Greenworks 26022

greenworks 26022

The Greenworks 26022 is an electric snow blower designed to handle moderate snow fall on smaller properties. Because of that, the manufacturer is able to offer it at a price that is considerably lower than average for comparably sized machines. The Greenworks 26022 has an overall footprint of just 43 x 17 x 35 inches and it weighs only 26 pounds. This means it will be no trouble to find adequate storage space for this snow blower in your garage or tool shed. Along it […] Read Full Review »

Manufacturer Greenworks
Dimensions 43 x 17 x 35 inches
Start Button push
Motor 10 amp
Clearing Width 16 inches
Snow Cut Depth 6 inches
Capacity / Minute Up to 600 pounds
Throw Distance Up to 25 feet
Drive Manual push
Handle Ergonomic
Chute Control Handle 60°
Wheels Compact wheels
Light n/a
Weight 26 pounds
Warranty 4 years
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