American Lawn Mower 1304-14

american lawn mower 1304-14

The American Lawn Mower 1304-14 is a manual reel mower designed to provide the most efficient lawn care experience to homeowners with very small yards while providing significant savings. This mower is quieter, smaller, and more lightweight than rotary power mowers as well as most manual reel mowers. As a result, it is perfect for lawns with very small dimensions that do not require a lot of power or big cutting swaths to get the job done right. […] Read Full Review »

Manufacturer American Lawn Mower
Cutting Width 14-inch
Mower Type Manual Push
Handle T-handle
Cutting System Standard (contact)
Blades 3-spider 5-blade
Cutting Height 1- to 1-3/4-inch
Weight 21 pounds
Grass Catcher Optional
Warranty 90 days
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