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American Lawn Mower

american lawn mowerAmerican Lawn Mower traces its roots to 1895, the year when Robert B. Kersey and several relatives started the firm in Richmond, Indiana. The company was dedicated to producing push reel mowers from the start, and was not a general metal parts manufacturer like so many other garden equipment companies were at their inception. Steady commercial success led the firm to move to steadily larger factories, first in Muncie, Indiana, and then in Shelbyville, where the business bought out another push reel producer, Great States Corporation, in 1936. Production in Shelbyville continues to this day, and the current company president is the grandson of the founder, Robert Kersey.

American Lawn Mower’s main product line still consists of push reel mowers. Tubular steel and high impact plastics are used in construction, making these items much lighter weight than earlier models, which included ponderous wooden handles and the like. Modern powder coated finishes guard these devices from rust for many years, while the blades are heat treated to keep them sharp for far longer than untreated blades. Cutting width ranges from 14 inches to 18 inches depending on the model. Today, between 700 and 900 push reel mowers are produced daily by the company’s 50 employees.

American Lawn Mower is a company which owns several other brands also. Though the basic product line consists entirely of reel mowers, the other brands include powered tools also. Among these are Earthwise (corded and battery powered pole saws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, electric mowers, and power washers), Yardwise (yard cleaners), and Economy Line (hedge trimmers, string trimmers, and electric chainsaws). The firm also sells a sharpening kit to hone the reel mower blades back to razor keenness when they eventually become dulled. It likewise produces a grass catcher that fits onto the back of the reel mower and collects most of the clippings thrown clear of the blades.

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