DuroStar SD1900

durostar sd1900

The DuroStar SD1900 – nicknamed the Snow Demon – makes the job of clearing snow from your driveway faster, easier, and more fun than ever before. In fact, once you get a DuroStar SD1900 you may even find yourself secretly looking forward to the next big snow storm, just so you can get this little guy out of the garage and set it on a collision course for some serious snow drifts. It is really quite impressive what this snow blower is capable of, and […] Read Full Review »

Manufacturer DuroStar
Dimensions 43 x 20.5 x 38 inches
Start Button push
Motor 14 amp
Clearing Width 19 inches
Snow Cut Depth 12 inches
Capacity / Minute Up to 900 pounds
Throw Distance Up to 30 feet
Drive Manual push
Handle Ergonomic
Chute Control Handle 180°
Wheels Compact wheels
Light n/a
Weight 42 pounds
Warranty 2 years
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