Poulan Pro snow blowers have engines that are manufactured by some of the best names in the business. And the engines on their snow blowers have the kind of horsepower, torque and displacement specs that mean they can provide real power to the snow blower’s auger. This kind of power is exactly what you need in order to be able to deal with all kinds of different conditions, no matter what the weather.

1b. Great snow clearing capacity

Poulan Pro snow blowers do not only have powerful engines, though. These engines are designed to support the kind of great snow clearing capacity that means you will always be able to clear your driveway more quickly and efficiently than you could with other snow blowers. For that reason, Poulan Pro snow blowers have the kind of extra wide clearances that allow you to clear the driveway in fewer passes. And they have some of the highest intake heights you can find in their class.

That means that no matter how much snow falls in your area, if you have a Poulan Pro snow blower in your garage you will always be prepared. These machines can move hundreds of pounds of snow per minute and throw it distances that are well above average for their class. It doesn’t matter if the snow is slushy or powdery: Poulan Pro snow blowers can handle it.

1c. User-friendly design

For a snow blower to be not only good at what it does but also easy to use, it has to have a great, user-friendly design. That means that it is not only going to have controls that are easy to figure out and use, but an overall design that is compact, does not weight too much, and is not too difficult to maneuver around the driveway. And this is exactly what Poulan Pro snow blowers do have.

For all of the snow clearing power that Poulan Pro snow blowers provide, they take up surprisingly small amounts of room in the garage, and do not weigh too much. This makes them much easier to maneuver, and that fact is abetted by their ergonomic design. These machines are made to be better for your back and shoulders. They are easy to start up, and even easier to use. In no time your driveway will be clear of snow.

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