Husqvarna 924HV

husqvarna 924hv

The Husqvarna 924HV is not an ordinary snow blower. It is equipped with a powerful engine that was designed specifically with this model in mind, and it has everything it needs to blast through deep, densely packed snow like it was cutting through soft butter. Because it is so powerful, the Husqvarna 924HV is able to support one of the widest augers you can find on a snow blower today – one that can clear a path two feet wide in a single pass. And […] Read Full Review »

Manufacturer Husqvarna
Type Two-Stage
Dimensions 52 x 24 x 42 inches
Start Button push
Engine Manufacturer Husqvarna
Engine 208 cc – OHV
2-cycle / 4-cycle 4-cycle
Drive Self-propelled
Speed Control 4 forward / 2 reverse
Clearing Width 24 inches
Snow Cut Depth 23 inches
Throw Distance Up to 35 feet
Handle Ergonomic
Light LED Headlight
Chute Control Manual 180°
Wheels 16-Inch x 5-inch
Weight 202 pounds
Warranty 2 years
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