Toro Power Clear 621QZE

toro power clear 621qze

The Toro Power Clear 621QZE is a very well designed snow blower that manages to pack everything you need to keep your driveway clear of snow in a surprisingly small package. This machine has all of the power you need to clear large amounts of heavy snow quickly and efficiently, and it is designed to deal with tough conditions well. The Toro Power Clear 621QZE has the kind of extra wide clearance that will allow you to finish clearing your driveway in fewer passes and […] Read Full Review »

Manufacturer Toro
Type Single-Stage
Dimensions 22 x 29 x 23 inches
Start Button push
Engine Manufacturer Toro
Engine 163cc – OHV
2-cycle / 4-cycle 4-cycle
Clearing Width 21 inches
Snow Cut Depth 13 inches
Capacity / Minute Up to 1100 pounds
Throw Distance Up to 35 feet
Drive Manual push
Handle Ergonomic
Chute Control Manual 180°
Wheels Compact wheels
Weight 89 pounds
Warranty 2 years
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