Weed Eater WE-ONE

weed eater we-one

The Weed Eater WE-ONE is a compact personal riding mower with a Briggs & Stratton 975 OHV Series 190cc engine. It has a gas tank that holds 0.3 gallons, enough for the majority of medium sized lawn care jobs, and it has a convenient electric start – all you have to do is turn a key. It has a friction disk transmission that provides maximum forward speed of 3.8 mph and a maximum reverse speed of 1.1 mph. The transmission provides for three forward speeds: […] Read Full Review »

Manufacturer Weed Eater
Dimensions 60.8 x 31.0 x 35.2 inches
Power Gas
Engine Manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
Engine Specs 875 OHV – 190-cc Engine
Transmission N/A
Transmission Type N/A
Gas Tank 0.30 Galons
Starter Key
Deck Size
(cutting swath)
Number of Blades 1
Mulch/Bag/Discharge Side discharge
Drive System Lever-operated
Max Speed 3.8 mph forward / 1.1 mph reverse
Height Adjustment Single lever (4 positions)
Height Settings 1-1/2- to 4-inch
Wheel Size 10-inch front / 13-inch rear
Weight 196 pounds
Warranty 2 years
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